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Marketing and Fashion are cyclical industries. Things can go back and forth, and evolve from night to day. In the digital age, the life cycle of a trend in fashion can be very short, just as people change their tastes unpredictably. There is a trend that has been mentioned a lot in the last couple of years: plus size marketing

The canons of beauty had always settled and varied in some ways its concept of the so-called “perfect beauty.” We’ve seen this in advertisement, the music industry, the film industry, in sports; you name it. In addition, the angels of Victoria’s Secret is a case worth mentioning. There we have tall, slender, not so curvy women with angelic faces. But what is real in it?


As consumers, we are changing our minds from the usual unrealistic standards of beauty. Moreover, new generations don’t want to be told what to like. The most recent trends and even ideologies therefore depict a freer woman, distanced from oppressive views towards their appearance. Modern women want to be respected as they are, and want to feel healthy. The latter is the premise for the new consumer seeking a healthy world where women don’t want to be a slave to any size. Furthermore, gaining a few extra pounds then serve the “beauty” concept.

Understanding it: plus size marketing

They’ve had to change their communication speeches about beauty standards, to be honest with the consumers. This opens the door to new plus size marketing models more than ever, in an inclusive fashion industry. Is really beauty in the eye of the beholder? Do we probably have an established concept of “perfect beauty”? We’re not that closed minded, right? I don’t think it’s something someone has to carve in stone. It’s a noble and heartwarming sentiment to see beauty as something subjective. All women are beautiful.

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