Back in time video production seemed to have a label in bold letters; expensive. In any of the possible scenarios (hiring a video production agency or even the independent work/production). Luckily for all us, today there are many options for this matter. I wish to emphasize how to cover your own video production needs and doing it edgy and legendary. However, If you still feel like you’re not ready to dive into the waters of independent video production for your brand or company, Solved Puzzle agency (we) has got your back.

I am one of those who’s there willing to learn and take the best from each situation to have a badge in self-sufficiency. I consider, especially relevant that being able to do a lot of stuff on your own is priceless and thoroughly rewarding. Furthermore meaning that a constant state of mind should be “You can do it because you can.”Video production

I’m not saying that being able to connect with others to exchange services or opinions regarding this or that is not valuable. I’m just saying that it’s good to have several resources on hand to not get lost in the fast movement and development of everyday life. It’s not merely about not getting stuck because you don’t know how to do it, or because you don´t have the means.

However, you can also be the one who´s running a video production company ready to serve the community. Once you have the knowledge, you can use it for your benefit and other’s as well.

Pre-production tips

Define the target audience. It’s basically the only way to get the engagement you expect to have. Knowing the interests of your audience makes everything easier.

Creativity first. The whole video project concept has to be original and super full of innovation. People is tired of seeing the same.

Take time to plan it out. Use storyboards, write the idea, create a production schedule; make your vision clear and ready to produce.

Don’t take time for granted. Be generous with yourself and overestimate the time you need to accomplish the task. In other words, no rush. Go easy and steady!

Get to know about the equipment you’re going to need. Whether if it’s only a camera or a computer to do the edit. Be sure you have everything you need in order, so you avoid any delay and headache. If you feel it necessary, make a list as a kind of inventory.

Video Production tips

Sound/video quality matters. Make sure that you’re using good quality microphones for voice recording. Moreover, use HD lenses in case you do video shots; you don’t want to look like a completely amateur, right?

Use thirds -framing right. The overall space used for video shots is Video productioncrucial in delivering a good impression. So, you better frame all of the elements minding the space proportion between each other.

Length. Do not assume that people have a very short attention span. However, long videos are not that favorable, keep  in mind that the first 8 seconds are responsible for engaging the audience; start from then.

Post-Production tips

Align the video flow. The structure, tone, and video pacing are all vital components of the finished product. They define the effect on the viewer. Depending on the flow and pace of the video the audience will respond.

Video transitions. Don’t overuse transitions. Additionally, do not use those that have a lot of effects. Try to keep it straightforward and stylish. The most recommended transitions are a fade to black or cross dissolve.

The text. Make sure the text is long enough, use a comfortable speed text rate for the reader to be able to read everything. Also, optimize the text as much as possible. Moreover, give a good impression at using a bold and clean aspect.

In conclusion, you should have fun doing your videos and moreover, enjoy the task. It’s an option to be practical, and with time you’ll get better (the more videos you make, the more experience you get, the more experience, the better results).

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