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Solved Puzzle’s Social Media Paid Management uses social media data to track basic information about users, how they behave and how they move across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Youtube.

Then we will gather this data and use it to create a social media advertising strategy that delivers the best results and achieve goals.

What is Paid Social Media?

It is a method of displaying an advertisement on popular social platforms and targetting a specific audience.

An example of paid social media can be Pay-per-click advertising, display ads, and influencer-generated content.

Paid media can be an essential component of a company’s income and brand awareness.

Social media advertising is the most effective advertising platform, helping increase your brand’s reaching and maximize its visibility and user engagement.

Why use Social Media Paid Management?

For some companies, paid media might appears to be a bit archaic or even unnecessary.

One of the strengths of social media is that it allows avoiding typical barriers of paid advertising by exposing your brand’s ad to the right audience in new, authentic, and engaging ways to attract as many potential customers as possible.

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Do you need to increase your site visitors as quickly as possible?

With our Social Media Paid Management service, you will quickly drive traffic to your site.

For some users, seeing a promoted post using social networks will be their first exposure to your business or brand. 

With our Social Media Paid Management service, you will have the opportunity to spread your brand as widely as possible.

Additionally, the results of your paid content will be a lot easier to track than organic content.

Social media provides important data such as how many impressions, leads, and clicks your paid content receives, while the same information about organic content can be more tricky to analyze.

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It doesn’t matter if you have been already on social networks for a while and need help to manage paid ads or want to get started in the world of marketing.

It’s key to begin to develop and strategy to promote your brand.

Understanding how each network can work to help your business grow is important.

With each social network that exists, there also exists a lot of potential for its usage, but you first need to know how every different network has its user characteristics.

Not all social media networks are effective for all businesses. This depends on many factors.

But you don’t have to worry about deciding which channel to use.

Our team will help you to determine your online audience and where they are spending their time to market to them appropriately.

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This network has more than 2 billion active users to take full advantage of this huge community.

Look at it as a crowd of potential customers all gathered on this popular social network.

Our team develops forward-thinking social media strategies to attract as many customers as possible, including promotional contests and content curation relevant to your industry.

Facebook is a platform that has been adapted to the marketplace and created new opportunities for businesses to connect with users.

Also, it is an example of change by understanding the ever-changing dynamic of the technology world we live in.

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As a business owner, you need to play all the cards to take full advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on such a massive, engaged audience.

Users can use Facebook to get more information about their favorite brands and know what content they share, as well they can also use it to share their experiences with a brand or company.

Having a strong Facebook presence will allow you to connect with your audience and increase loyalty, engage new ones, and gain valuable feedback that can be used for future projects.

Facebook marketing allows you to: 

  • Drive traffic.
  • Connect with customers.
  • Large audience.
  • Reviews.
  • Lead opportunities.
  • Increase awareness.
  • Brand loyalty.
  • Manage reputation.


As one of the most popular social networks, Twitter can be a great place for businesses to connect with current and potential future customers.

Twitter reports that about 41% of users purchase a product after seeing an ad within a month.

This social network allows managing many ad settings, such as how frequently your ad will be seen and the ad type of run.

Twitter has different types of ads to choose from based on your budget.

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Twitter Marketing allows your company to:

  • Share.
  • Promote.
  • Interact with Customers.
  • Connect with Influencers.
  • Generate Leads.
  • Network.
  • Brand.
  • Manage Reputation.


This social media will allow you to drive traffic, generate new leads and find the right candidate you need to hire for your business.

LinkedIn’s network has over 630 million professionals.

It’s the social platform where professionals connect and network, which offers many opportunities for businesses that want to use it as an advertising platform.

Whether you’re looking to have a solid brand and be a thought leader in your industry or hire qualified candidates, you can’t leave this social network out of your social media marketing strategy.

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Our Social Media Paid Management services to include a LinkedIn marketing strategy that offers our clients a chance to establish themselves as experts in the industry they belong to by sharing relevant content, joining group discussions, and connecting with other qualified professionals.

Are you looking to expand your business and also add new talent to your company?

You can do it by posting job applications right on LinkedIn.

  • Network.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Industry Expert.
  • Hire New Talent.
  • Generate Leads.
  • Share Content.


This is the ultimate discovery network. An effective Pinterest marketing strategy shows and tells consumers what your brand is all about.

Encouraging users to purchase more than any other social platform, Pinterest is essentially an online bulletin board where users can “pin” eye-catching images of clothes, food, or whatever they search for. 

Pins drive more revenue to eCommerce stores than any other social share.

This is why if your brand has the characteristics to be the perfect product or service to share on Pinterest, then don’t lose more customers and start working on your Pinterest account with us.

Pinterest functions more like a search engine. Instead of posting status updates, users search for quotes, products, or images that they want to pin or share with others.

Smartphone holding by person hand showing pinterest app

Users pin or “like” items they like or discover when surfing on Pinterest.

About 87% of users have purchased some product because of Pinterest.

  • Increase Awareness.
  • Drive Traffic.
  • Generate Leads.
  • Brand.
  • Boost Sales.
  • Set Trends.

Google My Business

This is a marketing tool created by the most popular search engine in the world. Google’s networks not only help businesses to connect with their audience easily but can also help to gain valuable credibility online.

Google Posts provides a brand new way to connect with people who are actively searching for your business.

You can use images, videos, or GIFTS to catch even more audience’s attention directly from the search results page in these ads.

  • Indexed Immediately.
  • Google Map Location.
  • Verified Contact Information.
  • Increased Visibility.
  • Google Reviews.
  • Google Posts.
Google logo seen displayed on smartphone

This Google feature allows companies to show users the content they need them to see.


With over 6 billion hours of video watched every month, YouTube has a solid position as the world’s top video-sharing website.

Whether you have commercials, how-tos videos, or slideshows, YouTube is the first option if you want people to discover your videos.

Supercharge Your Video Marketing: Enhance your search-ability on one of the world’s most used search engines using YouTube marketing. 

Engage your audience with authentic and attractive videos. Since Google owns YouTube, when searching for something in Google videos are displayed among its results, and this will maximize your brand visibility by investing in video optimization and Youtube marketing.

Youtube logo showing on smartphone

At Solved Puzzle, we work with our clients to develop a strategy to ensure videos appear more prominently in the search results. We can help you with:

  • Video Marketing.
  • Google Rankings.
  • Capture Attention.
  • Increased Visibility.
  • Viral Marketing.


Turn posts and stories into ads and get more leads!

About 84% of Instagram users are more likely to shop from small businesses.

Instagram users actively engage with brands – be one of the business that 80% of all users currently follows.

This is a strictly visual platform used to increase brand awareness and showcasing products to a big audience.

Instagram marketing provides a way to cultivate desire, stimulate awareness and promote your brand in a personal, authentic way.

  • Visual.
  • Promote Product/ Service.
  • Capture Attention.
  • Personal Marketing.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Hashtag your audience.
Person hand holdong smartphone with instagram app showing

We manage the most used channels for our clients.

Our team will choose the right one for you to launch your advertisement campaign.

Utilizing social media as a platform to let people know more about your brand will take it to the next level.

Social Media Paid Management is the best opportunity for your company or brand to grow, and you can’t lose it!

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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