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Our web design Miami services are ideal for any company looking to create a powerful, unique, and beautiful website that converts and performs above the average.

Our certified developers use the latest technologies and adapt the technologies to your goals to create a website that you will feel proud of.

The internet is a massive web for opportunities. Start to use it and take advantage of its potential.

Establish your online presence and make the most of your business with Solved Puzzle website design services.

Our services cover all the needs you may have, from website design and development to its maintenance and search engine optimization strategies.

By working with us, you will get the best results.

We create designs with your goals in mind and consider every necessary element, so your website stands out from today’s competitive marketplace.

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Whether you need a simple WordPress website to start your online business or a more complicated eCommerce website, our web development team will make the website that you dream of come to life.

Stay connected with your customers and expand your business to a massive web of 4.5 billion active users on the internet.

Approximately 59% of the global population is on the internet, looking for information, products, or services.

If you own a business but don’t have a web presence, you automatically lose the opportunity to contact your target audience and make your brand popular. 

Build consumer trust and gain relevance in the online market with an interactive, custom web page design.

Want to create a website? Get a free consultation and learn about our web design Miami services.

A web design that represents your business

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Creating a digital presence involves many aspects. It is not simply building a pretty website and waiting for customers to find it. It has to serve as a customer touchpoint and conversion machine.

That’s why you need the best web design Miami services to ensure its relevance by ranking high in search engines, stand out from your competition, and deliver a great user experience.

Working with Solved Puzzle, you will get a web design that will help you tap on growth potential:

  • With our web design service, our clients get customized, attractive, and appealing web design solutions that help them increase the attention of their target audience.

  • With our team of professional web designers, you will get a full-suite digital product that helps you establish a solid brand to be an advantage over other businesses in your industry.

  • Improve your customer’s online experience by delivering an appealing showcase of your products and services and make transactions easier.

When you choose to work with us, you choose to work with an exceptional agency that is excellent at what it does and has a proven history of designing high-quality websites.

You earn an extraordinary partner that will place your brand in the market.

Why you need a responsive

website for your business

Are you looking to create a new website or give a fresh start to your existing website?

It doesn’t matter the size of your business. If you want to improve your website, you need a responsive website design that delivers a comfortable representation of your brand and promotes it.

It creates a solid digital presence in the current competitive marketplace.

A responsive website allows your visitors to surf your site from any device.

It doesn’t matter if users use a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop or laptop computer. Your website will adapt and will be friendly on any device.

To stay relevant, businesses need to adopt the latest design updates to deliver the best user experience.

Don’t stay behind and hire our web design Miami services to build a responsive website to gain more visitors and increase your conversion opportunities.

Despite the recent popularity of this type of design, many companies prefer to stay with a static web page design.

You can stand out from the competition with a compelling responsive web design.

Programmer team coding a website

Studies show that there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is crucial to have a website that everybody can visit from any device.

Here are more reasons Solved Puzzle responsive  web design Miami services are a great investment for your business:

    • Boost search rankings: The search engine algorithm can recognize site speed, usability, and quality web content as indicators of its value.

    SEO-optimized websites that are responsive rise in branded and unbranded searches. With our website design agency’s help, we can ensure that your site will adhere to search engine guidelines and get great usability scores.

    • Get found online: Investing in web design services focused on delivering high conversion is a cost-effective way to build your web presence and increase your business’s online exposure. 

    A well-designed website gains more online visibility and attracts more leads (Especially when you implement SEO).

    Start working with our team of web designers and ensure your business site is seen by your ideal customers every time they look for you, using any device and browser.

    • Reach more customers: Mobile web browsing is the most used way of navigating the internet rather than desktop browsing.

    Why? Well, it is more comfortable, pick up your phone and search for anything you want! That’s why the ultimate choice for internet users is mobile web browsing.

    Invest in our website design Miami services and get a professional responsive website that provides the best experience to online users no matter the device.

    team of web designers
    Partial view of a laptop on a desk
    • Optimize page experience: 60% of shoppers online indicate that a website’s mobile shopping capability is essential for brand selection.

    With 30% of Google searches conducted from smartphones, having a responsive website design is key to achieve online success.

    Solved Puzzle web design services are made by professionals that provide your site visitors with a positive mobile experience.

    • Reduce maintenance cost:  If you have a responsive website design, you will only need a version of your business website optimized for all types of devices.

    This eliminates the process of coding for multiple systems and makes it easier to develop and manage them. 

    This means that a mobile responsive web page design can reduce your web maintenance costs.

    • Acquire more leads and traffic: About 69% of consumers use their smartphones to perform product and service research.

    Be more accessible and visible to 52.6% of global web traffic that comes from mobile devices.

    Our web design Miami agency optimizes mobile and browser compatibility websites to transform them into a website that generates constant leads.

      • Drive more conversions: According to statistics, the retail conversion rate on mobile devices is 1.82  globally.

      Get a responsive website design and get to increase your site’s mobile experience and boost your conversion rate. 

      • Improve brand reputation: An excellent user experience will improve brand image and increase customer engagement.

       A Smart Insights study showed that 65% of customers provide a better review to businesses with a smooth mobile experience.

      With our web design Miami services, you don’t have to worry about your website’s navigability.

      Our team will build a solid website that represents your business identity with a user-friendly site design.

      Work team working on a website design

      WordPress Web

      Design Experts

      WordPress is one of the most used CMS worldwide. Statistics show that approximately 59% of all websites use WordPress as their content management system.

      WordPress is a popular platform and powers almost 35% of the internet and every 6 months has about 1.1 million domain registrations.

      These numbers show the popularity of WordPress in the web design world!

      It is a user-friendly and easy-to-update platform, and anyone can manage it. With WordPress, you can log in to your website to make quick changes whenever you want. It also offers various plugins, support, and security options to offer a seamless user experience.

      We have a WordPress Website Design team that works closely with our client’s project to ensure every aspect of their website aligns with their branding and goals. 

      We stay abreast of the latest trends in web design and industry developments to deliver quality services that meet your needs and specifications.

      WordPress app

      Get Customized


      At Solved Puzzle, we take our time and effort to develop WordPress web designs representing your unique brand and suit your audience’s needs!

      We want you to have a unique design. Our agency doesn’t use template designs or pre-packaged graphics. 

      We will also perform site and audience analysis and competitor benchmarking to identify your selling points and determine your website’s conversion path.

      Solved Puzzle web design Miami services and development experts will ensure your site navigation, layout, colors, and graphics represent your brand personality.

      More importantly, our web design company optimizes your website’s aspects for search engines to improve rankings!

      Web Design Services

      Increase your sales by investing in a custom web page design and build a unique digital representation of your business

      Our services deliver positive results. By working with us, you will get a website tailored to your needs that will exceed your expectations.

      • Content Writing
      • Logo Design
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
      • Technical SEO
      • Website analysis
      • Website Hosting
      • Website Maintenance
      • eCommerce Web Design
      • Shopify Web Design

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      We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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      Will Our Website Design Be Custom?

      Each of our website design projects start with our creative director and account manager to understand your goals.

      We don’t use templates or pre-made designs.

      Solved Puzzle design Miami services provide multiple mock-ups and ideas until our clients are 100% satisfied with the final result.

      Will My Website Work on Every Device?

      We optimize your website to display on all devices, using responsive website technology to ensure the layout is impeccable no matter what the resolution or screen size is.

      The design and functionality of your website will not suffer on any device, don’t worry!

      What Is The Web Design Process?

      First, we want to get to know you and your business so we can establish goals, brand style, and personality.

      Then our account manager will work hand-in-hand during the custom design of your website, you’ll be part of the creative process so our designer will make everything look exactly the way you want.

      Once the design is approved, the programmer will ensure everything works.

      From there, the last step is a quality and functionality check to guarantee your satisfaction.

      How Long Does Website Development Take?

      Site construction time varies from client to client, we’ll provide realistic timelines, and we’ll stick to them to make sure your project is done as soon as possible, but with the best quality, you can check up anytime to see what we are doing.

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      You can get a free consultation or a free mockup for your site.

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