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Social media marketing is all about getting your business an exceptional presence on social media platforms; a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami or anywhere else will be handy to take this challenge. But when it comes to social media marketing we are talking about a complex maze, a puzzle that is almost impossible to solve. Good thing we are in the business of solving puzzles for you and we can help by creating the right social media marketing campaign that will work for your business.

When it comes to social media for your business we are talking about a whole different game than what you do on your personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. When it comes to your business on social media you want every post to provide a return. For your posts to do that they have to be more than just pretty pictures and popular catch phrases. But it is a lot of work and we can help you get it done.

You want to maximize your reach on social media and so you have to optimize planning for the various social media platforms you want to be on. There are many social media platforms and they are always evolving and more are always popping up. So you really need a professional or a team of professionals to adequately and efficiently manage the social media marketing campaign of your company. Professionals can help you with everything from conceptualizing, implementing, designing and sustaining and monitoring your marketing plan. Here at Solved Puzzle we are efficient in managing a number of social media platforms. We have also worked video production in Miami.

About Social Media

You hear the term “social media” a lot these days and it is often used to describe Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter among others but these are the most popular. The phrase is often used in a very vague way and often it is used to describe almost every website. But really, what is social media? This is any means of web based communication that allows you to interact with and share information with others and vice versa. The definition is quite broad but social media is a broad term as well.

Common Features of Social Media

  • User Accounts – any site that allows for the creation of personal user accounts can be considered a social network.
  • Profile Pages – sites that require you to have a profile page including a photograph, a bio/about me section, a feed of recent posts and recent activity.
  • Personalization – along with profile pages there is often the ability to personalize the configuration of your page adding tabs or sections, things for your news feed, things that you wish and not using those you don’t want.
  • Friends/Followers – sites that allow you to connect with friends or to follow them.
  • News Feeds – social media sites usually have newsfeeds, yours is based on the people you follow or are your friends; whoever you are connected to. This information is updated in real time to show the most recent happenings.
  • Notifications – social media sites and apps always allow for notifications. Users most often have the ability to control when they receive notifications and what they are notified of.
  • Information Sharing – these sites offer a means to post, update and save information to a user account and from and to other user accounts as well.
  • Rating/Voting Systems – some sites such as movie review sites and shopping sites depend on ratings and reviews
  • Comment Sections / Like Buttons

Making Social Media Work for You as a Digital Marketing Agency

The Social Media Examiner notes that out of 97% of social media campaigns, 85% of businesses aren’t using the best one for their needs.  Let us help ensure that you are not in that 85% statistic. Let us help you empower your social marketing presence. The truth is that there is no one size fits all solution to media management on the internet. There are some products and services that will work better on some Social Media networks over others. We will ensure that we select the right social network to greatly increase your chances of having a successful media marketing campaign. We can also work local video marketing using methods of segmentation to reach the righ public. Not only will we be selecting the social channels we think are right for you but we will also recommend the goals that you can attain for based on your resources and your needs.

Once your social media platforms are up and running we will make sure we listen to your customers. Social media is more than just an instrument for market research. With information we gather from your customers so we can discern the social media trends and use them to your advantage. This is when we can put your content to work and we will do all the hard work that includes the posting, the distribution and the scheduling to get the best performance. A number of marketing companies in Miami are pretty experienced in this field. You can also look up advertising agencies in Miami.

It is a lot of work to get through the ever evolving social media scene and actually get a return on your investment. We have mastered the landscape and we know how to analyze consumer behavior on the various media channels. We have the solution for all your media marketing, social marketing and media management needs.  We are the agency that can help you to increase your following while going so much further than just a large social media following. We can create the relationship with your following that is meaningful and mutually beneficial for both you and your followers. Social media marketing is a powerful tool if used in the right hands. As a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami we can help improve your awareness, increase your website’s traffic, increase the amount of app installs you are having and generate more overall leads for your business which will mean an increase in profitability and brand awareness.


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