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 When we talk about IU/UX, UI stands for “user interface design,” and UX means “user experience design”

User experience design about the human perspective. The “user experience” refers to the interaction between a user and a product or service.

And when we talk about -User Interface design- it is a complement of UX (User Experience). 

User interface design is the cosmetic side, is how it looks and feels the presentation and interactivity of a product.

A great product experience starts with UX and is complemented by UI.

Our UI UX Designer Miami experts create a user interface that is as intuitive as possible by considering each visual, interactive element.

What UI/UX has to do

with your business?

Well, most business-customer interactions happen online through a device such as a phone or a laptop.

This means that your app/website is the first impression your customers have about your brand.

Create a positive first impression with our IU UX designer Miami team that engages customers and keeps them coming back to your website.

Side view of a laptop on a desk

UI vs UX Design Services

What’s The Difference?

User behavior is always changing, and to be able to understand it is at the core of everything.

Software needs to be as intuitive, easy to use, and as emotionally rewarding as possible.

Desginer working on an app

User Interfaces (UI) determine how users can experience your products. Exceptional functionality means nothing if users can’t easily and intuitively navigate around the website/app.

While User Experience (UX) looks at the user journey.

It identifies if the app solves users’ problems and creates an enjoyable solution while encouraging them to behave in a way that adjusts to your business objectives.

Combined, User Interface and User experience are an essential part of ensuring any product’s success. It tests market validity through the way human users behave.

Solved Puzzle UI UX designer Miami service guarantees quick success. 

UI UX designer working on an app

Get to engage your customers

with UI UX designer Miami experts

You only have one chance to make a first impression

Contact our UI UX Designer Miami team to build an efficient strategy. Our service helps brands create genuine, human-centered identities that engage and build customer trust.

We drive brands to define their image with UI design and make a lasting positive impact that drives and inspires users with our UX design services.

At Solved Puzzle, we always preferred to create simple and user-friendly solutions for our clients.

The continuous improvement of user experience is one of the main tasks for our UI/UX development team. 

UI UX design ideas
UI UX design team working on a project

Our team combines professional aesthetics and innovative design to provide you a good-looking and effective site.

Improving the end-user experience of an app or website has become indispensable for business that wants to create a long-lasting impact.

Our UI UX designer Miami and developers team incorporates the best practices of user experience designs that include development activities at every stage of a website/app development process.

Solved Puzzle UX/UI experts work by focusing only on the user’s needs, making it a central part of a website/app development process.

With our services, we help our clients to develop a robust user experience, which lets them engage more with their audience and maximize their ROI. Hence they will business end-goals.

 Our UI UX Designer Miami Services

With Solved Puzzle UI/UX services, we make it easier for businesses to build strong emotional bonds with their customers through captivating designs that attract customers and create memorable brand experiences. 

Today’s customers’ behavior is being shaped by emotions and ultra-personalization, which is why we apply a human-centered user experience approach to our services to build brand loyalty over time.

UI UX app design draw

Mobile app design

We help you ensure a completely appealing customer experience to increase the efficiency of your multi-channel presence through intuitive mobile designs with our UI/UX services.

Designer working on an app UI UX design

Web design

To run your business more effectively with platform-specific adaptive and responsive web designs, we will design a website that adapts to all device types and meets your customers’ needs with UX design.

Partial view - graphic designer working

Graphic design

Boost your business growth with Solved Puzzle UI design services for an appealing visual identity that helps you stand out from competitors and leaves a positive impression on customers.

Team working on an UI UX project

HMI design

Increase your business productivity, improve operational efficiency and automate processes by working with our UI/UX designers to create high-performing and responsive, user-friendly interfaces.

What Makes Our UX/UI Design and

Development Stunning

Customer Approach: To increase your target audience and ROI, our team always pays special attention to your users’ needs and requirements. 

Our expert team applies the best practices to maximize the efficiency and usability of the design.

 Efficient User Interaction with an App: We can design the shortest and most effective user interaction patterns with a website/app.

Team discussing an UI UX strategy

Our UI UX designer Miami agency always considers the optimal number of necessary steps to achieve the user’s aim.

Team discussing working calendar

Deliver Top-Notch Solutions: At Solved Puzzle, we design but only high-end solutions and always consider the possibilities of technical implementation, adaptation, and possible limitations.

Finally, our UX/UI designers and developers team gathers to create a unique, user-friendly, and attractive design that meets our client’s needs. 

Customer Support & UI Testing: Our skilled team makes sure that a website/app is well-performing and that its interface elements are displayed properly on all types of devices.

This helps to evaluate the app’s performance, efficiency, and usability for end-users. And we also perform tests to check if UI is easy to navigate and if its functionality is fully utilized.

Increase customer engagement with

our UI UX designer Miami services

Person drawing on a whiteboard
  • Differentiate your brand

The market is full of many look-alike products, but a product needs to stand out to win an audience.

At Solved Puzzle, we know that customers choose a product based on the experience that it offers.

We offer you a quality user experience and an attractive user interface design for web applications and mobile solutions to help to establish your brand’s name on the market.

Users love a good design, and it is catchy.

It converts and engages audiences. And the most important response to customer needs and alters positively the way customers feel about products or services.

Businesses can astonish, build connections, and embrace many opportunities with our user experience design services. 

A brand has to bring an experience to its customers. If it isn’t unique, how will it be able to stand out from its competitors?

  • Increase revenue

Many businesses lose customers and money because of their clumsy and bad design applications or websites that provide a poor user experience.

Using our user interface design services, you will be making the best investment that will drive you to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Providing customers with a website that’s easy to navigate and responsive on all devices makes users want to keep surfing in it and finally make a purchase.

A polished design increases customers’ trust in your services and products, and people usually measure the credibility of companies by how professional their websites look. 

UI UX design ideas on a board
Team sharing app design ideas
  • Lean development

User experience and user interface design services help companies validate business ideas.

Digital prototyping lets businesses test websites/app features before their implementation.

This avoids unnecessary expenses to companies while getting an accurate and real evaluation of their app or website elements.

By testing how users behave and interact with an application or website, companies can understand which functions are useless or need to be improved.

With well-implemented prototypes and validated features, companies can avoid constant changes in their project, making sure no requirement is missed.

Why you should choose our UI/UX Services?

 Understanding the user journey is an essential part of creating a successful product.

For that, it’s best to have a UI/UX design company like Solved Puzzle that can offer you the best results by working with the best team of experts, and we deliver more than just consults and designs.

We have worked with many types of companies from all industries, so we guarantee you that we are your best choice for UI/UX Design.

Our UI UX designer Miami team will create unique strategies for you to represent your brand. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve created numerous apps and websites.

Design tearm working on an app

Whether you are starting from scratch or having a site you need to evolve into a more sophisticated one, we will find the right mix of tools for your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for an expert UI/UX Design company, you are in the right place! 

To get ahead of the market, you need the best UI/UX designers to drive you to success.

At Solved Puzzle, we are happy to work with you and help you on your projects! Contact us now and start making the most of your website/app!

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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