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Grow your online store sales with eCommerce marketing

Online store sales are continuously growing every year. Our eCommerce marketing services offer a variety of flexible solutions for businesses.

Turn your traditional store into a 24/7 available online store with Solved Puzzle!

Our eCommerce marketing team has helped many businesses from different industries to convert to the digital marketplace.  

We specialize in creating appealing marketing solutions that meet our client’s needs by developing eCommerce marketing campaigns in platforms such as  WooCommerce and Shopify that allow them to stand out from the competition.

Today customers prefer the convenience and comfort of online shopping.

Online stores are available 24/7 and allow customers from all places to shop anytime they want while avoiding checkout lines, access to international products, everything just a click away.

There are approximately 2 billion online shoppers, and this number will keep growing.

As internet use continues to expand, eCommerce stores face more competition.

This is why you need a good eCommerce marketing strategy that helps you be relevant in the massive online web.


Marketing Services

We offer various services that can grow your eCommerce store and drive it to be a successful business!

  • eCommerce SEO: Improve your search visibility and build a solid and leadership brand.

Solved Puzzle eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) services will help your brand maximize its potential and surpass the competition. 

Our team can do it from local SEO, technical SEO, email marketing, and Google Analytics review.

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  • eCommerce Content Marketing: Improve your brand engagement and rank better to appear on the top search results. 

Our eCommerce content marketing strategies are focused on building brand awareness and effectively promoting your products and services to drive more sales.

We create all the content for your eCommerce, whether you need blog posts, product descriptions, or post content.

  • eCommerce PPC Management: With PPC, you can connect your online store with the right customers at the right time to generate more conversions

Our eCommerce marketing team of experts performs advertising analysis to help our clients get high-quality traffic from high-intent buyers.

We also offer other services such as landing page conversion, paid ads, and eCommerce remarketing.

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  • eCommerce Web Design: Our eCommerce website marketing team brings to life your unique eCommerce website, simplifies navigations, and eliminates unnecessary elements from your business site.

 We find the right balance to make an appealing website while delivering a friendly user experience.

  • Shopify SEO: At Solved Puzzle, we take a 360-degree approach when it comes to Shopify SEO. 

Our SEO specialists can conduct SEO audits, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, and much more!

This allows us to implement SEO strategies that suit your needs and helps to capture your target leads and increase sales.

  • Shopify Web Design: Build a unique and appealing website on the most used eCommerce platform that allows you to create customizable themes to showcase your products and delivers a great user experience.

When working with us, in our initial consultation, our Shopify web designers will determine your goals, branding, and which are your marketing objectives. 

These practices help us to design unique, clear design ideas for your online store design.

  • Social Media Marketing: Our social media managers work with our digital marketing specialists to create quality marketing campaigns to deliver the best results.

Our social media marketing team will optimize your social media posts and interact with your followers while sharing valuable content.

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Why is eCommerce Marketing

Important for Business?

By attracting the right customers, creating quality content, and generating targeted traffic, our eCommerce professionals team can help you overcome the challenges that can arise with an online store.

Solved Puzzle is an established eCommerce marketing agency that understands online customers’ demands and how to satisfy them with the right strategies.

 We help out clients achieve their marketing goals using proven optimization methods and techniques.

Through eCommerce digital marketing, you can:

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  • Centralize Your Business Operations: Our eCommerce marketing services allow you to create an organized system of channels. 

Utilize data tracking tools to monitor your potential customers and their interactions, get access to multi-channel listings, and get to reach customers across many online platforms, and improve your management operations.

  • Increase Your Customers Reach: Make the most of your eCommerce marketing campaign, reach out to a wider audience, and expand your brand awareness.

Solved Puzzle Agency eCommerce marketing services offer many opportunities to connect with millions of prospects across the internet and attract more leads to your eCommerce business.

Most importantly, with an eCommerce marketing strategy, you can take your business to your customers without having to change your current location or move to larger premises.

  • Reduce Abandoned Carts: The Baymard Institute estimates that  69.23% of shopping carts are abandoned during the checkout process. 

By integrating email marketing and eCommerce optimization strategies, you can persuade and convince online shoppers to return to your site and complete their purchases this way. You will see how your sales start to increase.

  • Boost Your Business Efficiency: With the help of Solved Puzzle marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses, you can successfully promote your products or services, increase your sales quickly.

eCommerce digital marketing allows you to implement strategies based on relevant metrics that align with your marketing goals.

  • Eliminate Wasteful Spending: eCommerce online marketing is an affordable way to achieve your business objectives.

Get reports with detailed insights, monitor your budget, and optimize your eCommerce marketing spending.

With at least 10% of your annual revenue assigned for your eCommerce marketing plan, you can gain the results you need while keeping on your budget.

Why use eCommerce Marketing Services?

Customers are out there using their social media. You just need to place your product in the right place and start catching more clients. 

By being present in various marketing channels, your brand will be more known by the audience. 

Your potential customer is probably searching for your brand and products, so an investment in an eCommerce marketing strategy is the right step to take.

Ecommerce marketing is not just for specific businesses. Everybody can use them from online retailers and eCommerce marketers.

This service is available for businesses that want to turn their locations into an online presence to reach more customers.

In fact, 56% of businesses that implement eCommerce digital marketing strategies also have a brick-and-mortar location where they also sell their products and services.

The more digital places you can sell, the larger audience you can reach. 

Ecommerce marketing is a great digital tool for business owners who want to expand their brand reach to sell more across the internet and not in one physical place.

Why you should use

Solved Puzzle eCommerce

Marketing Services?

We know your industry: We have experience implementing various digital marketing tactics for eCommerce companies from many industries.

We place your eCommerce with an experienced and dedicated eCommerce marketing specialist, so don’t worry and feel comfortable by being in the capable hands of someone that understands how your business and industry works.

We also are always aware of the latest trends and what content is relevant within your industry.

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  • We have niche knowledge: At Solved Puzzle Agency, we don’t believe in a one-size strategy fits all. 

We recognize and study your niche and create a strategy that aligns your eCommerce business and niche needs to help you gain relevance in the digital marketing world. 

We don’t set up your ads, optimize, or run your eCommerce marketing campaign the same way our clients in other industries.

You will receive a unique eCommerce marketing strategy that suits your specific business needs.

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  • We stay updated on trends: eCommerce marketing has to be highly interactive with customers, but the way customers interact and what they feel attracted to is always changing, and we know that. 

Our team is always learning about the latest trends to think ahead of the customer whenever possible!

With this kind of work ethic, we ensure that their eCommerce business will stay ahead of the competition.

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  • Shortcut to success: The way marketing works is constantly changing, and it can take some people years to master eCommerce digital marketing correctly.

We have worked with different clients from small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses. 

Through our experience, we understand what tactics are more like success and which fails, depending on the industry your business is from. 

This puts us in the best position, and we will make sure your online business succeeds with a good eCommerce marketing campaign.

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  • In-house specialist: Other marketing agencies may prefer to outsource their work to keep their low or don’t know how to perform digital marketing.

Sometimes, the quality of service you receive from outsourced labor can worsen than a service delivered from an in-house team.

This is why we prefer to hire each marketing specialist internally to service our clients.

We want to help you succeed. Our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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