What is a responsive website?

It Is a website designed to display on any device automatically. With the increasing use of mobile technology every day, it is crucial to have a website that is optimized for mobile users.

With a responsive website that automatically moves and adjusts the images, links, and sections depending on which device your customer is on by altering the perspective and size of the screen you’ll impress your buyers and make sure they have a great experience navigating it.

A responsive website makes sure your website is viewed easily and gives an engaging experience to users.

Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop or laptop computer, your website has to adapt and be responsive and friendly on any device. Big screens don’t affect resolution in static websites but on other devices, it might look pixelated and that’s why a responsive website is so important, all the text, images, and links will look good on every screen.

Solved puzzle has experience in responsive web design that can transform static websites into attractive domains and interactive graphics that will be engaging to your customers on any device with all the tools and content you need to exploit your e-commerce.

Your website needs to adapt to the screen of the device you’re using without compromising quality or functionality.

With responsive website technology, all the elements of the website are rearranged in a way that looks engaging to your customers and is comfortable to use no matter what. It also assures the images and text look good on any device. Building a customized and responsive website that reflects the personality and style of your brand, in particular, is now a standard practice to guarantee the professional look of your website.

Earlier on it was necessary for businesses to build a website for PC screens and a mobile version, but with responsive website technology that is no longer necessary. Instead of developing strategies for separate versions of your website now, you have the possibility to integrate the same vision across all platforms.Use this website as an example. You can play around with the size of the browser window or open it up on your phone without compromising the quality or the functionality of the site, this is exactly what a responsive website is.

Impress your visitors with responsive web design

The accessibility and customer-focused approach that allows the design to look good on mobile devices makes your visitors more engaged and prefer your products or services over your competition. In Solved puzzle, we have experience in web design strategies and use the latest technology to assure your website becomes an effective and engaging tool to attract customers to your business.All businesses need to be convenient to their customers, so if they want to buy something fast through a smartphone, they can. People will interact more with your brand if they have easy access to your website’s e-commerce, so you’ll have more possibilities to get a loyal customer.

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Trendy: Customized page development techniques generate new leads but more importantly, they assure the new visitors of your website are there for the right reasons. Our main focus is to develop a mobile device-friendly responsive website to be able to catch on to the market as it shifts to mobile-first design without compromising the website as a whole. With the help of an engaging website, we will surely get your visitors to navigate your site but also take action in whichever way you want.

Cutting-edge practices: In Solved puzzle, we use the latest technology to develop functional and beautiful websites that are visible on every device. We have experience with the latest coding technology to develop an effective and dynamic website that responds to your necessities.

Right in your hands: Any device, anywhere. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or pc, responsive website design is versatile to your customers so all the information, images, and links will be able to be displayed.

We always strive to provide you the best quality service so your website can do that for your customers as well. Your website will lay out the best browsing experience combining on-brand design, valuable content, and easy navigation to give users what they are looking for while being able to swap around different devices.

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Nowadays people are using different ways of browsing the web, this is causing different screen sizes to appear, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, and even more portable devices such as smartwatches. Your website needs to adapt to each screen no matter which device your customer is using to assure the purchase of your services or products.

Business owners need to adapt their content to fit the common practices of their possible customers. With people constantly moving between devices, it is important to assure the comfort of their purchases.

Responsive design technology allows your website to adapt to each screen size, rather than creating a website for different screen sizes. Responsive websites are a cost-effective way to ensure a friendly user experience.

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Why do I need a responsive website?
Consumers use and visit websites in portable devices like cell phones and tablets more now than ever before. Many customers prefer purchasing things online on their smartphones.
Will My Website Work on Every Device?
Not only consumers prefer responsive websites but also search engines such as Google, which means if you have a responsive website it will appear higher on results when your possible buyers search for a product or service you offer.
Why do I need a responsive website to build my online presence?

Each one of our website design projects starts with our creative director and account manager making sure to understand your goals. We don’t use templates or pre-made designs, we provide each one of our website design Miami clients with multiple mock-ups and ideas until they are 100% satisfied with the final result.

Why do I need a responsive website company?
In Leo Barros, we take the time to get to know your brand and line of business to create a design that aligns with your brand’s personality but stands out from the competition.
What it’s the process to get there?
First, we want to get to know your business to make sure we design a website that is a fit for your brand. Then we will design a mockup so you know how it all will look and approve the overall style and at that point, we will get to develop the code so it fits every screen you need.

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