What can a San Diego SEO expert do for you?  

The short answers, a San Diego SEO expert can get you to the first page of Google and generate more visits to your site from people looking for your product or service. Once you start receiving this traffic, you will increase the number of leads, sales and brand awareness. 

What services does an SEO expert provide?

They are different plans and packages depending on your needs. However, any SEO expert in San Diego needs to follow these steps:

Website audit

The first step is to analyze your site and define areas of improvement. Most sites need a tune-up in order to improve speed, repair broken links and other bugs.

Competitors audit

Keep your friends close and the data of your competitors closer. In order to define opportunities to get relevant traffic to your website, a San Diego SEO expert must analyze their overall strategy. 

Keyword research

In addition to understanding what your competitors are doing. You will need to select the keywords that can get you more customers. Therefore, the SEO specialist will have to check things such as traffic, competitiveness level and the intent of the user. 

For example, if you are a Dentist. You will like to show on the first page for a keyword such as “Dentist”. However, this keyword might be too competitive and it can take tons of resources and time to get you to the top. 

Therefore, your SEO expert will probably think it’s best for you to use a keyword such as “Dentist San Diego” which can drive local traffic and will take less time for you to get to the first page. 

Define a content marketing strategy

After selecting the best keywords for your business. It’s time to develop strategic content that engages your audience, resolves a problem and uses the right keywords.

Develop a link building strategy

Furthermore, the most important task to succeed in your SEO efforts is Link building. An SEO expert in San Diego needs to make sure to get the word out about your content and company. 

Plus, There are many techniques in the market but the bottom line is that getting authoritative sites in your industry to link to your site in a contextual approach is the most effective and long lasting of all. 

Optimize campaigns

Finally, the good news about digital marketing is that you can measure everything. Plus, your San Diego SEO expert will have to monitor metrics consistently and make data-driven decisions. Some of these decisions can be building content that your audience likes more or building links to a specific page that can get you more clients. 

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