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In a fiercely competitive online world, only a web design company offering a complete package will benefit your website. Whether you’re a content-oriented website or a business selling specific products and services, you’re going to love what our teams bring to the table. We’re capable of implementing even the most complex of website campaigns and have the technical skill and tools to power your content to the highest ratings of powerhouses like Google. Don’t settle for less than our complete package. Our philosophy on digital marketing begins with a sound SEO-friendly design and extends all the way to the furthest reaches of social media marketing campaigns. There’s no area of marketing expertise that we can’t handle. Pick as many or as few as you want to cement your success.

Web design companies focus on SEO

Our digital design company firmly believes in the holy grail that is SEO. Search engine optimization makes your website more visible to people who search on popular engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The bulk of online visitors will find your website through a search engine like this. It’s imperative to carry out a strategy that builds SEO right into the design of your website. We’re fully capable of designing a website from the ground up, or we can analyze your current website and then create a more profitable layout and SEO friendly design. Our designers are the best at what they do.

SEO begins with something as simple as keyword placement and density and grows as complex as what type of scripting is used for a website. After all, spiders don’t read websites the same way that human beings do. It’s our expertise that generates a great web design for your content. Presentation to human beings still matters, so expect a creative design that clicks with your visitors. Also expect a site that is optimized to get the attention of those very picky web spiders that index sites for search engines. We’re capable of taking your site to the top of Google’s results, no matter what keyword you want to optimize for.Web Design Company

A website design company for social media strategy

Falling short on your social media goals? Increasing your visibility may be as simple as creating a social media marketing campaign. We’re fully capable of designing you a social media website on all of the big social media sites and then managing that social media page so that it engages new visitors and retains old ones. We believe that social media is stabilizing and that websites who don’t have a social media website lose much of their visibility online. Once visitors find your site from a search engine, they should be able to keep up with all your latest news and promotions through social media pages. Our online marketing strategies include development of social media pages for our clients.

Social media networks have become almost as important as web design for visibility online. What better way to connect with your customers than to have a creative, entertaining social media page for them to visit? Our social media campaigns are known to increase visibility online by letting your customers see the less formal side of your business. Through targeted posts, you can reach your audience in a way that no business ever dreamed of even ten short years ago.

Website design companies for video production

Videos enhance your user’s experience and create the opportunity for viral marketing. Whether it’s a how-to video that focuses in on your content or a monologue about an opinion you have on your content, you’re going to benefit from video production. This is an oft left out area of digital marketing. Solved Puzzle has a team ready to create and produce engaging and captivating video content for your visitors. As the videos are posted on social media and discussed on other websites, you’ll find your online visibility skyrocketing. Our team is up to the challenge.

Visual presentations can reach visitors in a way that text just can’t. If you have a video to share with the world, we’re the people to produce it and release it to the public. We’ll make sure that your vision comes to life and reaches your intended audience. Video production works especially well when you have a well-thought out social media page. A single video can be liked or shared thousands of times online, giving your website a new visibility and exposure that would have been impossible without our expert video production.

Web design firm for apps and software

App development has become a huge part of digital marketing. When you expand your website to include the mobile market, you do yourself a tremendous favor. Our talented team of app developers are able to create a highly customized app just for your website’s content, making it possible for your visitors to take your site with them wherever they go. Mobile users are increasing more by the day, as people seem to take the Internet with them wherever they go. They play games, browse websites, and access apps at a rapid rate. Missing out on this growing market is a mistake. Let us take over your app and software development and show you have to get maximum visibility online.

For niche companies like relocation companies who specifically have an app in mind, we’re the right team for this, too. Our app development powers your drive toward visibility by increasing your number of markets from just web-based visitors to smartphone users. More people than ever before are using their cellphones to conduct the business of everyday life. There’s no better time than now to expand your business. If you’ve got a great idea for an app, we can bring it to life.Web Design Company - Solvedpuzzle

Contact us today for the best digital marketing campaigns

We’re eager to help you increase your visibility online. Our Miami-based team is capable of carrying out the simplest, or most complex, areas of marketing, from design, to social media campaigns, all the way to app development. We’ve been in this business for a long time and we intend to keep our customers on top of popular search engine results.

SEO is still a vital fundamental starting point for all content online. Our team has been working for years to see to it that our clients are happy with our creative efforts. Our technical team is sound, too. We realize what it takes to get our customers to the top of search engine results and we carry our clients to the top each and every time. When someone searches for something online, we want to make sure that it’s your website they see first. The description and page copy should maximize your results through keyword density and wording that engages human visitors as well. We don’t just want to bring in people from search engines. We want to make them repeat visitors.

If you feel like your website or app has grown stagnant in its growth, give us a call. Our Miami SEO team will go to work for you immediately, bringing out the best of your website and sharing it with the world through our passionate marketing campaigns in every major area of web development and brand building. Local Miami businesses will love what our services can do for them. If you have a brand to build and a message to get out through your business, we can implement the complete digital marketing package to bring you the success and brand recognition your business needs to thrive.

Our creative teams are also technically savvy and passionate about the work that they do for local Miami businesses and content providers. Don’t settle for less than the complete package. Solved Puzzle lives up to its name in every aspect. Your visibility online is a complex puzzle that takes many different tools to put together. We have the secrets to those many tools: SEO, web design, app development, social media marketing, and video production. Those are just a few of our many services. Contact us today to find out more about our highly specialized solution. If you want to increase your visibility online, we have every imaginable tool and piece of knowledge available on the subject today to make your website or application come to life for your visitors. All it takes is one simple contact to start your journey to success.

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