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Link-building is an effective digital marketing strategy. It is the quickest way to help your website get more traffic on the internet and promote your business to millions of people worldwide.

Solved Puzzle has a team of link building experts that will quickly increase your website’s reach and put your business at the top of every major search engine in 2021.

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Work with link building experts, and your company will get high-quality links to improve your ranking on Google Search and make your website the number one option when people look for products or services on the internet. 

We will develop a custom-made link building strategy for your business and help you grow your website’s traffic consistently over the next few months.

Get high rankings to be relevant in your market.

Link building is the main factor in starting getting thousands of new viewers daily.

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Our Link-Building experts will learn about your industry or niche to help your business get long-term results on popular search engines like Google or Bing.

We make sure your website gets a high domain authority as quickly as possible and help you get hundreds of new links that will drive traffic from your targeted audience into your business.

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Link Audits for Your Website

Our team will review and audit your website to understand your biggest problems and help you get a better ranking on Google and other popular Search Engines on the internet.

By doing this audit, we will learn everything that we need to create a link-building strategy for your business and eliminate any problems that were stopping you from getting better results with your website.

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Custom Link-Building Campaigns

Our link building experts will create custom link-building campaigns that will adapt to your business needs and help you get the results you want over the next few months.

Just set the targets for your new campaign, decide how much you want to spend on improving your reach on the internet, and choosing the best strategy that will help you get the maximum results for your business.

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Link-Building Outreach:

We create outreach campaigns that help you boost your website’s traffic and give you high-quality links through multiple blogs and media websites in your industry or niche.

With the help of our team and personal network, we can reach out to many journalists and professional bloggers that will give you many backlinks to your website and help you rank faster on Google.

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Our Link-Building service is one of the most effective ways to get more traffic for your business and increase your Google Rank organically in 2021.

That’s why so many companies are using our services to get high-quality links for their website and can increase their results dramatically in the following areas:

Domain Authority:

This is the most important metric when ranking your website on the internet, and it defines whether your business will show up or not on the first pages of Google when people are searching for your products or services on the web.

The higher the domain authority (70-100), the better results you will get for your business.

Website Backlinks:

Backlinks are the number one reason why some websites can rank faster than others and get in the top spots of the search engines like Google, Bing, and many others.

The more backlinks from authoritative sites you get, the higher your website will rank on the internet.

Link-Building Strategy:

The link-building strategy that you use in your business can make or break the results that you get when trying to obtain a higher ranking on Google Search.

That’s why you need a good link-building strategy that can bring more traffic to your website and helps you avoid links from low-ranking websites that can potentially affect your SERP score in the future.


We have worked with many companies over the past few years and help their traffic grow exponentially thanks to our link-building strategy and our team of highly trained marketing experts.

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Over 90% of our clients have grown their business thanks to our link building experts and now they are getting thousands of new visitors every single day on their website.

Boost Your Traffic with Link Building Experts and Become the
#1 Option in Your Marketplace


With the help of our link-building services, many companies have become the number one option for their targeted audience, and others have managed to double the organic traffic of their website in just a few months.

Get over 100.000 visitors every month + High Authority Website for Your Business.


All of the companies that have used our service can tell you how we have changed their business and help them improve their results with our link-building strategy.

That’s why we will always provide the best service for your business and make your website reach the top spots on the Google Search Results.

Here are some of the testimonials and reviews we have received from many of our clients over the last few years:

Leonardo and the team at Solved Puzzle have helped my company for over six months, and I am more than satisfied with their result. They are the best link-building service I have ever used, period.

I manage to save my business and get new customers thanks to the help of Solve Puzzle. Their link-building service is amazing, and I will continue working with them in the future.

Solved Puzzle has helped me bring back my website from the bottom of the Google ranking to the top of the Search Engine Results in just a few months. That’s why we 100% recommend their services to all of our partners and other entrepreneurs on the internet.

I have been searching for a good link-building service for my company for a while, and Solved Puzzle has been the only option that has brought me great results every time we employ their services.

I describe Solved Puzzle as a high-level marketing company with great link-building service on the internet and many years of experience in the online space.

No other company has been able to help me drive thousands of new visitors to my website as fast as Solved Puzzle does. That’s why I give them a 10/10 rating for their link-building service.



What makes Solved Puzzle the best link-building service for our business?

Our link-building service is the best option for companies that want to grow their traffic in 2021 and improve their website’s authority on the internet.

We make sure your company gets the best links possible for your industry or niche and improve your outreach very quickly by targeting the most popular sites on the internet with our link-building strategy created specifically for your business.

By working with Solved Puzzle link building experts, you will get long-term results for your business and reach thousands of new viewers organically on your website every single day.

What type of links can I get for my business?

By using our services, you can get many different types of links that will boost your website’s traffic and make your Google rank go higher than most of your competitors on the internet. These links include:

    • Editorial Links on Industry Websites.
    • Guest Article Links From Popular Bloggers.
    • HARO Backlinks.
    • Skyscraper Links.
    • Link Reclamation
  • And more!
What happens if I just need a few links?

We also provide different alternatives for companies that only need a few links for their website. Just schedule a reunion with one of our specialists, and we will give you a range of options for your business!

Can you build links on my industry or niche?

Our link-building services work on any type of industry or niche that you are working with and can bring more traffic to your website, regardless of what product or service you are trying to sell on the internet.

Do you offer a white-label link-building service?

Yes, we do offer a white-label link-building service for companies that want to grow their business as quickly as possible on the internet and need to improve their Google Ranking much faster than their competitors. Schedule a free consultation call, and we will give you all the information you need!

Are links all I need for my website?

Links are not enough to get the results you want in your business. It would be best to have a good link-building strategy that helps your website rank better on the internet and provides all the traffic you need to acquire more customers for your business.

That’s why we help companies to create a link-building strategy that allows them to generate high-quality links for their website and increase their reach on multiple platforms with almost no effort on their part.

We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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