The mindset behind the perception of red

Unlike dogs, we see the world so full of colors. Thousands of colors fill our life every day. Each person usually has a favorite color that might say something about their personalities, and attitudes. We can even learn how the brain perceives this stimulus, and today we want to talk about the red color.

red color psychology

In a life full of colors

Color psychology strives to understand these different stimuli produced by colors. Also associates each one with different aspects of daily life. It is also important to keep in mind that colors and their meanings can change depending on your culture or your country of origin.

For this Christmas season, we saw the red color as a predominant element in decorations, ball ornaments, or hats. Even with so many other colors, we could always think first about red when thinking about Christmas decorations.

Red as in passion

But without talking about the scientific or psychologic findings of this color, I think we all perceive it as a color of passion, love, and energy.

Red is considered to be one of the colors of fire, and it’s part of the warm colors palette. It’s also known as the color of blood and war. The Greeks assigned this color to the god of war “Ares” in their mythology because it represents the blood “boiling” when in anger. Furthermore, it denotes warning and danger; that’s why we find it in safety and traffic signs.

The psychological and symbolic effect of the color of blood also has a positive point of view, where it also represents strength, life, desire, and vitality. In some countries, it represents prosperity and fortune, as in the case of China.

Historical info:
♦ St. Nicholas or Santa Claus wears red because the historical Saint Nicholas was the bishop of Myra, who lived around AD 300-350. During this time bishops used red (No, it wasn’t Coca-Cola’s idea).

♦ Hindu women wear red dresses to their wedding ceremonies this is the sacred color of Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of beauty and wealth.

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