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If you own a business in the Miami area or anywhere for that matter, the primary reason you set up that business is to make profit and grow. At least that’s the reason why I would set up a business. If you’ve never heard about or taken advantage of internet marketing Miami, then you surely are missing out on a huge growth potential.

What Is Internet Marketing Miami?

Internet marketing Miami or online marketing is simply advertising your business, product or services using the internet as your medium. There is a traditional means of advertising or putting the word out about your business which is also called mass marketing. This includes the use of print media like newspapers, magazines, fliers etc.

It also includes adverts on television, radio and of course the ever trust worthy word of mouth. This is what the business world was accustomed to until the internet revolution hit the scene. The internet brought with it a totally new way of advertising.

Without doubt, internet marketing Miami is one thing that no business can succeed without today. For emphasis, I repeat that NO BUSINESS CAN SUCCEED WITHOUT INTERNET MARKETING TODAY! Internet marketing takes different forms and we will look at them further down the line.

Benefits of Internet Marketing Miami

Why is internet marketing so important? Why am I sure no business can succeed without it in today’s reality? What are the benefits arising from internet marketing? Why should your business be actively involved in internet marketing?

There are clear benefits of internet marketing that have been proven over and over again. Let’s look at some of these:


Top of the benefits of internet marketing is its affordability. Internet marketing is within the reach of everyone. This is unlike traditional or mass media which can be very expensive and out of the reach of many small businesses,

You can spend as little as $100 or as much as $10, 000 000. It all depends on your capacity and budget. So whether you are a small business with a very low budget or you’ve not even started but want to start, you can start immediately with what you have.

To put this in perspective, a study was carried out and published on Moz. This report showed that some social media adverts (on Facebook) which is a part of internet marketing costs about 1% of what you will pay for traditional television adverts.

Get this, $1 spent on Facebook advertising will reach about 4000 potential customers. Yes, just $1. Of course there are a few other things to consider to maximize the $1 but at least you can get the picture. Internet marketing Miami is so affordable that everyone can afford it. That’s how affordable it is.

Precise Audience Targeting

Another beauty of internet marketing is its precision. When you place a traditional advert, say on television or radio, your targeting is at best guesswork. That’s one reason why it’s called mass marketing.

In mass marketing you just blast your message and hope some people find it interesting or useful. This is not so with internet marketing Miami. With internet marketing, you can target the precise demography you want to reach with your message or product.

Say for example you sell family insurance. You can set your adverts to appear only to middle age men and women who are married and have young families. You would not bother to target teenagers or older couples who may not be open to changing their family insurer.

The main challenge is deciding the exact demography that is your target audience. Once you have done this, it is very easy to target just this group with your message. This precision of course means your adverts are very effective and therefore whatever cost you incur is money very well spent.

Precise Reporting

Nothing helps a business like reporting. Without proper reporting you cannot know what is going on in your business. With mass marketing, you cannot tell the exact result your marketing effort yielded.

In many cases, without further survey, you will not be able to tell how people came to your business. Whether through your television advert, your radio advert or other media. You also will not know how many came through any of these channels, or if they were attracted by the signage in front of your business place.

With internet marketing, you can monitor and know exactly where your customers are coming from. It can be so precise that you can tell which exact campaign (if you are running multiple campaigns) is bringing the most traffic.

For example, if you are running multiple advert campaigns on Facebook for the same product or service but with different graphics, color combinations and content, you can tell which is making the most impact.

Needless to say, knowing this will help you save cost by discontinuing adverts that are not making impact. You can then focus on those that are really bringing in the traffic. It will also give you an insight into how to prepare an advert that will make maximum impact.

Easy Diversification

In traditional mass media, the most successful campaigns make use of all available media to disseminate their message.  More people will be reached when this is done. This however is something that only the “Big Boys” can do because of the huge cost involved.

With internet marketing, everyone can diversify their marketing and advertising campaigns. You can combine multiple strategies and platforms without incurring enormous cost. If you add the issue of precise reporting above, you will see that you can also monitor which strategies are working best and focus on those.

Easy Tweaking

One of the benefits of precise reporting is that you can see in real time the results of each of your campaigns. If anyone is not working as you want it to, you can stop it temporarily or permanently. You can also tweak it and restart it in a few minutes  that is if you do not want to discontinue it all together.

Let’s look at this same issue with traditional mass media. You put up an advert campaign on television, radio, newspapers etc. For some reason, you need to make some adjustments to the adverts. First, you will need to stop your entire campaign on that media or across board depending on what you want to tweak.

Aside from having to stop everything, you may also need to spend precious time on video re-shoots or re-editing, music re-editing or re-recording, graphics redesign etc. all these with its attendant costs.

Let’s look at a particular example. Hennes & Mauritz AB (better known as H & M) a Swedish international clothing-retail company recently released a campaign for their hoodie line for children. The words on one of the hoodies in context with the boy who modeled it sparked off international outrage.

In an immediate response to this, the company pulled down all the adverts for that particular hoodie online and discontinued its sale. It then went further to issue a quick apology all online.

Assuming they have a television advert running with this same line featuring all the models including the offending one, how will they fix it?

They will first have to stop the ads, go back to the studio to edit the video before sending it back for resumption of airing. Depending on how quickly the edit is done, this could take a day or two or even more.

Easy Data Collection

Every business wants to collect data to help it improve its services and products. Traditionally, businesses rely on surveys to get this data. With internet marketing Miami, it is very easy to collect extensive data.

If you are selling a product online, you automatically collect the data of anyone who makes a purchase from your website. This data can help you do a number of things.

With the data, you can know the kinds of products a customer buys which will then enable you send promotions for similar products to them via email. It can also help you understand the demography that purchases a particular product the most so you can target your adverts for that product at that demography.

There are different ways to collect data online and these help you personalize your dealings with each customer.

Easy Global Reach

Not everyone wants to have a global presence because of the kind of business they run. However, if you offer a product that you want to make available to a global audience, internet marketing Miami makes it very easy.

From wherever you are, you can easily target the entire world or some specific locations. It’s all a choice that is made easy. With internet marketing Miami, you can decide to target only the Miami area, concentrating all your efforts in this area.

This puts the choice of your marketing reach totally in your control and at a cost effective rate too.

Instant Transaction and Quick Service

Internet marketing offers a simple platform for quick service and instant transactions. Everything that happens online happens automatically. Businesses can therefore attend to millions of customers at the same time. Despite this, every customer also receives individual attention.

Online payment processors make it easy for transactions to be carried out globally without stress. This is great for both seller and buyer as both parties can transact their businesses from anywhere without having to appear physically at a sales point.

Round The Clock Service

The internet never closes for the day neither do the transactions that occur on it. Every second, every  minute, every hour of everyday customers can carry out transactions online. These transactions include purchases, payments and more.

Internet marketing Miami is automated so you do not need to stay with it every second. You set it up and it runs with some basic maintenance every now and then. This is the real beauty  of it all.

Improved Customer Relationship

As a result of some of the factors already listed above, internet marketing Miami provides  a wonderful platform to develop and maintain a personalized relationship with your customers and clients.

With certain tools like email marketing, you can make each of your customers and clients feel like they are the only ones you are attending to. Internet marketing really crowns the customer the king that s/he is.

In social media which is also a part of internet marketing you can relate with your customers. You hear what they have to say and responding to them quickly. It is very easy to feel the pulse of the people and know exactly how they feel about either your product or an issue.

Internet Marketing Miami Never Expires

Once your slot or time is over in traditional mass marketing, the campaign stops. This goes for television, radio and other mass marketing media. For it to continue, you have to continue to pay for them to run.

Well, it’s a bit different with internet marketing Miami. Content marketing is one important aspect of internet marketing. This is at the heart of internet marketing. It deals with the content that is used to educated and promote your products and services directly or indirectly.

The contents will always remain online after they have been published. The more quality content you have on the internet, the more backlinks you have to your website. This also means you will have more authority with search engines.

Those contents you posted years back can easily come up in a search query in 2018. Your business will continue to benefit whenever any visitor to your site access the information. This means that so long as you are still in that business, all your content on the internet will keep working for you. At least as long as the internet remains.

Important Aspects of Internet Marketing Miami

We have spent so much time enumerating some of the benefits of internet marketing Miami. The aim is for you to understand exactly how important it is. We will now try to explain some aspects of internet marketing Miami.


These mean Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Search engine optimization is a series of strategies and techniques used to tweak your website so it ranks high on search engines like Google.

It does not all happen on your website but also off your website. On-page SEO happens on your website while off-page SEO happens off your website. Now the two have to work together to improve the  ranking of your website.

Search engine marketing on the other hand is basically a paid variation of SEO. It involves paying search engines like Google to have ads placed on them. This is like a shortcut but does not have a long lasting effect like SEO does. Once you stop paying, your adverts stop showing.

You should use these two to get both long term and short term results.

Content Marketing

We’ve already mentioned this some above. The truth is that without content there will be no internet and of course no internet marketing Miami. That is why internet marketers will tell you that content is king.

Content can be in text, audio or video forms. For best results, internet marketers combine different types of content to send their message. The idea behind content marketing is to deliver value to your potential customers. As a result of the value they receive from you, they will eventually choose to do business with you.

Content marketing is also the aspect of internet marketing that will continue to yield results for many years to come.

Social Media Marketing

Nothing has changed the world like social media since after the invention of the internet. To know how powerful social media is, check this out. A report showed that in the third quarter of 2017, Facebook had about 2.07 billion active monthly users. U.S alone has about 240 million active users.

Read this article to get a clearer picture: Social Media Marketing Miami – Business Growth Made Easy. Social media is such a powerful tool that even countries are afraid of its effect. This is one of the core areas that internet marketing Miami exploits to propagate a message.

Remember above we noted that with $1, you can reach about 4000 people on Facebook. Now when you add sharing which further spreads the content, you can’t really say how many people a post can actually reach. It really is a powerful tool.

Pay Per Click Advertising

When we wrote about SEM above we explained that it is a paid version of SEO. It is also a type of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Many businesses use PPC to drive their online Ads. The example of the Facebook Ad we mentioned above is an example of a PPC Ad.

In this type of Ad, you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad. It can be very effective when used correctly. The best result is achieved when PPC is used along with other aspects of internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one very effective aspect of internet marketing Miami. Traditionally, companies pay their sales representatives commissions to market their products. With internet marketing, you can get any number of sales representatives you want.

Every person with a website can be an affiliate for a company, selling their products for a small percentage of each sale. The representatives are managed automatically. This means that the company does not have to physical handle this aspect.

Considering that there are over 1 billion websites on the internet with more than 4.6 billion web pages, a business can generate massive sales by making use of affiliates to market their products or services.

Email Marketing

This is one of the most effective tools for nurturing and maintaining customers. If you understand email marketing and use it effectively, your business is sure to grow. This is because you will have customers who trust and are loyal to your brand.

This all starts with a list building process. This can come from a link in one of your contents, a landing page on one of your web pages, or an offer. You get people to subscribe to your email list by offering them something of some value. From this, you can then cultivate them until they become paying customers.

How Do I Start Internet Marketing Miami?

You can get started easily. However to really harness all the aspects of internet marketing so they work together to grow your business, you need to know what you are doing.

It is for this reason that many businesses rely on experts to help them handle this all-important aspect of marketing. You will find sufficient material online if you want to learn on the job. If however you will rather begin to get results immediately, go ahead and let a company with the necessary experience handle it for you.

Who Can Handle Internet Marketing Miami?

Ideally, any digital marketing company should be able to handle your internet marketing for you. Since this is a big deal today, many companies now claim to have all kinds of experience in internet marketing. You should choose a company that can really get the job done. This is should be your focus..

For businesses in the Miami area, your internet marketing can be professionally and expertly handled by us at Solved Puzzle. We have the knowledge, the experience, and skill to handle every aspect of your internet marketing Miami.

As a media company, we also offer the best of video and graphics design for your Ads and content marketing. We have already noted above that this is a critical part of internet marketing. With us handling your internet marketing for you, you can rest assured, knowing that you will reap the full benefits of internet marketing as listed above and even more.

There is no need to delay. Get in touch with us right away and we can start off with a free consultation. We will guide you through the process and help you design the best strategies for your particular business.

Let us help you take advantage of internet marketing Miami today.

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