Buy with Prime helped increase their sales by 25%

Trendy Jendy, an up-and-coming sunglasses brand, faced a challenge common to many new brands: ensuring potential customers felt comfortable and confident enough to convert. With a product line that stood out in the market, it was puzzling that conversions were lower than expected. This was where Solved Puzzle Agency came into the picture, bringing with them an innovative solution in collaboration with the Buy with Prime team.

Looking at the challenge through different lenses

Despite offering top-tier, fashion-forward sunglasses, Trendy Jendy noticed that their conversion rate wasn’t reflecting their product quality. This challenge was further magnified when the brand started to diversify its marketing channels to reach a broader audience. While brand visibility was increasing, the conversions lagged behind.

Solved Puzzle Agency, tasked with identifying and solving the brand’s conversion dilemma, began a deep dive into the customer journey. Their analysis revealed that while many potential buyers showed interest in Trendy Jendy sunglasses, a significant number hesitated to make the final purchase. Trust and delivery concerns appeared to be among the primary barriers.

Buy with Prime helped tackle customer’s trust and delivery concerns

Recognizing the trust that consumers place in established platforms like Amazon, the Solved Puzzle Agency proposed a collaboration with the Buy with Prime team. Their idea was to integrate the “Buy with Prime” checkout button on Trendy Jendy’s official website.

This integration was expected to achieve two primary objectives:

    • Boost Consumer Confidence: By offering a checkout experience associated with Amazon Prime a trusted platform renowned for reliable delivery and customer service – potential buyers would feel more at ease completing their purchases.

    • Leverage Amazon Prime Benefits: Prime members, already familiar with benefits like free shipping, would be more inclined to finalize their purchase, knowing they wouldn’t have to bear additional delivery costs.

The Results:

The introduction of the “Buy with Prime” checkout button was a game-changer for Trendy Jendy. Within months, the brand observed a remarkable 34% increase in its conversion rate. But that wasn’t all. Sales figures also soared, with a notable 25% boost.

A deeper examination of these figures showed that a significant proportion of these conversions came from customers who were interacting with the Trendy Jendy brand for the first time. The common thread? Most of these first-time buyers were Amazon Prime members. Their pre-existing trust in Amazon’s promise of delivery, combined with the lure of free shipping, made the decision to purchase from an unfamiliar brand much easier.


The Trendy Jendy case study illustrates the power of leveraging established platforms to bolster consumer trust. By integrating the “Buy with Prime” checkout button, not only did Trendy Jendy eliminate a significant barrier to purchase, but they also tapped into a vast base of Amazon Prime users, ready to convert because of the trust and benefits they associate with the Prime service. This strategic move, proposed and executed by Solved Puzzle Agency in collaboration with the Buy with Prime team, underscores the importance of understanding consumer behavior and adapting digital strategies accordingly.