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This is the 4 step process we follow to design or re design a website:

1. Discovery:

We capture your vision (Design, functionalities).

2. Mock up:

We show you how the website will look like before we start building it. 

3. Coding:

Once the mock up is approved, we code it and send you a link so you can navigate it on PC, mobile and tablet.

4. Delivery:

Finally, when you are 100% happy with the results, we connect your brand new site to your domain (

Having a well designed website is an extremely important tool for any company or person looking to take or improve their business digitally. Website design is an art that requires more than just an eye for the creative. Many websites look put together well, artistic,and are very smooth, but still under perform. This stems from a concept that goes much farther in depth than simply creating a website using beautiful and eye catching content, known as user experience. In spite of the fact that a website being aesthetically pleasing is important, if its users have a poor experience because they are incapable of finding what they want then that business will lose out on a large group of consumers.

We at Solved Puzzle are capable of tracking the user experience of a website and optimizing it to ensure that your website will achieve its maximum ability to convert consumers. We specialize in building eye-catching, innovative designs that have the perfect balance between user experience and top-notch innovation. Our team can build all types of websites:

  • Online stores
  • Corporate
  • Public figure
  • Learning management systems
  • Web apps and more.

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