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A social media management agency is beneficial when it comes to boosting conversions on social media. This is considered one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

Yet, many businesses don’t use this digital tool to their advantage. 

A social media presence is a must these days to have high visibility, maximize brand awareness, and gain revenue.

Social Media Management is no rocket science, but it requires a lot of time and knowledge about the latest trends. Managing social media effectively can take a lot of time that you can use elsewhere.

But, don’t worry!  We are a Social Media Management Agency that offers services to all types of businesses, from small to large corporations.

Build a Solid Brand with Social Media Management and connect with your audiences from platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

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What is Social Media


Social Media Management is the process of analyzing audiences to understand what they need to develop a tailored strategy.

Also, it involves creating and distributing content for our client’s social media profiles, monitoring online conversations, providing community service, measuring the results, and reporting to the clients about their social media performance and ROI.

Stand out from your competition with our Social Media Management service

Our social media management agency will deliver you the best professional content for your business social media.

We will create the best social media strategies and content by performing deep research on your industry and use this information to find out what your profile needs to be different and stand over the competition.

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By applying the latest social media strategies to our client’s social media account, we will create inspiring content continuously so customers keep engaging with your brand. 

If you don’t have time to create social media profiles and update new content often, you need a social media management agency like Solved Puzzle. 

Our social media team creates custom images, links accounts, writes optimized content, networks with other pages and profiles, and more.

Get experts from Solve Puzzle agency to manage your company’s social media with custom strategies to get results such as:

  • Grow your audiences: Social media allows a business to expand its products and services to wide audiences.

  • Build your brand: Promote your brand on the available social media channels to stray influential among your potential audiences.

  • Get maximum customer engagement: Get to engage traffic to your business site by using social media.
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Start to work with an efficient Social Media Management Agency: social networks have immense business potential.

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We can leverage many social media platforms at the same time to drive your goals through a marketing funnel, from increasing site traffic to increasing brand awareness.

But to accomplish this, you need a team of professionals in Social Media Management.

The more goals you set to achieve through social media marketing, the more people you will need to be dedicated to the specific platform you will use.

At Solved Puzzle, we have a team that will work efficiently on every social network that your brand needs to be managed and always focuses on getting the best result for our clients and their needs. 

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Our Social Media Management
can include:

  • Social media marketing consultation: Our social media experts team will help you develop a strategy that targets your business goals. With this service, we offer help for those who want to achieve social media success.

  • Brand management services: We will aid you to find the best matching names that identify your brand but are easy to search for and constant throughout all social media channels.

  • Social media content generation: We have a team of innovative copywriters and designers who will create unique and authentic content for your social media.
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  • Social PPC Services: Use our social ads services to reach more audiences and create more interest in your brand. You can use a social media ad strategy on all social networks.

  • Ontime reporting: Analyzing data is an important task for our team. With our help, you will understand all the data that an advertising campaign can throw. We will report all the results to you so you can make better decisions.


Channel Selection

We can manage many brand profiles and social media campaigns on all channels, but we focus on the top channels for your business and target audience.

We are a Social Media Management agency that covers the following social network:

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Facebook: this is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Through authentic and attractive design content and posts, you can connect with Facebook’s enormous audience to drive brand awareness and sales.

Facebook Ads Manager allows us to solidify a budget and create an advertising strategy for your business.

We will also optimize your posts to get more engagement from the audience.

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LinkedIn: For B2B Clients, LinkedIn is the perfect and powerful marketing tool. With our Social Media Management service, we help businesses create and schedule posts that deliver relevant content to current and prospective clients.

We also assist with LinkedIn tools like Advertisements and In-Mail.

If you need a comprehensive B2B LinkedIn marketing plan, Solved Puzzle Agency can help.

Instagram: this is a platform owned by Facebook so, we use Facebook Ads Manager and schedule advertisements across Facebook and Instagram.

We also create content such as posts, stories and monitor engagement rate and comments for our Clients.

There is a different audience on every network, so we target our ads specific to the most popular channel for your type of business.

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Twitter: this social media can be a powerful social media channel for businesses. Our team will craft a strategy to create the best content that your audience will appreciate and will want to keep following you to know more about your content.

We also include advertisements for clients and monitor brand mentions.

Snapchat: with over 300 million users, Snapchat is a huge platform, but this channel isn’t appropriate for all businesses.

If your brand is the type that needs to share content using Snapchat, we will come up with a strategy for Your business to gain relevance and also advertise effectively on this channel.

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Tik-Tok: If video is a natural fit for your business, you have to use TikTok to share awesome content that people love.

This is currently the fastest growing social media and is a great way for brands to connect with an immense audience through short, compelling videos.

Why Solved Puzzle is your best choice when It comes to Social Media Management?

Solved Puzzle Agency is a renowned social media marketing service provider specializing in everything you need for your brand storytelling. 

We have the best team with all the skills needed to strategize and execute anything in the social media field, including contests, giveaways, influence marketing, social media advertising, and management.

If you want to integrate social promotion with Strategic and Professional SEO strategies to get a better result, we can help you with that!

Our social media management agency’s first step is to understand your business’s goals.

Then they deeply analyze the target audience. In the next step, they will create a quality-driven content piece in a format that can be shared across your social media platforms to keep content essence and enhance your online presence.

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When working with our social media management agency, our clients get customized strategies that are mainly targeted towards the audience and the promotion of the brand.  

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Along with this, you will also avail of fully supported and managed social programs, video distribution, and content planning & generation, amongst others, content to increase your brand’s revenue and attract new customers from all platforms. 

With the help of our social media marketing services, your brand will connect more with the audience and share quality information to increase your products or services’ awareness.

 We even will analyze the data of the results from social media marketing campaigns by reviewing the number of shares, likes, views, re-tweets, and comments that the publications generate.

Our team of Social Media experts will study all the info that comes from your social media to fin which strategy is the best for you!

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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