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Solved Puzzle Agency offers simple web development to very complex webs.

When our team of expert developers builds websites, they make sure that the website works for your business model, drives high-quality traffic, and gets you the results you want to reach your goals.

Anything you need, we can help you with it. We can build you a new site from scratch, drive more traffic to your current business site or get your current site to increase your conversion rate.

Stop losing online relevance. According to studies, about 85% of consumers visit a company’s or service provider’s website before purchasing.

The Internet is the first place people go when people want to look for something or know information. Currently, more and more consumers make purchase decisions based on their online experience.

Your brand shouldn’t suffer the negative consequences of a mediocre website with poor structure and design.

A competitive advantage

Our team is always learning and developing strategies to give our clients an advantage over the competition using the latest design and web development technologies. 

We excel in working with various platforms to assure you that you will get the results you wanted.

If you are looking for a website development Miami agency that can deliver quality results, contact us and get more information about our service!

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What is web development?

Web development refers to the work involved in building and developing a website.

Behind a good-looking website, there is an expert that builds and maintains it. Web developers can do this by using a variety of code languages.

These will depend on the type of task and platform on which they are working on.

The scope of work depends on the website that the client needs to be built. Its size and complexity can be as simple as a landing page or as complex as a major eCommerce site.

Generally, most of the development tasks have to do with the coding process to build a website. Still, our development services also include tasks such as website design, content development, and website engineering.

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Responsive Design and

Web Development Miami Agency

People are visual beings, and the first impressions that customers have are important. This is a very lasting impact.

Businesses can’t make the mistake of having a bad and clumsy website design that gives a negative first impression.

We deliver Responsive websites that can adapt no matter what type of device visitors are using.

A responsive web design automatically adjusts to different screen sizes from laptops to smartphones.

If your website design fails at being responsive, visitors probably stop browsing your site. This will damage your brand, your website will start getting less traffic, and ultimately, lose value leads. 

This is why our website development Miami agency delivers a responsive website.

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By working with our Website Development Miami experts, we will make sure your website properly adapts while looking fantastic on all the platforms using elegant layouts and responsive design.

We’ll customize each layout to deliver the best experience to your visitors, test every element, and make sure everything is working as it should before launch day.

We make website management easy and enjoyable for our clients by developing custom WordPress interfaces, custom roles, and tailored setting pages.

With Solved Puzzle, you will have a unique WordPress website that you enjoy managing!

Our web development


Discover: The first step we take to develop a website is a discovery meeting. By understanding what you want to achieve with your new site, we will deliver you the best results.

We will also do competition research by looking at your existing site and competitors to compare what they are doing and truly understand your marketplace.

Define: At this point, we put pens to paper and create the documents necessary to keep going with the project.

Our website development Miami team will also build a project plan with all the development process steps, so you’ll know exactly when we’ll deliver the final result.

Design: This is where the creative work starts. We will gather your business information from the discovery step to put in an efficient design. 

Our designs will go beyond your expectations!

If you need to design a website from zero or you already have designed it, we’ll check over to make sure it will translate to a built website.

Develop: Our website developers will bring the desired website designs to life by building custom templates, adding high-quality content, and integrating with the chosen CMS.

We will deliver a smooth-running website that your customers will love and keep them engaged. And before launching the website, we also test that all the elements are working!

Deploy: Before we launch the site, we’ll provide a demo link for you to access. We’ll address any feedback you or your team has before finally putting the site on the web.

We can help you stand out of the crowd with our

Website Development Miami Services

eCommerce Website Development

 Start working on your business site with our eCommerce Websites Development services.

Solved Puzzle provides you with website development Miami solutions that deliver dynamic functionality, smooth running websites, and secure experiences to your clients.

You need more than a pretty online store. Your eCommerce site has to impact your customers with an organized and easy-to-navigate design positively.

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WordPress Development services

Need to start a WordPress Website? When you pick a specific platform like WordPress to work with, we are more than happy to help you!

Companies are starting to bet on using the WordPress platform to set their websites from start-ups to big brands.

WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms, over 60 million people have created their website using WordPress.

We can create easy-to-use and user-friendly corporate websites or eCommerce stores thanks to this Content Management System.

Templates are not enough for you? According to what your needs are, we will create a theme that represents your brand.

Our WordPress development services include everything from development to its content.

Some of the benefits of our WordPress Development are:

  • Many plugins to choose from.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Fully responsive website.
  • SEO Friendly.
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WooCommerce Development Services

WooCommerce is one of the largest used platforms to develop online stores.

This is a customizable and open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. By adding the WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress business website, you can start a new brand store.

Even if you are starting your business or are already a solid enterprise, we can provide you a complete WooCommerce development service that meets your requirements.

Build your online store with our WooCommerce Development service. Our team will help you to set up your site correctly.

We will provide support with our WooCommerce designers, developers and integrate all the elements you need to deliver the best shopping experience to your visitors.

Shopify Website Development service

Are you a retail business that wants to start an online store? We can help you!

Shopify is a growing eCommerce provider that powers millions of websites around the world. This eCommerce platform provides many features and compelling themes for your business website.

No matter the size of your business, our Shopify Website Developers team will bring your business to one of the best platforms to deliver the best shopping experience to your customers.

Start building your online business with us and get the best Web Development teamwork for you!

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Website Redesign Services

We will make a full redesign, so your website goes according to your brand image and audience preferences.

Our website development Miami team will give your website a new face that will bring your business back to life, and we assure you this will be in your online sales.

With Solved Puzzle website redesign, you will get:

  • Dynamic and user-friendly features.
  • Concise and informative content.
  • Optimized for all devices.
  • Improve conversion rates.

Hire the best Web Development Miami Agency

Work with us, and you will get an awesome team of experts to help you build your dreamed website. Whether you want a brand new online store or want to switch from another eCommerce platform,  we will be happy to help you with everything.

Our methodology is to gather your requirements, look for the best strategies and get to meet them all.

We also draw each screen of your custom application, so you have a sneak peek of the final result.

Before the development process starts,  you will get to approve everything about your website before a single line of code is written. This way, we don’t lose time redoing the work.

Our website development process follows a modified approach. This means that you will get continuous updates and small releases while we are executing your project.

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Contact us and choose the best platform to start your online business!

Build a solid brand with our website development services, and start increasing your products and services sales!

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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