Dimark Garage Doors

Boosting a Garage Door Repair Company


Dimark Garage Doors faced the challenge of standing out in the competitive garage door repair market. The company needed to increase its visibility and drive more sales through online channels.

The Solution

Our agency developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Dimark Garage Doors that included:

SEO: We optimized the company’s website to improve its search engine rankings, targeting keywords relevant to garage door repair services to attract more organic traffic.

Google Ads: We implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign to reach potential customers actively searching for garage door repair services, aiming to convert high-intent traffic into sales.


The combined SEO and Google Ads strategy delivered impressive results:

  • Sales increased by an average of 20% month-over-month, maintaining profitability over two years.
  • Organic traffic to Dimark Garage Doors’ website surged by 554% within six months, significantly boosting the company’s online visibility.
  • The number of leads generated increased by 375% in just three months, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted advertising and SEO enhancements.


The success of Dimark Garage Doors highlights the impact of a well-executed digital marketing strategy in a niche market. By leveraging both SEO and Google Ads, we were able to significantly increase the company’s online presence, drive substantial traffic, and, most importantly, achieve sustained sales growth.


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