Shopping: in the eye of neuromarketing online

neuromarketing online

Most of us spend a large percentage of our day browsing the internet and social networks. We always have that itch to look what is going on trying not to miss a thing. This daily activity is not meant for relaxation purposes only, but also for a little more serious business, like shopping for groceries, clothing, pay the bills or even find the right partner. It’s time to talk very seriously about neuromarketing online

neuromarketing online

The Internet wasn’t meant to focus on a specific activity, but many. We’ve also heard things like: “if you’re not on Google or Social Media, you’re nobody.”  Although on a personal note, we could say that, to be famous on the Internet, it’s like being rich monopoly. But seriously, we have adopted browsing habits that are changing our lives and making easier a lot of activities.

Learning about shopping behaviours in neuromarketing online

Some brands understand this. Our shopping behaviors are not the same in a physical store than in an online one. In a physical store, we find human connections with vendors and other customers. We also tend to last longer in online stores as we don’t have that social pressure of having someone watching if you’re going to buy something or not.

Furthermore, brands have certain pressure on their own as well. A couple of bad reviews on their social media pages is enough for other customers to enter and refrain from buying something from them (or at least give them the benefit of doubt).

So let’s talk about Neuromarketing online; such a critical tool in the field. Examining the brain of the customers and what they really really want. We can recognize graphics points the user finds interesting or relevant while browsing a page offering products or services. Not a single detail go unnoticed, giving us enough elements to determine what the customers really want.

Both kinds of stores have pros and cons. As business owners its important to understand the differences between them. Learning what can be done to improve our businesses is important too. By doing this, we will surely improve the shopping experience for our customers, and our selling experience. Something that we have been able to interpret as a cause of neuromarketing online

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