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WE ARE A Digital Marketing Agency in Miami, FL

We are Solved Puzzle, a digital marketing agency in Miami, FL. Our Agency offers a one-stop digital marketing solution for your business. Over the last three years, we’ve helped companies increase their sales in different industries (health, automotive, construction, etc…) by creating stunning promotional videos and websites that properly explain their services.

We specialize in developing high converting digital marketing solutions (Website optimization, Social Media Management, SEO, PPC campaigns, etc…).


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Why do you need a MIAMI digital marketing AGENCY?


When developing your digital marketing plan, the strategy is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. You will save a lot of time, effort, and resources by delegating all the workload to one company rather than moving from one shop to another, finally ending up confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. The world has completely changed over the last 10 years. New technology transformed the market into a whole new game. Marketing and advertising have reinvented themselves to satisfy the new demands of consumers (customer or clients).


This will always hold true, and the bar is set higher every day. For that reason our digital marketing agency is divided into very complex departments in which different individuals specialize in core areas, satisfy the needs of clients and get the results they need (raising sales, conversions, etc.…). When we tell our clients, “Welcome, let’s solve your puzzle”, we literally take a hefty weight off their shoulders.

What services does a digital marketing agency in Miami, Florida offer?

A digital marketing agency in Miami, FL (such as Solved Puzzle), is a professional company that handles all your digital needs. We will handle your branding, your marketing development,  optimize your web design with top-notch user experience hacks, take care of your design needs, and perform market research for your business in your industry. If necessary, we will integrate apps and software development into your overall marketing strategy as well. Using advanced SEO techniques, we will place your business on the first page of Google and Bing. Also, we are able to manage your Pay per click campaigns, and produce content to boost your company’s brand, such as videos and articles. Finally, we’ll deploy the right message through your social media channels and protect your business reputation in the online world.


There is no secret formula for success in anything in life. Digital Marketing is no exception. We get involved with your business’ culture, your vision, and your goals. Then, our team of certified experts will work hard and consistently for you, in order to accomplish those goals together.

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Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows that if you are not on the first page of Google, people simply will not find you. Position your website on Google among the top results and start helping those people who need your product or service.

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Go beyond conventional aesthetics. Your business’ website must provide a stunning, pleasant and innovative design that connects with the user immediately. A work of art that embeds your brand in their minds by providing an unforgettable experience.

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The difference between INVESTING and SPENDING in pay per click campaigns, is us. Bring customers/clients to your business, get the phones ringing, and receive qualified leads, all with the help of our PPC services.

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1:1 Consulting

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you already have somebody on board handling your marketing efforts, you want to be sure you are making the right moves.

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Video & Photo Production

Capture passion and experiences with the power of professional lenses. Our full-service video and photography production team can assist you every step of the way. 

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Lead Generation

There is no better way to get B2B leads than using the power of LinkedIn advertising.

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What does your company represent? What are your core values? What makes you different from your competitors?

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