Marketing companies in Miami can help your business give that boost to widen the gap between costs and revenue. They can provide laser-targeted exposure that attracts people who are more likely to be interested in the great thing that you have to offer. Besides, a company can have the best product, but that doesn’t mean anything if no one knows about it. Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of planning, determining the overall success or failure of your product or service. A poorly-planned or implemented marketing campaign can even hurt your sales. At the same time, a great campaign can widen your audience, as well as improve brand recognition and public perception.

However, you won’t have it overnight. This comes because of hours of research, conceptualization, and hard work. Here at Solved Puzzle, we treat each product like a precious gem. You don’t just throw it out to the wolves to ‘appreciate.’ You prepare every detail of its presentation to the deep-pocketed public. Yes, there are many approaches that you can try. But how sure are you that any of it will work? Like the smart businessman that you are, you can take it to the experts and let them do the dirty work. It makes sense on both the economic and accounting perspectives.

The Nature of Marketing Companies

Marketing companies in Miami like Solved Puzzle are in the business of helping your business grow. We don’t add to the intrinsic value of what you have to offer. Instead, we amplify your voice so that you can be heard even in the most saturated market. We think of innovative ways for you to say “BUY THIS!” without actually doing so. Many companies have successfully introduced basically crap and have gotten away with it.

Through damage control and perhaps even downright nondisclosure, many businesses continue to make millions without giving any real value at all. From your point of view, it’s like they took everything good about your product and sold it for a full price. The reason people fall for these tactics over and over again is words hold great power. And once rationality takes a backseat, anyone can be exploited.

Does that mean that we’re willing to figuratively wrap some fecal matter in something attractive and call it the next best thing? Well, no. Solved Puzzle is about putting the pieces together, and that doesn’t happen by having some hand in breaking the trust of people. There are many corporations that have ended up with a fat profit every year without deceiving their customers.

Does this mean that marketing companies are merely profit-making machines?

In the strictest sense, yes. The ultimate goal of a marketing agency is to increase sales for other businesses. There are many ways to this end goal, and these methods are explored to get higher revenues every year.

While marketing companies in Miami hold the power to let shady practices such as that continue, it is our moral duty resist this temptation. In some way, marketing tools and talents are like a gun. In itself, it isn’t harmful or helpful. What you do with it determines the effect. A gun can both save and kill. In the same way, marketing talent can both metaphorically save the customers of a business from a perceived weakness and kill the confidence of people in that industry.

Here at Solved Puzzle, we believe that the better you are at marketing, the stronger your ethics are. No one knows the true nature of marketing companies because there isn’t one. Instead, the best thing you can do is judge each agency according to its merits, benevolence, and malevolence. It’s where you apply your skills that you will be judged, and not on your skills themselves.

That’s something we always keep in mind at Solved Puzzle. Marketing companies in Miami abound, but what sets us apart is our dedication to actual results and even to your customer’s satisfaction. Meaning, we only work with businesses we actually consider buying from.

By letting us do the magic on your business, curiosity and leads will be transformed into sales and you’ll have a wider audience.

What is this ‘magic’ exactly?

Whether shady or not, all marketing tactics rely on the same ingredients to connect with the audience:

1.      Fear

Here, the most common technique is using the perceived fear of your market to create a real or artificial demand for a product of service. For a non-drowsy cold medicine, a marketer can use the audience’s fear of being unproductive in the middle of their work shift. For solar panel companies, it’s the fear of fluctuating energy prices taking a big cut of income.

2.      Association

The best marketing companies in Miami would find out and know who the audience for their client’s product as if their life depends on it. Aside from sheer luck, no marketing campaign would ever be successful without that. For your potential customers to recognize your brand as “one of us,” it needs to represent that general demographic.

3.      Logic

The first two don’t use lying, but the focus here is appealing to the rational side of your customers. However, this isn’t applied very often at the early stages of the campaign. By using logic, it is assumed that the readers are fully attentive and engaged. This is rarely a standalone technique, but no advertisement can work without it.

4.      Appeal

In a world where people are bombarded with advertisements, yours have to stand out. Yours have to appeal to your laser-targeted audience. Great marketing companies in Miami can circumvent the audience’s mental ad filters and grab their attention. We’ll use the power of design, psychology, and clear-cut message to bring in the traffic and sales you’ve always wanted.

The transition from paper to webpage

Before, businesses reached their customers through newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, along with the others that also use printed and tangible materials. However, the internet changed the whole landscape. It changed the habits of people, and more importantly, it changed the way people consume information. Its becoming mainstream has resulted in one of the biggest shifts in marketing norms and techniques.

You now have more ways of getting your brand out there because of what is now known as digital marketing. Although the principles are the same, this transition brought businesses like yours the ability have solid data on the effectiveness of or at the very least, on the traffic driven from ads. As a result, you’d see the returns of your investment in the marketing department.

All these changes require the specialization of marketing companies in Miami such as Solved Puzzle.

Why shouldn’t you just do it yourself?

That get-go attitude is why you are running a successful business right now. That’s why you’re here. Also, delegating is one of the signs that your business is on the fast track to much bigger things. Do you think Bill Gates designs, codes, and markets Microsoft’s latest releases? Eventually, you’re going to need help and knowing when you need it is a strength every businessman should have.

Multi-billion dollar businesses should have an in-house team because it’s more cost-effective on their part. However, for small businesses and startups, it’s better to hire marketing companies in Miami instead for these reasons:

1.      You don’t have the energy to train and maintain an in-house team

If you already have at least a handful of employees working for you, you know how time-consuming the process can be. It’s not just about what they can do. They must also share your vision because else, they won’t be with you for long. From screening, onboard orientation and training, and evaluation, that’d be all on you. But with an agency, you can focus on what you do best. You’d just watch your cash turn into more cash.

2.      It’s more cost-effective

Hiring an in-house team costs a lot. According to Payscale, a marketing manager earns an average of $62,650 a year. And that one person can’t handle all aspects of your campaign. Depending on your goals, you’d also need an SEO manager, a social media manager, and a copywriter. On top of that, you need to pay benefits. Keeping just these four people on the payroll for a whole year can easily amount to $300,000.

Plus, you’d need to pay for pricey tools that they’d need to properly track your campaign. What would be left for you at the end of the year? From tools to experts, marketing companies in Miami already have everything you need. Even better, it won’t cost you $300,000 a year too.

3.      Agencies are always updated

The “rules” of the internet are always changing. In fact, Google changes its algorithm 500 to 600 times a year.In order to consistently deliver results, we need to know about these changes. If you leave it to yourself, you may end up applying outdated techniques that don’t work anymore.

4.      You can focus on running your business instead

Business may be good, but it can be better. You just need to know where to dedicate your resources. If you’re just starting out, it makes sense to do everything yourself. But in doing so, you lose opportunities to grow your business.

5.      There’s always room for new perspectives

Marketing companies in Miami give fresh ideas that can be a source of valuable insights on the latest trends. You may know your business best, but a second opinion always helps.

The arguments for agencies and against freelancers

We’re not making a blanket statement here. There are many great freelancers that can do the work for you. But even when each and every freelancer is experienced, it wouldn’t make sense to let a handful of them handle your marketing campaign. Here are few of the reasons why you should delegate these tasks to marketing companies in Miami instead:

1.      Managing requires expertise in the field

A conductor who composes music and unifies the performers is a musician himself. An architect doesn’t make the scaled model, but he can design. If you’re going to oversee the whole operation, you should have an idea on what you’re working on in the first place.

You’re the expert on what you’re selling, and no one else can do the work better than you can. Marketing experts such as us can also handle the campaign more efficiently that non-experts can.

2.      Managing itself is a chore, something that marketing companies in Miami want to save you from

There’s nothing more important than your time. Even if you manage to hire the freelancer dream team for your campaign, you still have to deal with different schedules, different attitudes, and maybe even different time zones. Every day would be a process of updating, communicating, and revising. How can you make time for other things?

Remember, marketing isn’t the only aspect of your business. Marketing companies can afford to allocate all their time in this because this is our purpose. We live and we breathe to drive your sales up. This can be your top performing year. And all these benefits, without wasting a single second on your perfectly polished marketing campaign.

3.      More streamlined process

Marketing agencies survive because they have a system that works. We’re not saying that freelancers are just all over the place. But for marketing campaigns to be successful, chances are you’d need more than just one freelancer to do the job.  This means having to develop an efficient communication and information delivery system almost overnight. Are you willing to design and to spend time on something that you’re not sure would work?

4.      Time = Money

Because you already know that freelancers can’t manage big projects on their own, would you just leave them to it? That’s a bad investment, and you know it. Time is money, and the extra hours you’re putting to hold everything together could have been used to attend other matters like improving customer support or developing a new line of products. We won’t know the exact monetary value unless we get down to the numbers. But what’s sure is, there are real opportunity costs to wasting your time.

What should you look for in marketing companies in Miami?


When people buy your product, they’re making an investment to get convenience or improvement. Here, you’re on the other end of the transaction. You are betting on the agency you choose to contribute to your business’ growth. After all, as we have defined earlier, marketing agencies are in the business of growing businesses.

Treat choosing an agency like you would hiring. There are certain criteria from where you compare the ‘candidates.’ Don’t rush into a decision. Rate or judge each marketing company first based on these factors:

1.      Results

Does your shortlisted list of marketing companies in Miami have the results to back their words up? The very first thing that you have to look before deciding on an agency is the results. That’s where the money is.

Many are falsely marketing themselves as gurus and experts and can deliver results for a fraction of the price. Remember, these schemes are always looking to tap your emotional and irrational side. And when you’re a businessman, you can’t afford to be irrational.

To make things easy, just look at key statistics. If the purpose is to drive up sales, look at t on ads per qualified lead. If you want to increase the online following of your business, see how much their following has grown and how much engagement they’re getting.

Still, remember to look beyond the face value and see what those numbers truly mean. For example, a hundred thousand increase in sales means nothing if you had to spend more than that for the marketing efforts. Plus, if that amount only accounts for 1 percent of the total sales, would you still be impressed?

Results speak more loudly than anything else marketing companies have up their sleeves. Numbers don’t lie, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from false interpretation.

2.      Realistic promises

Have you ever noticed how you can spot a scam just by reading what they have to say? It’s like a part of your brain just lights up and telling you “this can’t be right.” We’ve all seen it. From that Nigerian prince who promises great riches to the Ponzi scams that have sadly victimized lots of people.

This practice may not be as rampant in marketing companies in Miami, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Unless they have the numbers to back it up, don’t believe anyone who says they can give you a 90% conversion rate.

At the same time, don’t believe anyone guarantees that you’d earn a particular amount due to the marketing efforts. There’s no way to determine that with certainty.

3.      Generally positive customer reviews

You may not have found most marketing companies through word of mouth, but what are their past clients saying about them?

Did they deliver on the promises?

Have they completed the project on the set timeline?

Are the lines of communication always open with them?

Reviews are a great way to know what marketing companies in Miami are really like. Numbers matter, but it’s not everything. Besides, you’re the one who’s going to deal with them on a regular basis up until the campaign is completed. And more importantly, you’re going to pay them.

Would you really pay just to be stressed out?

Of course, you shouldn’t cross a marketing company off the list just because of a few bad reviews. Look at whether or not their reasons are valid. Remember, just like there are marketing agencies in Miami, there are also bad clients.

4.      Professional website

Would you buy a suit from someone whose suit is poorly made? To be clear, what they can do aren’t based on whether or not they have a professional website. Still, it doesn’t make sense to trust an important aspect of your business to another business that doesn’t take the effort of improving their professional image.

Also, a website makes arriving at a decision much easier for you. There, you’d have the portfolio, list of services, contacts page, and basically everything you need to close the deal. For us, you should not hire a marketing agency in Miami that doesn’t have a website.

As all business owners know, a website is a must-have now. And because all marketing agencies are expected to keep up with the times, they SHOULD have one.

Leave the crumbs to your competitors

You deserve the whole cake!

Are you tired of practically bleeding cash without seeing any results? You’re not the first. Many of our clients first made the mistake of hiring amateurs instead of professionals. Some too have lost their mind managing a bunch of freelancers.

We see you. You want to reach your full potential, but you’re stuck. You have an amazing product that no one has even heard of. Your brand is being drowned in the sea of competition, and you feel helpless. You can get out of there. All you need is a little help.

If you want to work with an agency that’s after the results and not the money, look no further. We at Solved Puzzle believe in giving real value to our clients – that’s what sets us apart from the rest of the marketing companies in Miami. We’ve developed and craft and have gracefully branched out enough to be your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

What are you waiting for? Hop on a call with us and get a free and no-commitment consultation.  With just a few minutes of your time, together we can transform your business from shambles to the next industry empire.


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