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Using a custom software development service is the best way to scale your business on the internet and start making millions of dollars in your industry or niche every year.

That is why our marketing agency, Solved Puzzle, has created a custom software development service that can help your business grow consistently under any circumstance and provide world-class solutions for all of your clients in a short amount of time.

With the help of our custom software development service, your business will be able to develop new software projects for your company in no time and provide a better service for all of your customers by improving the backend of your business every single year.



Every major company globally, including Amazon and PayPal, uses custom development services consistently to create new software applications for their business and become the number one alternative that people want to use on the internet.

That is why many successful business owners and entrepreneurs use our custom development service to dramatically improve their business results and create new software that can multiply their income over the next few years.

Here are some of the solutions we provide to all of our clients that use our custom development service in their business:

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Custom Web Development Services

Our team of certified web developers will create custom software for your business that is specifically made to cover all of the company’s needs and give you better results than most of your competitors in your industry or niche.

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You have to tell us the specific requirements for your project and the outcome you are looking to get after we develop your software.

We will take care of all the hard work for your business and make sure that you get exactly what you need in the shortest time possible.

Custom UX/UI Design 

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We will create and design all of the UI elements associated with your software, making them highly responsive on all mobile devices and providing a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use, no matter what kind of user you have in your business.

Mobile App Development

With our custom development service, we will help you create different mobile apps for your business that can improve your company’s performance and provide new services to your targeted audience on the internet.

We have many years of experience developing mobile apps on the internet and providing software solutions for seven-figure companies in all major web industries.

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 Software Testing and Q&A 

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Our team will run multiple software tests in your business to see if any of your applications have problems with its users and find the best solutions for these issues in the shortest amount of time possible.

We have developed many software tests for our clients over the past years and help them increase the quality of their software and make sure they can provide the best service available for their customers with zero expectations or mistakes.

Data Science Software 

Our team of experts will develop custom software for your business that uses big data to find hidden patterns in your industry or niche that can help you discover new opportunities for your company over the next few months and find different trends within your targeted audience before they even happen.

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Internet of Things (IoT) 

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Our agency provides custom development for IoT technologies that can monitor everything in your business in real-time and provide all of the information you need to create a better service for all of your customers.

We will develop custom software for all of your IoT projects in record time and help you implement different solutions for your business using the latest technology on the market.

Cloud Computing Solutions 

Our cloud computing service can help you improve the performance of your business by having a dedicated service that helps you control everything in your company and provides all of the tools you need in just one place.

With the help of our cloud computing service, you will also be able to improve your company’s performance by having it all in just one place and reducing the overhead by using fewer paid services to run your business.



We provide custom development services on all major industries of the internet and help companies create new software that can transform their business by providing more solutions for their customers and automating different processes that take a lot of time and resources for you to manage.

No matter what type of industry you are working in, we have many years of experience creating software for many different clients with businesses in all areas of expertise.

Among the most popular industries that we have previously worked with, we have:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Fintech
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet & Telecoms
  • Education and E-Learning
  • Retail
  • Supply chain
  • And More…
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Our marketing agency Solved Puzzle provides custom software development services for all companies on the internet that want to grow their business dramatically over the next few months and would like to makeover 7-figures in revenue with the help of our services.

We work with all types of companies, whether small start-ups that want to take their business to the next level or big companies that want to improve their results with their customers.

We can help them create new software for their business quickly and provide constant support for any of their current or future projects.

Here are the main services that we offer to companies that need to develop custom software for their business:

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Choose Your Software Development Team

We can create and provide multiple software development teams for your business that can help you create many software projects for your company and give you more control over the management and the logistics of the development process.

All of our teams are capable of working autonomously in all of your software projects with no delays in between and deliver the best results for your business following the highest standards of software development.

Software Development Experts On-Demand

Find the best programmers and software developers on the internet that can help you solve any problem in your business and give you all of the advice you need to make every one of your projects a huge success.

We employ the most qualified experts on software development available on the internet and use their skills to help your company create the best software possible for your business.

Outsource Multiple Projects Automatically

Our marketing agency, Solved Puzzle, will help you outsource all of your company’s software projects with our custom software development service and help you get more work done in your business without having to keep your team working extra hours to meet your deadlines on time.

You have to outline the software projects that you want to complete, and we will take care of everything related to the development process of your projects.



Our team of experts at Solved Puzzle works with many different methodologies of software development that adapt to the multiple requirements of our clients and choose the best methodology that suits the requirements of your existing project.

Among the most popular methodologies that we regularly use for many of our projects we have:


It is one of the most used methodologies in our agency, and it’s perfect for projects that need constant feedback from the client and where changes are made frequently during the development process.


This methodology is great for businesses that need to have a clear view of the development process from start to finish and have everything scheduled for maximum efficiency.


The Lean methodology can help you complete any software project on an airtight schedule without any single problems during the development process. 


It is the best methodology for companies working on big projects that require higher standards of development and need to have the best results possible for their business.



We have an impressive track record of software projects that have to help our clients make millions of dollars for their companies and allow them to provide new and advanced services to all of their customers across the world.

No matter what project you are working on right now, our team of experts will ensure that your company can finish all of your projects under deadlines. You can get positive results every time you use our services to develop custom software for your business.

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