Make the right decision with clear data

To have a successful marketing strategy from a professional Google Analytics Agency for your business, you need data to study ad determine your performance.

Data is an essential component that allows us to make better decisions and provide our clients with detailed, quantifiable feedback.

Determine and measure your success metrics through custom dashboards and tracking so you know how your business is performing.

Do you need help to check your Google Analytics account, or maybe to set up your Google Analytics account?

No matter what you need, we are a full-service Google Analytics Agency. Our team will make sure there are no gaps in the process of collecting your website’s data.

Also, we will assist you, so you have the proper setup on your new or existing Google Analytics account.

When working with Solved Puzzle, all the aspects of your Google Analysis account will be in order and capturing the business data needed to use it in your data analysis.

Our Google Analytics Agency Consultancy Services

Every client we work with is different. When working on a consultancy, we study and analyze many factors. Some of those are:

  • Tracking Audit

If you have a growing business and you are migrating from one content management system (CMS) to another, or if you have been editing your pages frequently over a while, it’s possible that some pages are not being tracked to the correct session.

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Sometimes, this results in traffic showing internal referrers or new sessions, causing the statistics to be incorrect.

Our team will also look at integrations with your CRMs and look for errors on your business website, filter out regular users by their IP address, and provide you recommendations to improve your website code configurations.

  • Channel Reporting

Sometimes our clients need an expert to read their website data and to check how it is performing.

Sometimes we see that the website receives a lot of “direct traffic,” but this traffic sometimes is far from direct.

We can discuss visible channels, like organic search engines and paid and referral traffic from other websites from this kind of analysis.

It is also possible to highlight ways to surface other channel statistics here, like email marketing, referrals from Google properties, URLs from Apps, and many others.

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    • Goals and eCommerce

    Without a proper installation, events are unlikely to appear in your analytics package.

    With some configuration, frequent tasks such as form submissions can be tracked as measurable events in your website analytics, and this data can then be used to find new goals for reporting.

    Goals can also be pulled through into your paid advertising efforts to optimize your advertising, so it keeps having the same behavior to get more results. 

    Depending on what marketing strategy you are using, eCommerce websites aren’t always configured to track success effectively.

    Popular analytic platforms such as Google Analytics have advanced eCommerce features, which are rarely enabled or used properly.

    Solved Puzzle is a Google Analytics agency that will help you analyze the most important data to reach your business goals.

        • Advanced Aspects

        Even with an Analytics install, data scientists will need more and more of your website data.

        We ensure our client’s installations will filter data correctly to show the real metrics.

        And to be more accurate, our Google Analytics Agency uses custom metrics and custom dimensions when needed.

        Typically these require website integrations, but increasingly we can include these via container integrations such as Google Tag Manager. 

        For example, one advantage of using it is that we can detect logged-in users and tag their activity.

        In many cases, Google Tag Manager is a beneficial method of allowing an agency to integrate custom tracking features.

        We will support your agency or IT team in its integration and assure you of the best results.

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        Desktop screen showing a business chart
        • Dashboard Creation

        As a marketing agency to know that your website data quality has improved is good news, but sometimes stakeholders do not take the time to appreciate this.

        We also will be able to build custom dashboards in Google Analytics for tracking to give you quality business insights.

        If our clients require them, the data included in these dashboards is always agreed upon in advance.

        How we analyze your data?

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        It is important to know that our Google Analytics Agency uses several sources to analyze your website information.

        • Google sheet automation: We compile, crunch, and present information to our clients using Google sheet automation. This allows us to present the performance of the website in real-time.

        • Data Append: maximize your profits with Data Append. This is a marketing tool that helps us understand your customers’ behavior.

        •  Data studio: gather data from multiple sources like Google Analytics and social media and create charts, graphs, and many other data representations.


        • Missing tracking code: If the tracking code is missing from a website, it is more difficult to know where the website visitors are coming from. 

        You need to have this information to implement a marketing strategy 

        • Unidentified broken links: Having a website with errors is the worst for your user performance. This will make your potential customers stop using your website, and this can cause a drop in your sales and a bad reputation.

        Remember all this is important to get to the top results in search engines.

        • No changes on your bounce rate: When a website has a 0% bounce rate, Google Analytics settings are not working as they should and are not collecting data correctly. 

        This data is necessary to know how engaging the content of your website is and which can lead to a sale. 

        • Ecommerce missing from GA: If you want to run an eCommerce store correctly, you need to use all the tools available. Google Analytics has an eCommerce category that will provide you with quantifiable data that you can use to develop better sales and marketing plans that will help your business grow.
        • Session IDs in URLs: Session IDs are essential to understand what visitors do on the website or what pages they land on. 

        When we found this type of mistake, the team set up session IDs that do not appear in URLs.

        • Quotation marks and typos: One of the most common problems on websites is typos. If you have a mistake with a code line, then it will stop working.

        But don’t worry, we can identify and solve these errors, so you get access to all the info with no problems.

        • Ineffective marketing parameters: Marketing parameters are used to monitor paid and social marketing.

        Particularly these parameters are useful for tracking your customers. It gives information about which pages or which site they originated.

        • Missing manual tags: It is crucial to teach how effective the marketing channels you are currently using to your resources in working for your business.

        The use of the proper manual tags helps your website to reach engagement across social media, RSS, email, or other channels.

        • Badly optimized marketing funnels: The final goal of using a marketing funnel as a strategy is to increase the website conversion rate.

        When we talk about conversion, most of the time, we are talking about turning a customer into a sale, but it can be something else. It depends on the purpose of the website.

        By tracking the information accurately, we will have the data to improve the conversion rate across the funnel.

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        • Undetermined transactional values: Boost your profit margins by determining in the most accurate way which of your products are the ones that generate the highest Return Over Investment (ROI). This is possible to track by using Google Tag Manager.

        • Incomplete G2M setup: When using a Go To Market strategy the right way, you will be better able to reach our business KPI.

        This is because it is possible to develop a marketing strategy based on quantifiable data.

        Make the most of GTM, so you reach target customers and get advantages over your competition.

        • Conversion blockers: The amount of money your business makes is a direct result of your conversion rate. 

        Solved Puzzle offers a Conversion Rate Optimization service to track and measure the conversion rate across our clients’ websites.

        This information can improve many elements such as copy and address blockages that will increase your business income.

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        As a Google Analytics Agency with experience driving our customers to success.

        The best way to increase your profits is by identifying the user’s preferences and analyzing their behavior. 

        Google Analytics is the platform that allows us to gather all the necessary data and turn it into goals and strategies. Yes, this is possible!

        Our team of Google Analytics experts will study all the data from your website to find which strategy is the best for you!

        We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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