Miami Web Design a few years ago

Accessing to information a few years ago had certain limitations. First of all, you needed to have a PC or a laptop which were definitely not affordable for everybody. Web design was easier to implement up to a certain extent since you only had to think about the PC version. Entered “Google”, this giant had a humble start in terms of facilities (starting in a garage). However, they knew the information is powerful and it is important to save people time by organizing it within a few seconds. Technology evolved and devices such as the iPhone and tablet came out. It became more challenging for designers as they had to create smarter solutions that adapted to all devices.

Miami Web design today

Users are consuming more content than ever. Even a modest cellphone is powerful enough to load all types of content. This situation generated two main problems:

• Unfriendly user experiences: most businesses have not updated their websites to new technologies

• Unsafe websites are easily hacked and sensitive information is stolen.

Google and other search engines have been asking businesses in all industries to implement the available solutions. Responsive websites (mobile friendly) and SSL certificates provide extra security to sites and a convenient navigation. However, as many healthy initiatives in human history, people did not take action until Google announced that all websites that do not meet these two requirements, will be penalized. You can still access websites that are not optimized for mobile devices right here in South Florida. Restaurants, spas, real estate firms, construction companies, retail and all types of professional services in Midtown, Downtown, Brickell, Miami Beach, and Aventura are still struggling with this situation. In spite of most technologies being accessible, businesses and organizations are not implementing them as there is a lack of knowledge on the subject.




Web design in Miami 1 year from now

New technologies have emerged with one single purpose, providing the best user experience to customers. There is an ongoing battle of several giants that lift the bar high, such as Amazon. One year from now, two main technologies that will be implemented in order to provide a more pleasant experience:

• CDN (Content delivery network): A CDN is a premium hosting that loads parts of your website at a faster speed. It means that having a CDN will be a must if you want to be able to compete.

• Chat-bots: Our human nature demands things NOW. That being said, what do you think that happens if somebody is searching for a product or service at night and there is not a customer service representative?  This user will probably have a poor experience as he or she will have to wait until the next day to get answers. Thankfully, chat-bots will be installed in most websites as frequently asked questions are being collected every day. Also, chat-bots are getting much easier to build than ever.


There are evolving technologies that get smarter every day. However, it all goes back to the same principals:

• Providing the best user experience eventually ends up driving paying customers

• Being up to date to emerging technologies provides a competitive advantage as most people delay on taking action

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