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Local video marketing is a great tool especially for small businesses who are struggling to get their business known. A video can help your potential customers know you exist, know about what you have to offer and why you are great at what you do. When they have all that information in front of them they will want to contact you.

You need to get with the reality of just how successful local video marketing has become in recent times. If you want to wrangle with the big boys, then you need to make use of video marketing along with other digital marketing efforts. Already have a Google strategy? Then now is the time to start a YouTube strategy. If you have neither, then you need to get going with the services of a local video marketing company.

Local Video MarketingToday’s consumers prefer video over text; no one wants to sit and read through a page of content anymore. Well not for the most part, yes there are still those who will sit and read but with many of us leading fast lifestyles. Time is of the essence, and most of us just don’t have the time to sit and read something. A video, however, can be played on the go, and it is just easier to digest than reading for the average consumer today. In a fast paced world your advertising and marketing plan must be able to keep up. And that is why you need a digital marketing agency in Miami.

Most small businesses already know the importance of being among the top spots on search engines. But in a previous post, we pointed out that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world right now. Bet you aren’t even thinking about YouTube as a search engine, you are just thinking about Google, Bing and Yahoo, right? Well, guess what, YouTube results are ranking very high, and you want to get on that gravy train. It’s now or never, you are missing out on a powerful tool and a powerful opportunity for the growth of your business.

Digital marketing agency and Video Production

A digital marketing agency can help increase your return on investment (ROI). Also, it is the quickest way to tell your audience why they should choose you is with a video. Marketing professionals all agree that the best content for ROI is video content. And videos are not just for marketing your product or service either. You will find that many companies are turning to videos for recruiting employees.

What can a marketing agency do for you?

Video marketing is a great way to show your customers the human side of the business. When you create a top quality video, the experience, your audience gets from watching it will convert them into customers. And not just one-time conversion – but conversion to loyal customers. Use your digital marketing agency  to share your story and to answer the questions that your potential customers may have. Your audience will stick with your competition if you don’t do this.

Marketing your video production company

The second largest search engine after Google is currently YouTube. What this means is that if you have a presence on YouTube, then you have access to potential consumers that you would not have access to with other marketing methods. Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine but the #1 ranked search engine – Google – actually likes YouTube. Google ranks high-quality YouTube videos high in their search results. What that means is that with a high-quality YouTube video, your chances of reaching your potential consumers increases exponentially!

digital marketing agency miamiWhere and how to use video in your business or marketing company

So we have established that you can get your message out there with a video. An expert digital marketing agency can help you create a stellar video. Here are some tips on how to use that stellar video to improve your profit and grow your business.

  1. To Attract New Customers

If you have a website, like the one from  Solved Puzzle ( digital marketing agency in miami) , you want to have a video on your homepage. This video should be an informative one. It is an excellent way to introduce your product or service and how it works. Think of this video as an entry into a competition to win over your target audience and convert them into paying customers. So you would want to let your target audience know what it is that sets you apart from the competition. The video you create for this purpose should tell them why to choose your service or product.

  1. To Announce a New Service/Product Offering

If you want to get the word out about a new service or product you are offering, a video is a useful tool. A digital marketing agency can create the buzz you need to have people coming in to check out your offering. These films should be creative, and the tone should be engaging to keep your audience hooked from start to finish. It should not be a dry product announcement – it should be something that cuts through the noise, grabs and keeps their attention leaving them wanting more.

  1. A Video production Company Miami: Recruiting Employees and marketing companies

Every company wants to find the best employees. In a technologically forward world, a recruitment video promotes the company’s culture. This also shows your target audience that you think outside the box, and you are committed to doing your best. A digital marketing agency can increase your applicant pool exponentially with experts that are suited for the task that may not be actively seeking on job boards.

  1. To Inform your Customers

You don’t have to wait until you have a new product or service to create an informative video for your clients and potentials. You can create a video to show the correct way to use your product or service. This can be a better way to get the instructions across. You will find that consumers appreciate a video better than written instructions. A video allows them to find the instructions a lot clearer when they follow along. Physically showing your customers how something is used makes for great content.

digital marketing agency

  1. To Train Employees

Just as you can use videos to advertise job openings you can use it to inform and educate your employees. Instead of a training session each time you hire, why not record training and then allow employees to learn from that. Aside from training, companies can create short videos with tips that can help employees to be more productive, so employees can watch them at regular intervals. Video training will prove a lot more effective than plain paper notes. Your videos should be informational and engaging for your employees. It helps if they are short as well and readily available to be watched in spare time.

  1. For Customer Testimonials

Video testimonials are a great tool. You can place them on your website or in your YouTube channel. Everybody likes to read and watch reviews; they value the opinions of others who have previously used a product or service. These film production are ideal for marketing and can help build your company’s growth and credibility. Since videos are in such high demand, these days people are more likely to sit down and watch a video testimonial than to read a written one.

  1. Share best practices in the production company of Miami

Both live and recorded video can create a community for your clients for sharing best practices. This medium is increasingly popular nowadays and is very effective. Customers can watched these shared videos during non-business hours when they have the time. It’s all about sharing the knowledge so that you and your business partners or clients can remain at the head of your game.

  1. To Keep your Remote Employees Connected with Miami video production services

Employees working remotely have increased with many stays at home moms. Employees working remotely can also benefit from videos. If you have employees that work remotely, then video conferencing and training is an excellent way to keep them close. These allow you to stay connected and can strengthen your company’s culture in a big way. Furthermore, video can also be used to include remote employees in meetings and other in-office happenings that they may not be able to attend physically.

A business can use a video to take advantage of some other ways too. But it can’t be just any video. You should create your video professionally to ensure it is top quality. A digital marketing agency in Miami that has experts in their respective fields can provide you with the best video for your needs. You will want a digital marketing agency in Miami to help you create a digital video and helps you with marketing your video. The best in Miami and its surrounding environs can help you create an imaginative video that will depict your company’s message. You want a full service digital agency that can assist you with the brainstorming process right down to the end of the project. Yes, a company that can take you from start to finish will be your best bet.

Why choose a Video Production Company in Miami?

Pick a digital marketing agency  for all your needs if you are in Miami or its surrounding areas. You want to choose a local company that is close by, one that can focus on your project. Furthermore, a company that can provide your project with the time and dedication it needs is an excellent choice. A local company knows the best spots and locations in and around the area for shooting the parts of your video that must be done outside the studio. A company Miami production that knows how to get your video viewed on social media. The expertise and business knowledge you bring to the table will ensure the production of a top quality and highly effective video.

The Power of Local Video Marketing through YouTube

Let’s keep it short and simple here so the power of video on YouTube can stand out clearly to you.

  • YouTube is second to Google – yes, yes we said that already. What we didn’t do is give you numbers, now we are. The numbers say that YouTube gets approximately 1 billion daily searches.
  • Each month the number of unique visitors to YouTube is estimated at 65 million
  • Customer engagement on YouTube is very high with an approximate 46% of viewers taking action right after watching the video.

Is your mouth wide open from these statistics? It should be, now get yourself together. You know you need a local video marketing firm. But we won’t just stop there. Here at Solved Puzzle Agency, we love giving you the complete picture. Do you know why YouTube can garner those big numbers?

People love videos, and we love our cell phones. Guess what’s easier to do on a cellphone than read content? Watch a video of course! That is why people prefer watching videos over reading texts. It’s simply easier to do from a mobile phone, and we all are using our mobile phones for everything these days.

Drive Customers to Your Business with Local Video Marketing

The first thing you want to do is set up a YouTube Channel if you haven’t already done so. YouTube channels are tied to Google Plus Accounts. If you don’t have a Google Plus account for your business, you will need to set that up now. You can also use your personal account if you have an existing one.

Now you need to optimize the channel. This is a crucial step, if your channel is not properly optimized this can lead to the detriment of your success in video marketing. What do we mean by optimizing it? Think of your Channel on YouTube as an additional website – the channel itself is your homepage and each video you upload can be considered a web page for the purpose of this scenario. You do optimize your web pages on your website to ensure they will rank well in search engines right? Consequently, in the same manner, you want to ensure that your videos are optimized so that they will rank well when someone starts searching YouTube for related videos.

Creating your Local Video Marketing Campaign

  1. Determine how many videos your campaign will need
  2. Figure out which keywords you want to target by doing the requisite research
  3. Create a story line and craft your call to action
  4. Shoot and edit your video footage
  5. Upload video to YouTube
  6. Do your on video SEO
  7. Embed your video on your blog or website
  8. Engage in your off video SEO
  9. Share the video on social networks – Google Plus, Facebook, etc.
  10. Add your video to major websites that publish videos such as Dailymotion and Vimeo

Following these tips will ensure that you can get a page one ranking for your targeted keywords on Google. With a page one ranking on Google with your Video you are already ranked on page one for both of the two largest search engines; Google and YouTube.


If this information excites you, which it should, let’s try a small video to help with marketing agency your small business. You want to ensure you are doing this the correct way so as to maximize your benefits. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you are getting it done the correct way.

Top local video marketing company

You want to target keywords while ensuring your video is short yet a valuable watch for your potential customer.

No Sales Pitch

The average viewer is trying to save money, so they don’t want a sales pitch. Instead, they want advice; they want a solution to their problems. Give them your advice and solutions instead of a sales pitch.

Local video marketing: Call to Action

You must tell the viewer what they should do next. Don’t just give them advice and the solution to their problem. Invite them to click on the link included in your video description or invite them to call your phone number.

GEO Tags

In the editing section of your video, you can include the location of your business. YouTube and Google want to know where you are. This can help them suggest your videos to persons looking for your services within that area.

Video Optimization

You want your title to be optimized as well as your description and any tags you use.

Share the Video

YouTube is great, but your video doesn’t have to stay there alone. The aim is to have people view your video so get it out there in more places including Tumblr, Facebook and anywhere else you can share it.

Embed the Video

When your video is embedded all over the web, YouTube loves it. There is the option for you to embed your video on your blog or other social media.

Your Website Address in a local video marketing

The website address for your business should be at the top of your description and should be a clickable link. Remember people don’t like to read on their mobile phones, so you want it to be at the top and it must be clickable so they can leave the local video marketing and go straight to your website.

Small Production Companies

Looking for a digital marketing agency? Small production companies are your go to for video commercials. The type of services that they provide, often include things that the large organizations don’t do. More often than not, you will find that working with a small company is a very personal experience. For them, it is not just about having the latest gear and keeping up with the latest technology. The large organizations can have the best technology and the best equipment and still provide you with a mediocre video and less than stellar customer service.

Marketing Companies: Cutting Costs with Smaller Companies

The truth is that larger companies will want clients to pay more and consumers are always looking for ways to increase their ROI. This simply means that they will be willing to go with the smaller company with the lower price tag. The Smaller price tag does not result in comprised quality, though. Smaller companies can take the time to get to know your business intimately. They will also take the time to ensure that they meet you half way. Small businesses will make sure that they value your input in the process. And will make sure that the values of your business come out in their production. Small companies have the ability to offer a unique full digital service that you will not be able to get elsewhere.

Digital Marketing Agency

Small Production Companies – Doing More for Less

One of the advantages of going with a digital marketing agency is that they have minimal overheads. This means that they can stay more competitive especially in a local area. Thus, allowing them the opportunity to offer production specialties that are unique to them.

Small companies can have disciplines in many areas that can help your business grow. They may have talent relationships while delving in a little gaming, a little bit of events, music, and entertainment. All these are areas where you the client can tap into. The entertainment industry is very successful, and marketing can easily overlap into that industry. Matter of fact we can just call marketing videos entertainment because they have to have that factor to grab your audience.

Giving Large Marketing Companies a Run for Their Money

Small production companies are big competition. They offer a high quality of service at a lower cost. This is putting pressure on larger providers. Therefore forcing them to demonstrate unique abilities, dishing out more money for extensive marketing. Small companies can be demonstrably different and better.

Small businesses can offer a package of creative talent, expertise, and intuitive ideas. They can take your idea or concept and put it into a video that will meet your needs. These companies may even be able to help you network locally with other businesses. Staff members in a smaller organization are more involved and more hands on. Smaller companies tend not to be stuck in old ways as they know they have to hustle to build their credibility. They know they must stay relevant and in demand to thrive in this industry.

Marketing Agency: What to Look for in Small Production Companies

The video that is going to be created will represent your brand. You want a video that reflects your image. This will give your target market a perception of you and your offerings. You don’t want to cut corners. Therefore you want top quality content. So what do you look for in a digital marketing agency?

What is their Experience?

A great place to start is how long the company has been in business. Small businesses don’t have to be new, and if they are new, that does not necessarily mean bad. Such a small new company that is keen on establishing itself will always over deliver on your project. Here you can get maximum value for your money. So find out what services a Digital marketing agency offers and how long they have been providing them.

What does their Client List Look Like?

Or in some cases, who is on their client list. Look at the types of clients they have provided services in the past. Do you see companies in your industry? Do you see companies you know and trust? That is a good look. While you are looking at the types of clients they have serviced, also look for the kinds of videos they have done for these clients. This can help you determine if they can produce the type of video you are looking for. Bear in mind that some companies specialize in the types of videos they create. They may not be strong in other forms, so if you see a lot of one type of video but that is not what you are looking for, then you may need to keep looking.

Are their Previous Happy Clients?

You always want to do your research to find the satisfaction of previous clients. One way to do this is to read testimonials. You can also look out for video testimonials as well and see how ther are engaging with their communities. Also, ask the company for references – this is an old school yet effective way to know how happy their previous clients were.

Do they Offer Idea Development?

Some companies will take your instructions and run with it. This is great in the sense that you get what you want. But you should be open to leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the company. You want a company that offers the right balance of taking your instructions and offering constructive criticism. They are experts in the video production field, and you are the expert in your business. A marketing agency in miami, for example, that is willing to work with you and tweak your video for the best outcome is definitely a first choice.

Do YOU work well in a Team?

Yes, you read right. This question is directed to you. It is highly important that you be a team player when working with a smaller company. Remember the previous point – you can take advantage of their expertise. Though the video is yours and will be depicting your business you want to be open to suggestions and criticism. If you are a team player, this increases the chances of the end product being done well. Both parties should pay attention to detail and work together for the ultimate quality of the finished product.

Can They Advise on SEO and Handle Video Distribution?

Have you considered how you will market your video once it is completed? How is your knowledge in online marketing and search engine optimization? If your video is not available to be found by your target audience, then it won’t be effective. A Digital marketing agency can offer assistance on how to optimize your video and advise on its distribution.

Do they offer Analytics on Video Performance?

So you have created your video, and it has been distributed. How is it performing? If you choose a company that handles the distribution of your video, you will want regular updates. And not just regular updates but detailed updates on how the video is performing for you. Always ask if this type of service is available beforehand.

Marketing Company; In Conclusion

Before you start looking for a digital marketing agency you should do a couple of things. First, you want to get all your assets together. What are your assets? These are the things you want to be used in the video, your company image, logo, typefaces, etc. Once you have these ready and have made your choice, find out who owns the footage. This is something you want to know ahead of time, including the raw footage and the final video. You also need to ask about a number of edits you are entitled to within the quoted price. Also find out how much it will be for any after if you want.

A digital marketing agency could have the expertise you need. These agencies can provide you with a high-quality video; you just know what to look for.

Making the Best of Videos Already Online

If you already have videos online but you are not reaping any rewards from them, there is still hope. What you need to do, now that you know, is get those videos down, optimize them and re-upload them.

Don’t ignore the video boom and be left in the dust. Take the bull by the horns and get a local video marketing company to help you get your small business recognized. Enhance your local marketing plan and if you need any help doing so, we are here to assist.

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