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You need an SEO Services Miami company  for many reasons:

If you have been looking for an SEO services Miami company that helps you improve every aspect of your business website or need to be more visible in search engines, you are in the right place!.

Many people know that their business website needs help with its brand marketing strategies.

Our SEO Services Miami experts will help you find a way to improve your website’s rankings. With the right strategy, tools, and knowledge, our team is the perfect complement.

  • Your business website is not easy to find on search engines like Google.
  • You don’t know why the traffic to your website has recently decreased.
  • Your business incoming calls and leads are not the same as before.
  • You want to start a website from zero and want to launch it to success quickly.
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Do you feel identified with one of these reasons? Then what are you waiting to start working with us? Stop looking and contact our SEO Services Miami team.

We have been providing Search Engine Optimization solutions to solve many problems for companies from all types of industries worldwide. 

By working with us, we guarantee that your business will have positive results like expanding its online presence, website traffic and increasing its leads.

But, what does SEO

mean? And how

does it work?

This practice allows you to make changes to your business online presence, to be more exact to your business website, by making it more attractive to search engines.

Once your website’s online presence is optimized across the internet, you will also boost the website’s visibility.

SEO increases the amount of organic website traffic that you have at no additional cost. This doesn’t include paid media or any additional cost. 

SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of websites to get organic results.

Search engines like Google usually get the most relevant on the first page when someone looks for your company website, brand, product, or service. These are the organic results.

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This means that when someone looks for you on Google or Bing, they will find you on the first page with no problems!

Why Solved Puzzle Miami SEO services are the best investment you can make?

Let’s say that your target audience is using a search engine (like Google) to search for relevant information about your business.

They search and find many results for other brands that are likely probable to fit their needs. 

But if your company’s website content has not been optimized properly. Users will not visit your site. SEO is important to capture the attention of your audience.

This means your online content will not receive the best results if it does not meet the search engine requirements for SEO.

At Solved Puzzle, we recognize that this gap can be a problem for many website owners.

That is why we provide you with effective SEO Services Miami experts to boost your site.

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If your website content is not reaching your business goals, then maybe it is time to take a closer look at your current used Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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Search Engine Optimization works for everybody and will work for your business. In addition, it will save you money when you invest in it. 

Be sure, with us, you will get the best results an SEO services Miami agency can deliver.

Our goal is to provide you with maximum Return Over Investment (ROI) by using all the available tools so your business website reaches the top search result organically.

Is SEO better than

paid advertising?

You don’t know what marketing service you can use to improve your website’s online performance? Work with Solved Puzzle SEO services Miami, and get a customized plan to transform your current site for the better.

Search Engine Optimization usually doesn’t result as fast as pay-per-click (PPC) or other paid media options. This will depend on what are your goals and the campaign strategy employed.

But most times, paid ads and SEO will work together as a strategy to position your website on search engines quickly.

Our SEO services

Keyword Research & strategy:

Solved Puzzle is a company that understands your business niche and will boost your ranking for a determined search term.

Our team of SEO specialists studies the keywords that you are already using and adds additional keywords to create a list to make the most of your website.

Link building:

Don’t use conventional backlinks for your website. By working with us, you will rank higher in search results thanks to our dedicated link building team.

Technical SEO:

By optimizing your page back-end, you can also improve its page speed and rankings. We will find if you have errors on your website, fix them, so it is easier to find them on search engines.

Local SEO:

Did you know that about 64% of customers search for local businesses online? By improving your company’s local Search Engine Optimization rankings, your website will attract more high-intent customers.

We will optimize your Google My Business profile and manage your online reputation to grow your local following.

On-Page SEO:

Improve your online visibility to earn high-quality traffic. At Solved Puzzle, we guarantee that the Search Engine Optimization services we provide align with search engines’ best practices to boost your website performance.

Our team of experts will create and publish unique, valuable content for you, optimize your headlines and HTML tags, and use high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO:

This type of optimization is important to gain brand credibility and increase the website’s online exposure. Partner with us and let us help you to get positive ratings. 

Franchise SEO:

Maximize your brand impact through our marketing services. Our SEO service for franchises contains geo-specific content publications, leverage Nextdoor advertising, and custom web design development.


Shopify SEO:

If you want to expand your market reach and upgrade your online store’s digital presence, our Search Engine Optimization experts offer customer support for urgent needs and concerns when needed.

We also provide you a Shopify SEO audit, Shopify web design, paid ad, and all kinds of services to optimize your customer’s experience. 

Content writing:

We have a team of specialist writers that produce the perfect content for your website. It doesn’t matter if you need blog posts or improve the pre-existing service and add more content to the product page

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Increase your customers’ lifetime value and grow your online revenue. Our SEO company integrates many marketing tools like pay-per-click with Search Engine Optimization services to maximize your business conversion rate opportunities

To help your business grow, Solved Puzzle focuses on these main 3 key areas:

1.  Higher Search Engine Rankings:

The way your brand’s website generates traffic is by being visible on search engine results pages. The most popular results are seen on the first page results.  

Therefore, as they are easily found for the web’s elevated exposure, they will receive more clicks and more traffic.

We look at these pages as your competition, and we want you to win the battle, but how? Our SEO service Miami company will create the best strategies, tools, and trends to get results.

Allow your website to reach the top page results and be more visible to the right audience.

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2. Quality website Traffic:

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Reach the highest rankings with the right keywords is one of the most used strategies that can result in a huge impact on your website, that will receive more traffic as a better quality of traffic.

Every day, millions of millions of people use Google and Bing as search engines to look for products and services that they need, and in some cases, your website will rank for non-relevant information for your business.

The traffic generated from these searches will probably not be quality traffic. This may cause your conversion rates to decrease.

Our SEO service Miami experts will help you highlight the relevant information from your website to attract better traffic to it. The goal is to make your business website a top-ranking result.

This is how it works: the higher it gets the website’s results, the more organic search traffic will get.

3. Measurable Result:

We will track your results and deliver them on a monthly report. Our clients always receive transparency when it comes to the results of our services.

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Our SEO Services Miami company provides

quality services with quality results.

We will share measured results such as increased search engine position, traffic, sources,

custom goals, lead sources, conversion rates, and more! 

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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