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What Email Marketing is about?

Build your business with our Email marketing Miami company. There are many channels to do marketing of a brand or product. But Email Marketing is starting to become a popular marketing strategy.

Are you using the most effective digital marketing strategy for your business?

Work with a Solved Puzzle to get a customized digital service that suits all your needs and starts to increase your income.

Email Marketing campaigns are an effective way of reaching your customers. According to statistics, people who got a product offered through email spend 138% more than people who didn’t receive email offers.

So, If you haven’t started implementing an Email Marketing campaign for your business, hire our Email marketing Miami company to get the best results!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity of connecting with your customers and increasing your sales.

Recently Email Marketing has become one of the fastest-growing and most cost-effective forms of digital marketing available for any business.

This is a way of directly communicating with your customers by many channels to speak to their specific needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an email blast to drum up a new business or a newsletter.

Contact us and get the benefits of working with a Email marketing Miami agency. 

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Our Email Marketing Miami Services

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• Email Campaigns Tailored to Your Needs: We will set up and manage your Email Marketing campaigns aligned with your marketing goals.

We’ll take care of all of your business Email Marketing needs.

If you are looking for a plan for newsletter deployment for your business, then let’s work together to make it happen!

Solved Puzzle is a Email marketing Miami compay that creates RSS-to-email feeds, sending your audience updates from your blog.

Professionally Designed Templates:

Studies show that people will always prefer and trust emails with professional and clean design rather than just an email with plain text communications.

Our Email marketing Miami team of designers will work with you to design and develop a unique email template that suits your specific needs, matching your brand voice identity.

We design our email templates to be attractive and responsive, so anyone on devices of all sizes can interact with them to ensure our clients that the emails will render correctly on a desktop or mobile device.

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Product and Service Promotions That  Convert Email  Readers Into customers: At Solved Puzzle Agency, we work in detail to personalize the content of each email newsletter so it matches your company personality and appeals to your ideal target market.

We will ensure that your subscribers receive appealing email campaigns that tell them exactly what they want to hear and offer exactly what they want to buy.

•  Growing Your Email Newsletter List: Our team can do anything.

At Solved Puzzle, we specialize in Email Marketing design and development, but we will work with all aspects of the campaign to ensure your email newsletter list is growing continually.

By using the best optimizing strategies on your business website to encourage email newsletter signups.

Our experts focus on growing your newsletter list and doing it in a way that will keep a good sending reputation with all mailbox providers.

We guarantee you will get the benefits of working with an experienced Email marketing Miami agency by giving you the best results in your emails so your campaign earns shares as few unsubscribes as can be.

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Email Marketing is an effective sales strategy, but many businesses don’t know how to track results.

We make it easy for our clients by:

Providing a Detailed Report: We’ll set up email campaigns adapted to the goals you need to achieve, manage them and give our clients detailed reports on their efficiency, which will include open rates, traffic referred to your business website.

Access to Google Analytics Reports: It is easy to track the email campaign results by checking the Google Analytics dashboard anytime. 

The Benefits of our Email Marketing Miami Services

According to research, customers can spend up to 83% more than the average customer when they have received Email Marketing communications.

Our Email Marketing campaigns will deliver you better ROI.

We’ll fully evaluate your Email Marketing process to improve subscription rates, build out better email list segments, create better content, or maximize email engagement.

The benefits of our Email Marketing Miami Services can appear to be never-ending, but we will explain some of them:


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• Builds Customer Loyalty

A business can improve its customer’s loyalty by having constant interaction with them.

Implementing Email Marketing communications with the customer will make it possible for any brand to build a solid relationship while driving sales.

The cost for engaging an existing customer through an Email Marketing Miami campaign can be less expensive than other marketing channels, such as paid ads or social media marketing.

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• Email Marketing Miami expands your business

About 72% of email users check their inboxes several times a day, and 92% of internet users have more than one email account.

Numbers don’t lie, and we know that email campaigns have a higher reach than traditional marketing tools.

Our team of experienced marketers will help your company reach target audiences on all their devices. All this by staying non-invasive.


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Tailored Communication for all audiences:

One of the benefits of email marketing is that it allows you to deliver personalized communication to reach more audiences.

Traditional marketing methods deliver a broad message to an audience.

This isn’t the case for Email Marketing as it allows the offering of personalized messages, discounts, codes, a campaign that can be driven based on data such as birthdays, regions, and much more.

This way, your business will reach your potential customers with a personal touch that creates more attraction.

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Simple distribution:

Email Marketing is definitively simpler and less labor-intensive than traditional marketing. 

Why is this? There is no need to consider postage or labeling for every single one of the campaigns distributed.

This type of marketing campaign allows you to engage and communicate with your full audience quickly, no matter if it is a small or big audience.

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A/B Testing to drive strong results:

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Email Marketing offers various ways to test and see if the strategy used for the campaign is the right one.

A/B testing is a tool that consists of developing 2 versions of the same content to test its efficacy.

With A/ testing, every campaign component can be tested from the time to send to its content.

This test offers valuable insights that will reveal important information about your campaign and reveal what strategy component needs to be improved to drive the most engagement.

Email tracking and analytics:

The insight that Email Marketing platforms provide can help you to see the landscape and analyze the performance of your deployed Email Marketing campaign.

The most reported engagement metrics are click rates, click-through rates, open rates, rate bounces, and conversions.

They depend on the goals you want to reach with your marketing efforts.

When working with our experienced Email Marketing Miami strategists, we will help you decode all the metrics and translate them for you to have even better results by better targeting your audience.

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Why let Solved Puzzle manage your Email Marketing campaign


Email Marketing has a lot of potentials. Marketers see a considerable ROI in it so, if you want your company’s products or services to get to more customers while enjoying a higher Return On Investment (ROI), increase in your customer loyalty, improved efficiency, and more!

Contact us to know how we can work together to find the right Email Marketing strategy, help you grow, and promote your company or brand. 

Solved Puzzle’s Email Marketing Miami team is experienced with many email platforms, including MailChimp, Salesforce products Apollo, and many others.

Here are some additional benefits you will get from working with us:

• Custom-built, fully responsive email template designs.

• Access to our team of experienced copywriters and a creative team specializing in graphic design, photography, and videography.

• Full-service Email Marketing campaign, including strategy, testing, setup, and management.

•Multivariate and A/B campaign testing.

• Insights and monthly Email Marketing reports.

• Subscriber growth campaigns.

• Expert email automation setup.

• Custom-tailored list segmentation.

  • Everyone uses it: In this digital world, who doesn’t own at least one email address? Most people use two: one for personal use and one for work.


  • This means that by using our Email Marketing Miami Services, you will have the opportunity to get in front of your customers wherever they check their inboxes.
  • List – leads: You own your list of email addresses. Only you have access to it.

  • You can use this list to send direct communications to potential clients. You can also use it to target an audience through other channels, like social media marketing.
  • More conversions: If they’ve subscribed to your list, they’ve put trust in your brand, and there are many chances that these are customers that will convert eventually.

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