Why graphic design is important

Have you noticed graphic design is all around us? It is involved in words and pictures; both are symbols of communication. And so, that is one of the firsts reasons why graphic design is important.

To be able to go into detail, let’s start by defining what graphic design is. It is a profession with the purpose of solving visual communication problems of companies and institutions through the interpretation, gathering, and message presentation; which the primary purpose is to transmit accurate information through visual compositions making it understandable and startling to determined social groups making it available to broadcast it on digital and or printable media. Another reason to answer why graphic design is important.

Graphic design classification

  • Advertising layout (Catalogues, flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Corporate image (logos, business cards, envelopes, stationary, etc.)
  • Editorial design (Magazines, newspapers, and books)
  • Web design
  • Signaling

As a matter of fact, choosing the perfect match designer is crucial but before even trying to put others on the task; things should be clear as water; vague ideas of what you expect to get will only result in losing time for both of the parts involved. Instead, come up with some examples of the design perspective; the point is being specific when covering your design needs

Why graphic design is important in business

Whether you are part of a big Company or a small one, graphic design should be the primary source of visual communication with customers, let’s take a look at the aspects regarding the question; why graphic design is important. The thing with graphic design is that allows you to be different; it’s there to imprint the stamp and identity of your business. Let’s put it this way, according to several sources; users are rather willing to pay more if the product or service has an impressive and breathtaking design because when a product stands out among others, the user will eventually do the same. Now when companies ignore design, they will have to find a way to compete and guess what? It has to be with prices. In short words, graphic design is profitable to any business.

Why graphic design is important

Would you like to know some more reasons why graphic design is important? Here’s a list

  • Enhance market position among competitors
  • Loyalty base of consumers increases
  • Happier staff and loyalty from them
  • Establishes the identity of your business
  • Reduces the amount of time needed to sell new products and services

Win new customers and markets approaching design. As the reference mentions above, this is one of the advantages, making customers loyal to you, and you do it by identifying their needs through research creating in that way the service to fill a gap in the market. Design plays a significant role in retaining customers; innovative designs keep customers responsive and active to your brand and services. Making your message clear provides an outstanding user experience, and that will make you remarkable and to be remembered of. It’s not only how it looks; by all means, it is also how it works by being effective in its purpose.

Graphic design and communication

Graphic design and communication are not entirely dependent one of the other, is more complex than that. However, every single visual communication form is created to supply the need for transmission of a message. We continue our journey to find more reasons why graphic design is important, as previously mentioned and not wrongly defined, graphic design is involved in more than one field as one may think.

Why graphic design is important

There´s something called “wayfinding” is directly responsible of efficiently solve and improve matters of any user; making a particular focus on how the individual can understand, interact and guide themselves into a physical environment. Don’t have a clue yet where and how we perceive it? Well, let’s say you’re new in a city or country, you want to explore the city; moreover, you decide to take the train to get somewhere else, before asking for anyone you want to figure it out by yourself, so you recur to a map.

Wayfinding strategies are often built for high-stress environments such as urban centers, healthcare, transportation and educational campuses. The effectiveness of these campaigns will make you feel safe and secure. Let’s face it, without that kind of guidance we might get a little resentful and upset. A little of chaos if these visual cues didn’t exist at all. Another good example of why graphic design is important is on packaging production; without being too dramatic this could save your life, there’s a big difference between a milk packaging label and a rat poison one, right?

We now know a little more than what we knew before regarding graphic design but how graphic designers can influence in our regular inclusion with the world has never been that intuitive.

Graphic designers and their role in society

Graphic designers are there to communicate and make the idea of a brand or story dirigible for the audience in a visual way. Social designers role in society is not questionable. Let’s name some of the most popular graphic designers, so you get an idea of the evolution of this subject; Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, among others. Paul Rand, one of the most famous graphic designers and creator of ABC, UPS, and IBM logos, said once

Paul Rand, one of the most famous graphic designers and creator of ABC, UPS, and IBM logos, said once “Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology, are intrinsically related to the process.”

Why graphic design is important

In social awareness campaigns is where you’re most likely to see the role of graphic designers in making us turn our heads to things we don’t usually pay attention to but are in fact important; such as recycling campaigns, social rights validations, diseases and so on. So, they’re contributing to the cause, and their work will help to produce the expected effect selecting the font, logo, infographic and visual cues.

Another “goal” of a graphic designer could be the chance of creating something that can represent an existent concept in a globally multicultural social environment. Something iconic that represents an idea no matter what the language is. Here relays the continuous answering of the question why graphic design is important. Furthermore, a perfect example can be the image of a man or woman in public bathrooms or the figure of a man in a wheelchair on parking lots. Well, of course, everything will also depend on the actual purpose of the design and the audience it is meant for.

Graphic design trends

Everything is in constant change and being in the vanguard is becoming a must these days. Some may be in favor and others conversely against, but, following trends tend to provide us more benefits than disadvantages. At the end is how well you adapt and approach to the modern days.

According to the experts, these are the trends in detail for designing projects:

  1. Bold typography to establish a hierarchy and highlight the elegance; black being fancy in all of its nature.
  2. The modern retro vibe seems to be the perfect match; they’re even using letterpress machines for business cards, and it looks terrific! The new with a spin of old to resemblance innovation.
  3. Minimalism to focus on functionality by being simple.
  4. Hand-drawn graphics and icons give that human touch permitting adaptability to a lot of different array of situations.
  5. Duotones is a combination of colors, usually vibrant and bright; they’re present in one image.
  6. GIFs are gaining popularity when accompanying texts or blog entries, giving versatility and a non-static look hence no boredom there.
  7. Modular layouts are just the way info is broadcasted, avoiding the use of long block texts to consent a better interaction with the target audience.why graphic design is important
  8. Negative space: the competition for the attention of the viewer between the positive and negative space in a logo or picture. In other words, it’s just a contrast to the area that is used in the image.
  9. Geometric Collages; It’s fun to place multiple elements to create one single image. Fonts, illustrations, and photos are conveniently arranged to look like a geometric layout.
  10. Responsive logos to be able to keep up with the consistent implementation of platforms and the expanding selection of formats and scales available to users without losing quality, form, and response. Is to make the logo malleable.

Examples of corporate images

Stan Lee, the face of the success of Marvel Comics

No matter what your tastes are, but surely you know abou the existence of characters like Spider-Man, The Hulk or Iron Man. Those are pretty famous, huh? Maybe most of you know who Stan Lee is. But for those who doesn’t, we can say he is pretty much one of the creators of these comic book characters from Marvel. Most of the time, people think he is the sole creative emperor of the well-known juggernaut Marvel Comic is. The truth is, he and other writers built such an empire together. He might be the last sire from a lineage of wonderful writers and publishers, but we’ll talk about them in a bit.

Stan Lee also started from the bottom

stan leeWhen “El Generalissimo” (one of his nicknames) entered the comic book world back in 1939, he was just a kid. The company’s name back then was “Timely Publications,” (who later changed its name to “Marvel Comics” in 1961). “In those days [the artists] dipped the pen in ink, [so] I had to make sure the inkwells were filled,” told Lee to the Los Angeles Times, remembering his days as a mere assistant. It was until 1941 when Lee began to work in the editorial department at the age of only 19. The rest is history. The journey of Stan Lee with some of his fellow co-creators like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, or Don Heck would change the lives of millions.

But what was so different about this guy? For more than half a century he has taught us important marketing lessons making unique everlasting connections with his audience. The stories about unpopular kids with great hearts, mystic entities, or condemned individuals who life gave better purposes connected beyond the marketing levels. Comic Books business stopped being about a brand selling a product to become a brand who wanted to bond forever with their audience. Now we know they kept shaping childhoods for generations in a process that hasn’t stopped until this day.

Beholding the Colossus

Today we can measure how big Marvel has become. Decades under the brain of Stan Lee and his team made the company a worldwide Comic Book pioneer. Furthermore, they are a colossal marketing emporium of toys, video games, clothing, memorabilia and TV series. Also, it’s impossible to ignore the golden age of awesome superhero movies we’re living these years. Marvel has their cinematic universe under their motion picture studio “Marvel Studios” (a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios). There are many proofs of Marvel’s gratitude towards Stan Lee (now 94), and his legacy. One of those is that he has appeared in most of all of their movies making cameo appearances!

In conclusion

As a result, we hope you’re able to see why graphic design is important. Since it collides and emerges in simple acts of our daily life; like reading a book, magazine or newspaper, surfing the web, maps in public transportation, logos of our favorite brands and music bands, signaling in banks, airports, hospitals, and facilities in general.

Everywhere you turn your eye to, might be the result of the creativity involved in conveying a clear and convenient message to your table. There are endless reasons on why graphic design is important for you to consider. To sum up, the following quote by the creator of American Airlines logo will in a certain way reveal the motivation of designers to make a better world outside for us. “The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.” – Massimo Vignelli 

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