Selling Miami digital marketing to a Skeptic

There are 5 reasons why people do not buy you Miami digital marketing services: time, money, need, trust or urgency. If you sell digital marketing services such as Facebook advertising, PPC, marketing funnel and SEO among others. You will encounter people who just do not make the decision to pick you or decide to go for another option. That being said, you must understand how business owners think, and I will show you how to overcome these 5 obstacles so you can start signing up for clients.


Business owners are busy. They have to pay bills, handle operations, hire and fire staff. Also, they have personal lives that are usually affected due to their business. Therefore, they invest their time in what they think it is a priority. However, if they tell you that they do not have time, this means that you are not providing enough value. You must consider creating a different message from other competitors and make sure it is clear, concrete and offers high value with clear ROI expectations. It must be easy for them to understand why you will generate more revenue for their business. If you managed to make this happen, they would make time for you.


If your services generate more exposure, foot traffic, customers and revenue. You can be confident that business owners will separate a budget for your service. You must make sure to find them at the right time.


Before you reach out to a new client. Do your research and make sure that they actually need your service. If you do so, you will find your efforts much more effective and avoid closing doors than you might be able to knock for future services that you start providing.


Building trust is relatively simple. The only thing that you need is a portfolio to back you up. Let’s say that you are selling SEO services to a restaurant. You can reach out to the owner via LinkedIn and write this short message:

Hello [NAME]

I work with other restaurants in [CITY]. I have helped restaurant #1, restaurant #2 and restaurant #3 to rank on the first page of Google and increase their traffic [PERCENTAGE]. Showing up on the first page of Google will help you generate for business by increasing exposure and foot traffic to your restaurant. Are you open to a 15-minute call?



When you are starting your business, you will encounter that challenge of not having a portfolio. Do not feel discouraged, you can reach out to 3 business owners in the same industry/niche and tell them that you are currently starting a company and you are willing to provide your services 100% free of charge during a period of time. You will get your portfolio of results, and as you show them results, you can convert them into paying customers.


You managed to convert your prospect into a lead, and you have submitted a proposal. You have overcome all the arguments mentioned above, but you still have to overcome “Urgency.” People delay on things as we all have limits on the number of tasks we can do at a time. Do not take it personally, ensure that you put together a document that clearly explains the reason why you must start immediately. I suggest that you use a tool such as Semmrush to send a report that shows how your lead stands against his or her competitors. When you submit this report, your lead will make a decision soon to avoid losing customers.


In spite that there are challenges when getting more clients for your Miami digital marketing services. If you create enough value, analyze the 5 points mentioned above and execute a personalized strategy. You will be able to sign up more clients and grow your digital business.

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