Pay Per Click Campaign Management

How it works.

Pick the words to appear on the first page of Google or Bing.
Pay only when somebody clicks on your ad.
Make adjustments to add more dollars to your bottom line.
Pay per click campaigns are fairly simple to explain. Somebody clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount for that click, and depending on what your competitors are bidding (plus, other variables) the cost per click will be cheaper or more expensive. The opportunity is to create a strategy to use the budget efficiently, select the right keywords and bid at the right time. We have managed a large array of e-commerce, lead generation, and customer acquisition campaigns. Start turning those clicks into customers with the help of our specialists.

Google and Bing Search Ads

These are the ads that show up when you do a specific search such as “Dentist Near me”

Google Shopping Ads

These are the ads that show up when you are looking for people to buy products online.

Google and Bing Display Ads

These ads are located on websites that partnered with Google and Bing.

YouTube Ads

These ads show when somebody is watching videos on YouTube. (In this case you pay per view. For example, you could Pay $10 for 1000 views)

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