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Why A Web Design Miami Company Instead of All The Other Options?

In this post you will understand how to speed up the selection process, save yourself time, headaches and even money when looking for a web design Miami company. There are hundreds of options to choose from, so I will go ahead and answer a common question before we get into the three steps to pick your best match.

Why do you want a Web Design Miami company to handle the work?

There are providers from all around the World and many of them can give you a much better rate than a local company. There are three primary reasons:

  • Convenience: Despite having plenty of tools that allow you to work remotely, there is no better way for a designer to understand your vision than being in the same room with you. Even if you assign the work via video conference, you will notice that essential details of your core vision will not be reflected in your website. This will end up draining your time.
  • Peace of mind: Web design companies based in Miami have a reputation to protect.  They’ll want to ensure that your project will be delivered (as long as you apply the 3 steps mentioned below).
  • Miami is a Bilingual culture: Miami boasts an extremely unique culture in comparison to the rest of the United States. A majority of the area’s population come from Spanish speaking regions. As a result, in Miami, the amount of Spanish only speakers dwarfs the amount of individuals who only speak English. For this reason, when looking for a Miami web design company your best bet is to take advantage of the city’s bilingual nature. Translating your website into Spanish and English will give you the upper hand in competition with single language sites.

There are web design agencies with great talent around the area (Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Aventura). As of July 12, 2018, we Solved Puzzle are based in Downtown Miami, a strategic location if you are in Brickell, the Design district, Wynwood or Midtown among others.

Miami Solved Puzzle Agency
Miami Solved Puzzle Agency


3 Simple Steps To Choose A Web Design Miami Company


Step 1 – Defining your budget

We all want to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren etc…But, if you are among the average 98% of humans, you usually select a car/transportation depending on your income, standards and aspirations. The same principles apply to a website. Do you have a small, medium or large business? Are you looking for a unique website or you don’t mind that your website looks similar to others?  These are some of the considerations you’ll face when looking for web design Miami.


When it comes to creating a website, or even thinking of building one, the first thought that should ever come to mind is: What is the purpose of this website and what do I want it to do. Naturally, the purpose should influence your websites functions. When thinking of your websites functions, your main concern should always be on user experience. How many pages do you want your website to be? Are you in the restaurant business and want a locations page as well as a page with an appetizing menu on it? Maybe your business has a unique story to tell, then an about me page would be an ideal choice.

Another factor you must think about is the design of the site. It should be very easy to navigate and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Miami web design companies will be able to build just about any feature you want. They can do anything from a working shopping cart to a blog. All of this while making the site beautiful. Below, you can see a list of common elements/functionalities to include in your website:

List of Functionalities:

  • Main Slider
  • About us section
  • Services section
  • Contact us section
  • Privacy policy section
  • Blog
  • Team section
  • Image gallery
  • Testimonials section
  • Frequently asked questions section
  • Video
  • Call to action (Buy now, book now, free quote, free consultation)
  • Chat
  • Pop up forms
  • Multilingual
  • Email Newsletter forms
  • Banner Ads
  • Social media integration
  • Responsive (Mobile friendly)

Also, for online stores…

  • Products database
  • E-commerce order form
  • Shopping cart
  • Quick view feature
  • Real time payments gateway integration such as authorize.net

This is a list of recommendations to hire providers depending on your budget:

What to do if I have $500 or less?

If you offer professional services or you own a small business and you have time to build the site, you can still achieve good results with tools such as wix.com,shopify.com or squarespace.com. However, you can get slightly frustrated doing web design yourself, since there are plenty of things that you will not be able to personalize because these tools have limitations. They have monthly fees and the basic plans are around $500 or less per year.

If you desire very specific adjustments, it’s likely that you will end up hiring a professional after a frustrating month. It is not recommended to hire somebody that charges $500 or less for your web design Miami needs. The quality of work and final results will be very poor.

(They usually copy and paste basic templates and you will probably have to change the site whenever you want to implement any type of serious marketing).

What to do if my budget is $500 – $1000?

Depending on the number of pages and functionalities, it is still a low budget for high quality web design Miami. My recommendation is that you reach out to freelancers via platforms such as upwork.com orfreelancer.com. You will need to invest a significant amount of time in conversations back and forth. However, there are some people around the world with tremendous talent that can put together a web design solution for you at that rate.

What to do if my budget is $1000 – $3000?

There are several local web design companies in Miami that can handle this project. Depending on the number of pages, features and functionalities, this budget can get your project up and running with a local company. You can have the convenience of going to an office where a professional team will hear your ideas and handle the work for you. You can request a free consultation with us right here: solvedpuzzle.com, and you can compare with others to find out which ones you’d rather work with.

Note: If you are looking to build an e-commerce website, this budget is still low in which case I would consider finding a solution in the platforms mentioned above.

What to do if my budget is $3000-$5000?

Plus, how do I even know the difference between a $2000 website and a $5000 one?

Great question, the reality is that web designers are like artist. Sometimes they spend the same time building a solution. However, some of them will blow the mind of your audience and others not so much. Functionalities and features are important variables, but the big difference in their rates will vary depending on their experience, proven talent and market’s demand.

Note: This budget can cover the development of an e-commerce website with a high quality local company. Check our reviews on Yelp and Google and compare them with others so you can select your perfect match.

Solved Puzzle Portfolio

Solved Puzzle Portfolio

Step 2 – Checking their portfolio

You are doing your homework, you have already found 3 to 5 web design Miami companies/agencies that can develop the solution for you, how do you even rate their portfolio?

First of all, ask for links to the websites and navigate them. The last thing that you want is to get screenshots from work done by other developers. Secondly, web designers are like artist, check their work and see which one connects better with your vision. Also, make sure to see if they work with different industries and analyze how they adapt to different scenarios, you want to work with people who can innovate and take your design one step ahead of the competition. Some designers stay in a comfort zone that doesn’t allow them to bring new ideas to the table when facing new challenges.

Step 3 – Web Design Miami Agency validation

Now, you have some clarity of the best type of providers for your project. Let’s validate if they comply with industry competitive standards.


Online reviews have forced us all to set the bar higher than ever. It’s important that you check the reviews of the company in different directories such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and Upcity. Also, you can ask the companies for the contact information of some of their clients, and reach out to them to hear about their experience working with them.


Thousands of web design companies open and close in Miami and around the globe. It’s a key factor to keep in mind that whoever you work with has been in the business long enough.  for you to know that they are going somewhere rather than failing.

Note: Do not exaggerate, the last thing that you want is to work with somebody that’s been doing that for too long. Users have become very picky with their time and they only pay attention when you wow them, and only millennials can wow millennials.


Make sure that your website is built with a CMS (content management system), you will get a more secure, faster, cost efficient and convenient solution. The leading platform around the globe is called WordPress and many use others such as Drupal and Magento. This will allow you to access an admin and make changes to text and photos that years ago could only be implemented by a web developer.

Note: Make sure that they show you your way around the basic things in the back end. Be aware that only minor changes are recommended to be implemented. We always suggest to submit requests for a professional to execute them without compromising your websites overall functionalities.


Why do you build a website? You want people to arrive at your site and get your product or service. It’s essential, that the people you work with, have a background in marketing. Web design Miami best practices must be applied to your solution if you want to generate a return on investment.

There are amazing and talented professionals in Miami and I hope you find the best match for you. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, we would love to provide the answers and add them to this article as well.


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