You developed a business model. It took hard work, dedication and more investment than you imagined. Now, you need to increase the number of leads with a lead generation system. There are different ways to generate leads so it is important for you to identify the one that works best for you. There are two proprietary models we have developed over the last decade while implementing our lead generation system:

B2B: Business to business

There is a variety of tools that you can use to generate B2C leads (Google ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, among others). However, the most effective lead generation tool for B2B today is LinkedIn.

• B2C: Business to consumer

There are several tools to generate B2C leads. We have used them all over the years and our agency has successfully generated leads using Facebook ads, Google Ads and SEO.

You can skip to the one that works for you and watch a 1-minute video that clearly explains how it works.

B2B: Business to Business

We connect you with your ideal customers getting to the actual decision makers through LinkedIn. Our proven LinkedIn generation system generates high-quality leads by reaching up to 1000 prospects per month. We develop relationships on your behalf and build a targeted database that you can use for email marketing purposes.

Save time, save money, and start increasing sales with our proven LinkedIn lead generation system.

B2C: Business to Consumer

We find your ideal customers in the platforms they use, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google. Then, we develop incentives in exchange for their information (names, emails and phone numbers). Then, we nurture the audience by persuading them with personalized content and deliver these high-quality leads to you.

How to generate leads?

A lead generation system is essential for your business; it will ensure you have a constant number of leads getting to your brand. Creating a constant lead generation system will make your business scalable. Otherwise, you will be hustling day by day to find new customers for your product/service. There are 6 ways you can generate leads nowadays:

Digital advertising: there are numerous ways to promote your business online such as pay per click advertising, SEO, online directories, online magazines, display ads, there is just a world of possibilities.

Promotional events: Be part of promotional events in seminars or trade shows, create giveaways, contests and surveys, co-sponsored events, etc.

Networking: Connect with people in your industry, attend to industry events, conferences, webinars, among others.

Social media: Create an online community that follows your brand and shares your content with their loved ones.

Cold calling: Prepare your best speech and start calling people that are interested in your product/service.

Email marketing: Reach out to people interested in your product and let them know what you have to offer.

All of these initiatives work, but the goal is to automate the system. This will assure you can rest while the system works for you and customers keep coming in.

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