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Mobile App Maintenance is a fundamental need for all mobile apps out there.

In the last few years, mobile app maintenance has become very important since there has been an extreme increase in mobile devices.

Once mobile application development started to be a matter of business, it started a new era for businesses by connecting with their customers through a new channel.

Having a mobile app as an extension to your business brings you to the platform of an ever-changing market, and if you don’t keep up with its speed, you will lose the competition.  

The mobile app journey doesn’t end when it launches so that people can download it. Therefore, you need to monitor its performance regularly to ensure the long-term success of the app.

Our Mobile App Maintenance services help you keep going with the current market trends and meet your consumer needs and expectations.

With the continuous rise of mobile apps as technology updates, Mobile App Maintenance becomes essential to keep a high-performing app.

Customers are constantly searching for engaging with their favorite companies through applications that go beyond the utilitarian experience.

If you don’t want your users to stop using your app to go somewhere else, you need to keep the availability of your mobile app with uninterrupted applicability.

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At Solved Puzzle, we provide complete Mobile App Maintenance for all types of apps across many platforms. With a team of experts, we will make your application more efficient to achieve your business goals.

What is Mobile App Maintenance?

When talking about Mobile App Maintenance, we refer to various procedures that experts perform on apps to ensure a smooth and bug-free app optimized to run on any device.

Keep in mind that a successful mobile app is not the one with a high number of downloads.

A successful mobile app has many users that actively use it and a high retention rate.

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Almost 52% of mobile apps are uninstalled by users in the first three months of the app launch.

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This usually because companies are not aware of the main importance that app maintenance has. Apps will always require regular maintenance to enhance the user experience and keep them engaged.

 No matter how well designed your app is, there is always a new update that the app will need to keep running smoothly.

At Solved Puzzle, our team of professionals will help you with the best app mobile maintenance service by adding new features and make your company stand out from the competition.

Why Mobile App Maintenance is   important?

Technologies change and are fastly evolving, and mobile apps are susceptible to these effects. A non-updated mobile app can cause it to become obsolete.

For example, new gadgets/trends appear every year, causing changes in the frameworks that support mobile applications.

Also, the language structure that developers use to create applications is under these changes.

Mobile applications are also prone to be affected by security changes that emerge every year.

Therefore, constant maintenance of your business mobile application is crucial.

If no maintenance is considered, there will be a high risk of failing to adjust to recent updates while the competition stays one step ahead.

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App maintenance is needed for some reasons such as:

  • New Mobile OS version.
  • UI/UX new trends required.
  • Security updates.
  • New features are introduced by companies like fingerprint scanning or face recognition.

Types of Mobile App  Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance: The emergency aspect of maintenance is the one that takes care of all the sudden problems and errors that may arise in the system and need immediate intervention.

Whenever your company is in an unpredictable but critical situation, you may need emergency maintenance, as with your mobile app.

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Perfective Maintenance: As your company targets users to use the app, some new user requirements are discovered.

Perfective maintenance is the one that is applied to improve an app’s performance.

Perfective maintenance involves functional modifications in the source code, so your mobile app can provide active app users with the best user experience.


Adaptive Maintenance: This type of maintenance becomes important when changes to the software are made.

It is concerned with updating the system so it can adapt to changes made in the software environment.

When we talk about the environment, we refer to the influences and working conditions, which can impact the application’s system.

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Preventive Maintenance: This essentially focuses on reducing and eliminating errors in your mobile app.

Preventive maintenance helps to prevent app deterioration while adapting to recent changes. This type of maintenance can include many tasks to optimize your mobile app.


Benefits of Mobile  App Maintenance

Protection from bugs and errors: solving any existing bugs at the right time is crucial for correct Mobile App Maintenance.

Apps regularly have contact with corruptive bugs and errors.

Bugs can affect your app’s operations by exploiting any vulnerability or even get to steal personal credentials and bank details from your users.

With many businesses turning to mobile apps, many operations happen digitally, and without proper maintenance, the app can present errors.

But with our Mobile App Maintenance service, your app will always be free of bugs that can help unfailingly.

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Reviewing and testing: It is very convenient to test and review mobile apps.

There are four aspects that all apps need to pass. These are: quality, quality, speed, and attention.

Our team will perform a variety of usability tests, functional and responsive tests across many different devices to assure the high performance of the app, so it earns positive reviews.

Business functionality: This is an important benefit because it helps the app owners to relax because meanwhile, they are working to keep running the business.

We will deliver an app that runs smoothly to harmonize with users, the workforce, and business transactions.

A fluid business functionality helps turn the users into loyal customers, which also drives business to success.

Optimized interface: A high performing mobile application needs to stay updated with the constant requirements of new features on smartphones

By maintaining an updated and optimized interface, your customers will keep using it to know more about your company.

Why Do You Need A Mobile App Maintenance Agency?

Smartphones are not like other development platforms. Companies are continuously launching new phone models with new characteristics and new OS.

Customers every day become more and more demanding. It is never enough, there is always something new, and people need to be updated.

There is a mix between innovation changes, and new use attributes that cause mobile applications to experience changes at a much higher rate of progress than web or desktop applications.

Many gadget markers and big companies usually start these progressions like Apple or Google, and these constant changes cant be controlled.

It’s outside the ability to control application developers.

Here are some regular mobile platform changes:

  • New equipment: Gadgets are always evolving, and new devices regularly turn out every year.

  • New working framework form: your application’s essential framework needs to keep running optimally change altogether every year.

  • New programming dialect form: This is the linguistic structure that mobile app developers use to build your application.

  • New styles and plans: User Interface styles transform to improve user experience and make the apps crisp and exploit new advances.

  • New library forms: The libraries and conditions that designers utilize to create your unique application are constantly changing every year.

  • New use designs:   The nature of your customer base might change from year to year.
  • Infrastructure changes: The structure that supports your applications might make updates every year to keep relevant, and you need to keep going with these changes.
  • Security changes:  Part of the application might be affected if security changes occur.
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It would be great if all these changes were set aside and happened only at a determined time every year.

But, actual distinctive changes happen at various stages of the year, and many take place without caution.

 Without active and continuous maintenance of your application, it won’t adjust to the mentioned progressions.

This means that if your mobile app does not have constant maintenance, it adjusts to the progressions. It is just a matter of time until your application stops working.


You don’t know what type of maintenance your mobile app needs?


At Solved Puzzle, we will help you find the best strategies to set up a plan to fix your app to have maximum performance.

We will deliver you the best Mobile App Maintenance service.

Let us know what you need, and we will find the way to create the perfect solution!


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