Shoma Bazaar

Real Estate Triumph Through Multi-Channel Marketing


Shoma Bazaar, a premier real estate development, aimed to make a significant impact in the market by selling high-value units within a competitive landscape. The challenge was to effectively reach and engage potential buyers to secure sales in a condensed time frame.

The Solution

Our agency crafted a bespoke multi-channel marketing strategy for Shoma Bazaar, leveraging a blend of traditional and digital tactics:

Multi-Channel Marketing: We deployed a synchronized marketing campaign across various platforms, including social media, email, and traditional media, to maximize reach and engagement.

Lead Generation: Utilizing targeted content and compelling calls-to-action, we implemented strategies to attract and capture high-quality leads interested in premium real estate investments.

SEO: We optimized Shoma Bazaar’s online content to rank higher in search engine results, making it more visible to potential investors searching for luxury real estate opportunities.

Paid Media: Our targeted paid media campaigns across Google and social media platforms were designed to reach specific demographics likely to be interested in Shoma Bazaar’s offerings.

Data & Analytics: We continuously analyzed campaign data to refine our strategies, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing ROI on marketing spend.


The strategic marketing efforts led to remarkable outcomes for Shoma Bazaar:

  • 33 units sold in just 9 months, totaling over $60M in sales.
  • A notable achievement of 10 units sold within the first 15 days of the campaign.


Shoma Bazaar‘s success story highlights the effectiveness of a comprehensive multi-channel marketing approach in the real estate sector. By employing targeted lead generation, SEO, paid media, and data-driven analytics, we were able to significantly accelerate sales, showcasing the power of strategic marketing in achieving exceptional results in the competitive real estate market.


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