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Solved Puzzle is a software developer Miami agency that offers app and software services to companies that want to succeed. Globally people are more habitual to use mobile phones for their daily tasks than using laptops or computers.

We all know how important mobile devices have become, everybody uses smartphones, and if you are a business and want to be near your customer, you need to develop an app that allows you to have an extension of your brand.

Mobile devices are more accessible and comfortable to use than websites. People grab their phones and perform tasks quickly, such as purchasing an online store.

Make users easier to find you by having an extension of your company right on their hands.

Apps help users to perform tasks from a variety of devices. Apps refer to web and mobile applications like apps used to shop on Amazon or post pic to Instagram.

More than 4.42 million apps are available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, increasing.

Differentiate from the competition with our app & software developer service.

Improve customer experience, bring innovative products to market faster, and make the checkout process more efficient and safe.

Programming code

Whether you need to improve an existing app or create a new one to get more customers through it, we can cover all your needs with custom software and application development services. 

We have experience creating solutions for companies from many different industries, and we have a full in-house team waiting to work with you and your team.

Our software developer Miami team will help you make the best decision when choosing between a native or hybrid custom service that will ensure your app software performs smoothly regardless of platform or device.

Business with mobile

development services get:

Better visibility

Mobile devices have revolutionized people’s daily lives. Going to a mobile format helps businesses extend market coverage, increase visibility, and bring a better experience to demanding customers. 

Custom app development services that suit your needs are what your business needs to set up long-lasting relationships with their customers no matter where they are, all this by just using an app.

Professional team working on a software project

A company that doesn’t offer an engaging business app to its customers risks missing out on a big and valuable market segment.

On top of that, users may think that your brand is failing to keep up with modern trends by not offering a new platform. 

Our mobile app and software developer Miami development solutions can take your business to a new level of performance by being innovative and keeping up with technology, standing out of the competition.

To be present in the apps stores is just another powerful step to build stable connections and keep in touch with consumers.

 helpNew revenue channels

Today’s businesses have to keep up with consumers’ changing demands on the go. These demands include purchasing products and ordering services through an easy-to-use mobile app rather than a website.

That’s why developing a mobile application that covers all these needs to generate loyal customers is a wise investment.

Working with Solved Puzzle’s software developer Miami team, will help you get a high return on investment and increase your conversion rates.

Mobile business applications are a good choice for those businesses that want to increase their profits by reaching new customers on new channels. 

Get a custom app that helps your business establish a new revenue channel.

Letting users shop and order your products through a fast and intuitive mobile app is the best way of keeping them motivated to buy more.

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Increased customer engagement

When building channels that allow reaching potential consumers, businesses sometimes don’t consider the effort from the consumers to reach their brands.

A high-performance mobile app is a perfect way to access brands, goods, and services quickly easily. It also helps businesses better engage with their customers by putting their products and services in an easy-to-use format.

Constant interactions with customers through an appealing application can help companies boost customer loyalty. Turn your business into a mobile app and increase customer engagement.

Mobile App development empowers companies to send push notifications that remind customers of relevant information to return to their apps regularly.


Why do I need to create

an application for my business?

To be a relevant business in today’s digital world, technology shapes the way we do and make things. Businesses need to change continuously to bring the best experience to their customers and keep them engaged.

If your target audience prefers to use mobile devices, you need to build an app that allows them to interact with your business through a format available in app stores.

Are you a business owner and want to improve your online sales? Do you need to attract new customers using a new platform? Do you want to do all this automatically, without additional for employees?

Team working on a mobile app

If the answer to these questions is positive, then you need an app for your business!

We will help you determine the best elements for your app, get in touch with our developers to discuss your project idea, and stay sure Solved Puzzle Agency will develop an app to promote your business!

Softwares we develop at

Solved Puzzle Agency

What service are you looking for?

We can help you from complete software development, custom software development, software consulting to custom app development.

We will develop unique solutions for our clients, and these are some of the services that Solved Puzzle offers:

Web application development services

Our team of experts gathers enough experience to deliver results to our clients.

No matter what, we can power business web applications across a variety of industries.

At Solved Puzzle App & Software Developer Miami agency, we help our clients seamlessly implement a custom-developed web application.

With a wide team of skilled professionals, we’re ready to satisfy any demands of our client’s web application project.

No matter the industry our clients are from, and we have a rich industry knowledge that allows us to deliver the best manufacturing, telecommunications, education, and much more.

This service includes:

  • Web consulting
  • Web development
  • Modernization
Person using a laptop and a phone

Mobile App Development Service

Solved Puzzle Mobile app development service covers end-to-end development of apps. We can help you by delivering from UI/UX design to mobile app development and testing.

We offer mobile development across a variety of platforms. If you still are not sure which one is the best for your business, don’t worry!

Our team will help you decide the platform and choose a suitable development framework.

Launch your mobile app with us now! Solved Puzzle experts are ready to create an app concept that exceeds your expectations.

The service includes:

  • Mobile consulting
  • Mobile app design
  • Mobile app development
  • Backend development
  • Mobile app evolution

Cloud App Development Services

According to Cisco, currently, the cloud hosts over 94% of the workload and computing process.

With the Solved Puzzle software developer Miami service, businesses can build unique apps adapted to be smoothly hosted by the cloud infrastructure.

Our team of cloud app developers can also apply a multi-cloud approach.

We develop and design cloud applications that maximize the potential of cloud services.

This service includes:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud app development

A cloud-based solution simplifies digital operations and provides all types of businesses with great flexibility.

Let us help you build a quality cloud application designed to be secure, high-performing, and operational excellence!

Saas Application Development Service

Software as a service model allows users to access apps hosted online, which frees them from future possible installation or maintenance issues.

We cover all the stages of SaaS App development and deliver suitable solutions optimized to be high converting with a UI/UX design.

Our team implements advanced technologies and intuitively designed to develop solid applications that stand out in the market. This service includes:

  • Specification-bases SaaS development
  • Concept SaaS development

Power your company with a compelling app that delivers results. Contact our team to make your SaaS Application project a reality!

Desktop Applications

Our Software & development agency offers desktop app development services to build desktop software no matter the complexity. 

We offer a dedicated development team to carry out end-to-end desktop app development!

Types of desktop software we develop:

  • Network configuration management 
  • Inventory management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • VoIP Software
  • CAD 
  • Financial
  • Industrial automation
  • Productivity
  • Utility
  • Multimedia

When it comes to desktop apps development, our team of professionals can create desktop applications from scratch that are modern and make the business processes more agile and effective.

Team working on an app

With App and software developer Miami company, we help our clients create custom solutions with their required functionality. 

Let us know your needs, and we will find a way to deliver the best result.

Start to build your software or app with us!

We will develop solutions that answer your business needs.

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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