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infomercial production companies

Infomercial production companies operate under sophisticated and complex economics. The end goal of each and every production is always different. The ultimate purpose of an infomercial project is always based on the business plan that you have for your business. The category of the product and service also affects the end goal of your infomercial. You need to answer a couple of questions to ensure that you are on the right path and, in the same way, you are directed for success. Are you in the retail business? Will you be launching a new product? Is it that you want to acquire new customers? Do you want to drive leads? Is your product or service a continuity based one? What are your strategies for up-selling and back-end? What type of financial model are you following?

These are several questions that you should ask when you are considering employing an infomercial company. Television is still very useful and effective. The key to your success with an infomercial is to understand the economics of your product and its category.


Achieve Success – Employ Infomercial Production Companies

How many products have you seen go from being sold out of the trunk of a car to becoming a household name? We have also seen products that take over the #1 retail competitors just because of their infomercial product. Yes, infomercials are highly effective! Data collected about the viewership of infomercials notes that 1 in every five people watch at least one infomercial per month.  Infomercial success is usually bearing on a couple of factors. What factors are these?

  1. The product is new or novel
  2. A celebrity is endorsing the product
  3. The infomercial is entertaining

So what is the benchmark for a successful infomercial? If you can hit $10 million in revenue from your infomercials, then you know you have a successful one. One example of success from infomercials is the “Snuggie.”. This product landed between $50 and $100 million in just the first season of the infomercial.

infomercial production companies: Infomercial Economics

The economics of an infomercial are pretty straightforward. The cost depends on some factors. Experts in the industry note that around 1 in 4 infomercial production companies become successful infomercials. These are very respectable odds when you think about an infomercial that is introducing a new product.

Infomercials are very condensed and comprehensive. They offer more than just a product video. An infomercial offers advertisement, demonstration, sales promotion, financing assistance, personal selling and distribution all compressed into one. Yes, an infomercial is marketing on steroids and an excellent way to ensure your ROI is very rewarding.

What should be in your Infomercial?

So you have decided that you want to go into the infomercial route. What exactly should be in your infomercial to ensure that it is a success? Here are our thoughts at Solved Puzzle:

  • A frenetic pace
  • A wacky demonstration
  • A Formulaic phrase/phrasing
  • An over the top pitchman/pitchwoman
  • A compelling message
  • Attention grabbers everywhere to ensure you can get customers no matter where they start watching the infomercial

Tips for your Infomercial

While you are brainstorming your infomercial, think on these things:

  • You have just a couple minutes or even seconds to help the consumer understand your product. The best option is to use the most extreme examples to demonstrate the product or service. The extreme situation will make the point quickly, and that is what you want.
  • Your infomercial should allow your audience to feel smart. This allows them to get the message behind all the marketing. Then, the viewer receives the message and interpret it. This is even better than any convincing method you use in your infomercial. If you get the message across, your target audience can think about other ways in how they can benefit from your product right away. Once they see a use or benefit that is not pointed out in the infomercial – they feel smarter than the product and the infomercial. But this is not a bad thing for you and your company.


How Infomercials Protect Your Money

Infomercials are most often used to market products that are yet to be manufactured. That is the reason why there is often 4 to 6 weeks lapse between ordering and receiving the product. However, the infomercial will take the order and will collect the payment. That payment can be used to fund your manufacturing so that you don’t need to have any out of pocket initially. Thanks to this, you never have to worry about all those products sitting in your warehouse after your, not so successful campaign. What would you do with those if you had them? You would have to sell them at deep discounts. So you see how creating an infomercial can actually help protect your money in more ways than one.

How Infomercials can Make You More Money

Not only an infomercial protects your money, it can also make you more money. That is the point of all this marketing and promotion babble, isn’t it? Since your products won’t be manufactured until you have ordered for them, you benefit in a couple of ways. With no need for storage for your inventory, you save on rent as well as the cost of labor for inventory personnel.  As you pre-sell units you can sell them at a higher price. This gives your business the ability to maintain margins and your risks are drastically reduced since you only have to pay for marketing infomercial production costs upfront.

Choosing From the Sea of Infomercial Production Companies in Florida

The success of your infomercial product has a lot to do with its quality. Its quality is based on the team of experts you choose. There are a lot of infomercial production companies, but they aren’t all equal. Here are some questions to consider for sifting through your options.

Check if they have targeted experience in the infomercial industry. If the answer to the previous question is a yes, the next question is how many years of experience do they have. You also want to find out if they have an experienced scriptwriter employed there. Then you want to delve into the types of infomercials they have done. This should be done for both products and services. Next, you want to know if they are a full service production company.

In Conclusion

If you want to bring your services or products to the viewing market, then infomercial production companies is an excellent tool. It utilizes principles of marketing, sales promotion, advertisement and even takes care of ordering and distribution for you. This tool could be the only thing you need to invest in, to get your product out there. An infomercial from a top company can help make your business name a household name. And that is definitely the true measure of success.

Is there any way we can help you find the right infomercial production companies to get your name into households across America? Let us know if we can help; we have a team of experts In Solved Puzzle that are willing and able to help you make the best choices when it comes to your marketing needs. We can guide you down the right path for choosing from the many infomercial production companies out there.

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