There’s an annual convention for Facebook developers to show their latest improvements for the app and network that millions of people use every day. The event has brought to light the future features that will eventually be available for users all around the globe.

We want you to let you know in advance of the upcoming features so here we list what’s been attracting more interest

Facebook changes and improvements

  1. Augmented reality

More and more apps are trying to include this augmented reality as a treat for their users; probably because it seems like a futuristic vision. And Facebook won’t make any exception. Everybody knows who’s the biggest competition on this matter (Snapchat). Here we quote one of the impressions and examples that were presented at the convention. This is what the feature will do. One example of AR feature within Facebook app showed a tie-up with Manchester United in which live scores, statistics, and ticker-tape was slickly added over smartphone footage of fans celebrating in a bar. That sounds like a pretty realistic AR effect. Let’s wait for it!

  1. Messenger improvements

There are a few new integrations which include a wider possibility of interaction with the outside world. Things like being able to order food, make hotel reservations, dinner reservations, buy tickets for gigs everything with the purpose of not leaving the app. There was one that made me especially curious. I’m a big fan of music; I just can’t help it. I also love to share my discoveries with friends.  A Spotify integration would make that sharing part easier than ever! You will be able to drop songs into group chats and listen to the song at the same time with the group participants. Isn’t that awesome?


Granting more communication possibilities

  1. Using VR environments with friends

VR exclusive glasses for Facebook will allow you to virtually “hang out” with friends placing you in a world not entirely habited by your friends using cartoony avatars, also to play games, share photos, take selfies and so on. Also, the chance of making real video calls. It’s going to be like a fancy Skype call. Maybe it will still ruin the actual hang out, but not all of our friends are in a visiting distance. In that scenario seems a little optimistic.


  1. Workplace

I’m not familiarized with this Facebook feature, but it is meant to help on the improvement of productivity of any business. Seems worth to check it out and see how it works. By the end of the year, there’ll be a full premium version offering better admin tools.

This a little of a glance of what’s going to change the way we interact with Facebook. To sum up, I would like to say that Social media networks can be helpful and a little of a burden at the same time. It’s good to learn how to use them wisely and not letting them rule our daily lives. Yes, they’re convenient but if misused nothing good will come from it. Always take the best from them and throw away what’s harmful.



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