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Search engine algorithms are always changing as they are aimed to emphasize and offer a higher ranking to websites that offer high-quality, user-friendly experiences.

That means that for today’s businesses has become essential to have a solid digital foundation.

A solid foundation starts by applying marketing strategies from a Technical SEO service Miami company.

Our technical team will drive your business website the way for digital marketing success.

Paying attention to these details will boost the site’s performance, which is the key to helping your site rank above your competitors.

Solved Puzzle is an SEO Service Miami Agency, and any business can work with us to take their website to the next level.

Your website performance needs to be the best.

For every second of delay in your page load time rate increases, making you lose valuable leads.

Need to improve your website performance and capture high-quality leads and traffic?

With Solved Puzzle technical SEO service Miami agency, this will be possible.

What is Technical
SEO and Why is it

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring your website is compatible with search engine guidelines so that the algorithm can find it without any problems. 

When we perform a technical SEO audit, the main goal is to assess your website’s current SEO.

First thing we do is determine which aspects of your digital marketing strategy you need to improve so your visitors have the best online experience.

Working with a technical SEO service Miami agency such as solved Puzzle is an investment that you should make.

As experts, we know that user demands have changed, and search engines have become more accurate and sophisticated.

Did you know that currently, there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone
users using search engines?

This massive number of smartphone users will increase and has led Google to launch an algorithm update that places more importance on site speed and mobile experience when ranking web pages.

If you have a website with a poor structure, slow page load time, and wrong redirects can be penalized by Google.

When not fixed, these technical SEO issues will result in a steep drop in search rankings and organic traffic, and customers will not be able to find your website.

As the top organic search results receive about 35% of clicks, a drop in ranking can also mean a drop in your business income.

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To offer to the users the best experience, first, you need to understand
what is technical SEO.

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Many important factors are critical to your website’s online performance. In fact, a 10-second page load speed can result in a 123% increase in bounce rate.

Our team of Technical SEO experts will improve every one of these factors to deliver the best result.

Don’t wait until technical SEO issues appear and stop potential customers from visiting your website.

Invest in technical SEO Service Miami company for your site. SEO is used on eCommerce, WordPress, and other content management systems.

Technical SEO Services
for Local Businesses

In this competitive digital field, you’ve to stay on top of the latest technical SEO tactics and algorithm updates to boost your website’s performance. 

Understanding what is technical SEO and what it demands are allows you to ensure your web pages are structured for online users.

Our technical SEO service Miami include :

  • Running a crawl error report
  •  Eliminating duplicate content 
  • Auditing preferred domain
  •  Improving metadata 
  • Checking HTTPS status codes 
  • Checking broken links 
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer
  • Increasing site speed
  • Optimizing a website for mobile 
  • Auditing redirects
  • Performing a Google site search
Google app

You may want to take charge of all the aspects of your business website but understanding the complex requirements and processes of technical optimization SEO on your own while managing your business can take you a lot of your time, money, and resources.

That is why our technical SEO service Miami company is here to help you.

Does your website’s technical on-page SEO bad functionality affect your organic search performance?

Then, let Solved Puzzle Agency do the hard work for you.

How technical SEO service Miami can help my business?

The most searched engine used around the world is Google, this is the first place many online users go when they have a question.

Whether they are looking for products and services or want the latest news about their favorite sports team, Google is their solution.

Reaching the top of those Google results in an organic way has a huge impact on a business. It’s a reliable way to bring in new customers, promote marketing, and campaigns to create brand awareness.

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Desktops showing post designs

An effective Technical SEO strategy will ensure your website a strong foundation making it easy for search engines to find your information.

You have to know that a great technical SEO website is free of duplicate content and broken links with a solid internal linking structure.

How does it related to Search

Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM combines Search Engine Optimization and paid advertising strategies, such as pay-per-click campaigns and social media marketing.

SEO includes many elements, too, such as keyword research and backlinking and content development.

All types of SEM can help your business website reach the right audience by finding clients that are potential buyers of your products or services.

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But your SEM and SEO strategy will only work if you have a strong technical SEO foundation.

Technical SEO Services available

  • Technical SEO Audit:

We perform a complete SEO technical audit to identify and fix your website’s issues.

The audit covers many factors like sites and internal link structure, how fast the page is, and its mobile performance. 

Using the analytics results, our team will develop solutions to improve your visitor’s website experience, leading you to an increase in your Google rankings.

  • Competitor Analysis:

Get a complete overview of what tactics your competition utilizes and use this information to be different.

Our technical SEO professionals evaluate what strategies are your competition’s using these processes to allow us to create different strategies that will provide you with a big advantage.

  • Metadata Analysis:

You will improve your online visibility and get more traffic with meta tags that will describe your page content perfectly to web visitors and search engines.

Solved Puzzle performs technical SEO for WordPress, which involves analyzing and optimizing your meta descriptions. By doing this, we will ensure no misused metadata will interfere with your SEO performance.

  • Image Optimization:

Users are visual, but large images are heavy and may slow down your website performance, and visitors will stop surfing in it because of this.

This service will reduce your site load time, providing a great experience to everyone that visits it, attracting more customers to your business website.

Our specialists will choose the right file format, optimize your alt attributes, reduce the file size of your images, and all kinds of tactics to improve the site’s performance.

  • Speed Optimization:

Page speed is one of the most important factors that visitors notice, to have a slow page speed affects your ranking and your customers’ online experience.

Our technical SEO specialists enable file compression to achieve better performance.

We also will optimize your code, reduce redirects, utilize content distribution networks, leverage browser caching and improve server response time.

  • Structured Data Markup:

One of the many tactics that our team uses is Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to test your markup and diagnose any website issues.

What does this mean? It will be easier for search engines to find, interpret and display your business website content by using schema markup.

  • Keyword Research:

This is one of the keys to your digital marketing strategy. Learn about the current industry trends and consumer behavior to ensure appropriate keyword usage on your website.

Our SEO specialists will study your niche and perform technical SEO audits to determine what is your keyword rankings, this will optimize your website with high-performing search terms.

  • Backlink Analysis:

Deliver the best experience to your website visitors and better understand your website’s online authority and search ranking capabilities with technical SEO for eCommerce. 

By working with us, you will get a professional team to perform backlink analyses and ensure you acquire incoming links from high-authority websites.

  • Penalty Recovery:

Have you ever got hit with a penalty? This can result from following bad marketing practices, or you don’t know the reasons for it. 

To recover from a penalty, you can work with our SEO services Miami experts to identify which type of penalty your website got, assess your current strategies and resolve issues on web pages and content crawled by Google.

  • Website Migration:

Website migration is a delicate process. Many businesses are starting to grow and need new website platforms.

The benefits of working with our team for your migration are:

  • SEO advantages.
  • Grow domain authority.
  • Search performance.
  • Grow mobile audience.
  • Increased engagement

Our team will perform an SEO-friendly website migration, which involves mapping all changed URLs from the old site to the new domain, eliminating duplicate content, updating all internal links, managing 404 pages, and monitoring its performance.

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