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Website maintenance services keep running websites and upgraded. To bring an excellent experience to your visitors will be the best investment for your company. A high-performing website is key to give a positive first impression to your visitors.

Once you decide to have your business website, do it in the best way with Solved Puzzle Agency.

Receive assistance from a reliable team of website designers to create and maintain your website for you when you need it.

A website needs to be constantly maintained and updated so that anyone takes care of their health, house, or car.

Launching a website is not the final step of the process. When you have a website, the next and never-ending step would be its maintenance. When this important step is ignored, then your website will be nearing inactivity.

After all, what is the reason for having a business website if it is not functioning to its maximum potential?

The success of your online website will mostly depend a lot on how well you can keep maintaining it.

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We live in a fast-changing digital era, and web technology is continually developing to meet the users’ demands. You need to keep up, and it is not affordable to keep your online presence immobile.

At Solved Puzzle, we offer you all the website maintenance services you will need to improve your site performance. It is essential to know the many advantages of maintaining your website regularly to provide your visitors the best online experience.

Our team can help you with any Website Maintenance services that your sites require.

Solved Puzzle can help you with your website management needs and make your business start growing successfully.

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Why Website Maintenance services are SO important?

Websites always need to be regularly checked for issues and mistakes to keep them updated and relevant. 

This has to be done constantly to keep your website healthy, continue your traffic growth, and have solid SEO and good Google rankings.

It doesn’t matter if your company is a start-up or a large corporation. To keep your business website well maintained and attractive to customers is important to keep engaging and retain customers.

To use Website Maintenance services should be a priority for any business. We can help you perform regular monitoring on your website to keep running smoothly and negatively affect your business. 

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Websites issues grow on themselves, and if they are not correctly detected to fix them, this can cause some serious problems to your potential growth and business health.

But don’t worry, by working with our team, we will fix any issues and update your website, so it has a high-perform to deliver a great experience to users.

Maintaining an active website

is important for several reasons

  • SEO

Businesses start a website to have more customers, clients and get to expand their audience.

It is simple, to continuously drive traffic to your website, you need to keep it regularly updated.

Google algorithm likes to rank websites that have the most relevant information on their search engine results page. 

There is even a possibility that Google removes your website if it hasn’t been updated recently with new quality content and if they suspect that any malware has infected your website.

So, it is a must to keep your website regularly updated with relevant content, news, and articles to improve rankings in search results.

Regular website maintenance and an SEO strategy work always together.

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Keep Customer Attraction/Engagement

If your website is currently gaining traffic, it’s important to keep those potential customers till the end of the buying process. 

When customers aren’t able to find what they are looking for, such as current information and relevant content about your brand, there is a good chance they will lose interest quickly. 

If you want your site to be a useful tool that converts customers, you’ll need to ensure that the current content is free from typos and has information that will catch customers’ attention by looking engaging and consistent.

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A secure website is the most important reason to keep website maintenance on your radar, particularly if your website needs to store any form of customer information.

Whether you are using a website-building platform like WordPress or Wix, you must ensure regular software updates and security patches.

Our Website Maintenance services will keep your site secure so hackers won’t see you as a target.

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With new web creation platforms is now more and more simple to create a website that has a professional look.

There is an expectation that a professional website will have a well-designed structure that represents its company.

If your website doesn’t deliver a professional image, then your customers will go elsewhere.

Your Sanity

Your website may be the most important element of your business.

If it is up-to-date and high-performing, it can be a valuable support to your sales. If it is not in a good state, this can negatively impact your business.

Don´t worry, and you will not lose your business website. Once our team identifies your website maintenance needs, they start bringing the website back up to speed to make the most of it.

Keep up with Latest Trends 

The sleeker your website is, the more you’ll convince potential customers to keep browsing on your site and make a purchase.

If you’re staying on top of your website maintenance, you’ll also have the opportunity to adopt new website technology that will help run your site smoothly.

By installing software updates regularly with our maintenance service, you will take advantage of the new features available.

Also, your website design will stay on top of the latest website looks to attract more visitors. 

It is more tempting to keep browsing on a polished and modern website than one that is slow and looks from the early 2000s.

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Extend your website lifespan with

our Website Maintenance Services

Stop wasting time and subscribe to our website maintenance plan. At Solved Puzzle, we can help you to maintain your website ahead of the competition in the ever-changing and evolving digital industry.

Our Website Maintenance services will cover everything that your websites need to be improved. We do everything from simple content updates to extensive design upgrades for a better-looking site.

A well-maintained website has to:

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Run smoothly and effectively: For business website owners, website maintenance must be the top priority to keep customers engaged and keep rates conversions.

Performance improvement is one of the keys to maintaining a website running smoothly with no delays.

Rank well in Google SERPs: Google’s algorithm favors regularly updated websites and has optimized quality content.

The overall perceived credibility by google makes your website rank better in search engine results.

Drives lead: Maintained, and optimized websites will constantly keep attracting new customers and engaging with existing customers. 

We will implement the best marketing strategies, so your websites keep generating leads for your business.

Stays On-Trend: Your website has to keep up with the new rising trends and technological advancements. Technology evolves with time, and your website has to do it as well.

By keeping up with new design trends or functionalities, your website will meet the demands of customers.

These constant changes will help your website grow with your business.

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Benefits of Regular Web Maintenance


Attract New Visitors

By continuously updating your website with fresh content, we will drive new traffic to your website.

Outdated content will make your visitors leave your website quickly, leading to a decrease in your sales.

With our Website Maintenance services, your business website will have but only updated content about your product or services that attracts and generates your customers to engage.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Our team will keep your website updated to lose relevance and keep ranking on top search engine results.

Don´t lose the ranking competition, and get to boost your search engine ranking thanks to a well-maintained website.

The search engine’s algorithm loves when a website has new and optimized content, our Maintenance service will help rank your website higher as a result of fresh content.

Satisfy Existing Customers

If your website has the right elements, your existing customers will be satisfied.

They will engage even more with your website and share the new content available, which will help you build a loyal audience.

Solved Puzzle Agency not only creates great websites for our clients, but we also know how to keep them relevant and updated.

All our services are customizable. Whether your needs are, we will create the best maintenance plan that meets all your requirements.

We will keep your website updated with the most relevant content about your brand and industry and anything else that might generate the maximum returns from your website.

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