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Today, business demands are transformed into mobile applications based on advanced technological practices when well-development occurs, and they provide great user experiences to the customers.

People’s demands are always changing. With the arrival of smartphones, users want feature-rich solutions that connect to the latest technologies such as location information & mapping, video, and real-time notifications.

The real challenge to meet user demands emerges with various devices and iOS versions to develop a new mobile app. 

Developing mobile apps that suit all devices needs advanced technology implementation by professionals.

We have a team of experts capable of dealing with any app development requirements that you may have and deliver but the best solutions. 

By working with us, you will get Mobile App Development services that cover anything you may need, from UI/UX design to mobile application testing and deployment.

Our mobile app development Miami team always has the latest updates about the responsive methodology to develop mobile apps that can be used from any device.

We believe in delivering a solution that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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It doesn’t matter what you need, and we can help you by enhancing an existing app or create a new one. Let’s start your project now!

We also will help you decide when choosing between a native or hybrid.

This way, we work with the right software to perform perfectly regardless of platform or device.

What is Mobile App

Development About?

Mobile App Development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device.

The mobile development process involves many tasks such as creating installable software bundles, implementing backend services, and testing the application performance on devices.

Developer team working on a mobile app

How Can a Mobile App

Development Boost Your Business?

Running a business can be a challenging job. To keep a business running means you are constantly working to attract new clients with new products or services, but you also need to keep your current clients happy. 

A mobile app can help many things by reaching a wider audience, attracting new customers, and increasing customer engagement.

People are always using their mobile devices, so connecting through a device that they use every day by an app is the most convenient way to make them aware of your brand.

Boost your business with a Mobile App Developer Miami Company like Solved Puzzle.


Attract more customers with our Mobile App developer Miami services.

With an app that delivers a great user experience, you will get to boost your business and increase revenue.

Why is it important to develop an app

for my business?

A mobile app that brings solutions to your customers’ needs can help your business grow quickly.

Consumers are attached to their phones. Approximately U.S. people check their phones 96 times per day, and that number continues to increase each year.

Once customers download your app, they will constantly remind your brand because they’ll keep seeing the icon on their phones every time they use it.

Mobile apps are the perfect marketing tools. If you have an online store, giving your customers the option to shop from their mobile will surely increase your revenue. 

Notifications about relevant information that your customers will be attracted to keep them updated about new products and services.

App developer drawing an app idea

Many consumers use their free time or wait in line at the grocery store to hop onto their phones and make a quick purchase.

Reach your customers on

iPhone and Android

Developing a mobile app requires many details. It is a tricky process, and it needs to be optimized so the app can be used on many different devices.

Most of the devices consumers use are iPads, iPhones, and Android, so a one-size-fits-all app isn’t possible.

Our experienced team of Mobile App Developer Miami experts will build a creative mobile app that will run flawlessly across various devices.

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When creating a mobile app, the first concern is the user interface. It has to be user-friendly if your business is eCommerce consumers need an interface that quickly finds what they are looking for and checks out easily.

Coding is critical to achieving success because the whole app depends on it. If the app has the wrong coding, it will crash.

Our team of Mobile App Development Miami experts will build the app you need.

Working with us means working with the best professionals that will deliver you an app that runs on all devices to reach more people.

Advantages Of Custom

Mobile App Developer Miami Services

Our Mobile App Development Miami services have become popular for those businesses who want to keep growing.

Mobile technology is now more attached to all aspects of people’s day-to-day lives.

We at Solved Puzzle have been delighting clients by providing custom Mobile App Development services that deliver high-performing apps that meet their business requirements.

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Whether native or hybrid apps our team of developers uses the latest platforms and agile development model to build custom apps that get you the maximum return on your investment.

If you choose us to work together on your app project you will certainly make the best decision and will have some advantages as:

Better visibility: Smartphones have completely changed people’s day-to-day lives. Turning to mobile helps businesses increase visibility and bring value to their customers.

Our custom Mobile App Developer experts can help your business set up long-lasting relationships with customers by being always present in an app format.

No matter where they are, they will connect with you.

A growing company without an engaging app risks missing out on a big and valuable market segment. Apps are an easy way to engage with customers, and users usually see brands without apps as failing to keep up with modern trends.

A person using a tablet

A mobile app is a powerful tool for building stable connections to keep in touch with consumers for any company.

New revenue channels: With smartphones being available for everyone, consumers’ needs have changed, and they want them to be satisfied on the go.

These needs include purchasing goods and ordering services through a quick and easy-to-use channel that can be at their fingertips.

Developing a mobile application to get to more people is a wise investment.

A custom mobile application will provide a higher ROI and can also increase conversion rates.

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A custom Mobile App Development agency like Solved Puzzle can help your business establish a new revenue channel by reaching thousands of customers worldwide.

Increased customer engagement: A high-performance mobile app helps users access your products and services quickly.

It also allows businesses to engage more with their customers by putting their offerings at their fingertips.

An application that leads to regular customer-business interactions can help companies boost customer loyalty. 

Mobile app developer Miami services allow companies to send push notifications to their customers and offer valuable rewards to use their apps regularly.

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Our Mobile App Developer Miami Services:

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App Strategy

We have an Application Strategy team that is focused on bringing alignment between our clients and the overall goals of the application, their business needs, and their choice of technologies.

Our team evaluates various mobile platforms and frameworks to choose the best option that suits our client’s requirements. We also conceptualize the mobile app lifecycle.

The result of this is but a clear Application strategy & roadmap report.

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User interface and user experience are a must on mobile apps.

The UI/UX expectations are high when it comes to mobile apps, and they need the best creative designing and development team to get the best user approach.

At Solved Puzzle, we have a dedicated UI / UX Designers team with both consumer & enterprise focus.


At our Mobile App Development services company, we provide services that include Mobile App Development, design, and testing across various platforms. 

Our skilled developers have implemented various mobile apps using mobile implementation methodology, resulting in high-performing and solid mobile apps.

At Solved Puzzle, we can do it all for clients, from developing Native Mobile Apps, Hybrid Mobile apps to Mobile web apps.

Whether are your needs, if you need Mobile App Development services for a new business app or an existing app, Solved Puzzle takes full responsibility for delivering you the results expected.


We perform end-to-end testing of mobile apps. Our team can also carry out Manual/ Automated and compatibility testing!

We will make server performance tests and on-device performance of your mobile app and security testing to make sure we deliver the perfect mobile app.

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We also have a mobile app maintenance service across many platforms that will support you with Feature extensions, Operational Level Support,  and performance enhancements. 

Regardless of the Platform, we can help you with all maintenance functions for any devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows, or Blackberry.

At Solved Puzzle, we have the best Mobile App Developers Miami experts Whether your needs are, we are here to help you get a quality service that will deliver you a mobile app that performs perfectly no matter the device.

If you want to expand your brand and create an app that engages customers, you are in the right place.

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