Social Media Brand Management

Build a community of fans who share your brand with their network

With more than 53% of the world’s population is on social media.

Social Media Brand Management has become a critical component of a digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Brand Management is a great tool for all businesses. But, unfortunately, companies of all sizes miss revenue opportunities because they don’t have enough experience or time to build an effective strategy to represent their brand.

To have a successful company, you also need success in the social media world.

To succeed, you need a dedicated social media partner to help you understand how social media works because it is always changing!

You need someone who tests, measures results, and creates consistently content to keep engaging your community of customers, to have a solid brand that customers trust and are loyal to. 

Social media is currently the most relevant advertising channel, and many people purchase things just because they saw a product or service on social networks before.

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Solved Puzzle’s social media brand management service combines social media advertising and social media management to create an online presence for your company that will allow you to expand your target market, attract and engage consumers, as it increases your sales and profits.


Our team will track and report to you the most important key performance indicators. With this data, you will see how social media is:


Is helping your brand establish a positive identity.

Is Effectively communicating with your followers and customers.

Is increasing customer loyalty.


Let Solved Puzzle Drive Your Social Media

Brand Management Strategy 

Social media marketing statistics show that social networks are effective and are the best platform to increase brand online presence.

Are you reaching your target audience?

How can you ensure your company is continuously meeting customers where they want to be met?

Social media

Our experts will use statistics from advertisements to your advantage to help you understand what you have to do.

Reach wider audiences, and get relevance on social networks with Solved Puzzle.

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We will manage your social networks to communicate your brand with your target audience.

Solved Puzzle has helped a lot of different businesses establish an effective social media brand management strategy.

Success in social media can be truly measured based on audience engagement.

To achieve high-quality engagement with your audience, you will need professionals to do the management for you.

When working with clients, we recommend that they be in constant interaction with their followers and share quality content across all the platforms.

Publishing content that engages is also an important part when considering a social media strategy.

We will publish content that represents your brand and is authentic and creative to motivate your followers and everybody that looks at your network profile to keep learning about your brand message.

Once your followers understand your brand, there will be more likely to convert into customers. 

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When you partner with Solved Puzzle Agency, you can always expect a dedicated social media brand manager who will help you and be your main contact point.

Contact us and achieve the best results!

Our Social Media Brand Management


Account Manager: The first thing to do to start is to assign you a dedicated Account Manager to your social media project.

This person will be your main point of contact during our work together.

If you have any request or edit that you want to make to a piece of content, this will be sent to your Account Manager, who will communicate with graphic designers and social media teams.

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Solved Puzzle takes a proactive attitude with all projects so that you can expect the best service from your account manager.

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Brand strategy: By working with our team, your brand identity will be stamped on all the content we deliver.

Branding is an essential element for any business! 

Brand tells customers who you are and allows you to be distinguished and stand out from the competition. 

We will put your company’s identity into our social media work creatively to produce relevance within your target audience and make you shine among the massive online crowd.

Social media analysis: the next step is to analyze the landscape that your business social media currently has.

Social media analysis can include:

  • Reputation analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Hashtag research
  • Trend discovery
  • Website traffic metrics

Solved Puzzle also develops understandable reports to understand who and how your brand audience is and behaves.

We can develop the best strategy to engage with your audience through visual content and copywriting with this information.

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If your business is already on social media, then we will analyze your social network posting to determine which strategies have worked in the past.

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Creative content development: At Solved Puzzle, ha have a team of professional graphic designs dedicated to creating unique content for your social media publications.

We also have videographers, photographers, and editors to make the best quality content for you.

Images can speak a thousand words, but videos speak a million in the world of social media.

Our creative process involves improving your existing content as we create 100% original designs.

All the content we produce will include your brand message, as in everything we publish on your business social networks.

Solved Puzzle is very happy to accommodate all business unique needs. Whether you need a video, post, or animation, we will create custom packages that suit your needs.

Posting Calendar

Social Media Brand Management works better when our agency collaborates with your company team on content creation.

We value your feedback, and we want to deliver the best possible results, but nobody knows your brand better than you and your team.

This is why we provide our clients a posting calendar every month. This calendar will allow you to see the content before it is published.

And during the review phase, you can make suggestions to help us create better content that identifies your brand.

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Social media is currently the most relevant advertising channel. Many people get the need to purchase things just because they saw a product or service on social networks before.

How Social Media Brand Management

can benefit your business

Audience Research: Through audience research, businesses can gather important information about their audience behavior, such as what they look for and who they are. 

We also will research what topics the audience is talking about.

Having this kind of information can help your business be more informed about trending topics to create content that will engage your target audience.

With Audience research, we can determine the number of people who will like your post and analyze what paid ad will be better for your brand.

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Competitive Analysis: Solved Puzzle starts every project with a competitor analysis. The analysis can include metrics such as average engagement with posts, your competitor’s followers in social networks, how often they post, and much more. 

Using this information, we will set up a campaign that will drive you to success. 

In this competitive world, it is essential to know your competition’s weaknesses. 

We will keep a close eye on your competitors during ad campaigns too! By doing this, we will be able to discover what trends they are using. 

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A person using a phone and a laptop- Graphics and charts

Increase sales: we will constantly measure metrics of your social media campaign to provide you reports on your ROI results, so this will track every user that chats, submit a form, or purchases a product. 

By measuring your conversions from social, we can see if the social media campaign is being successful and from which social network is coming.

Using social media conversion statistics, Solved Puzzle will show you that the campaigns are driving positive results and that sales are increasing, that’s to the social media strategies.

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Brand awareness: Did you know that about 3 billion people are using social media?

It means that the best way to reach your target is using social media brand marketing. 

Each social media platform is unique and provides different settings and opportunities for business. At Solved Puzzle, we create unique content that will engage your brand audience.

Our digital marketing team will develop posts that have the essence of your brand, and we will include our brand message in every piece that we create for your campaigns.

Our goal is to deliver the best service as we stay 3 steps ahead of your competitors!

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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