The internet is a very lucrative resource for entrepreneurs interested in improving their SEO Miami. But tapping into it might not be as easy as you would expect. Many have attempted to teach themselves. But that is sort of like teaching yourself to remove your tonsils. It would be wise to outsource to a company such as Solved Puzzle.

Local SEO Miami

You have probably heard of the distinction between general SEO principles and local SEO. Local SEO occurs when you optimize your website for local traffic from search engines. If you own a coffee shop in Miami, you are competing with other coffee shops in the area. This will mean conducting market research, writing blogposts and adjusting your content accordingly.

Your content should depend on the arena. For example, marketers make a distinction between long-form content and short-form content. Long-form content is a detailed piece about an issue. Short-form content is usually what you will find on the internet. It is a shorter article providing a brief overview. Your choice will largely depend on the market.

If you owned a coffee shop in a small town, you would probably be the only one blogging, which would mean you could settle for short-form content because there is no competition on the internet. But there are plenty of coffee shops in Miami, and many are privy to SEO strategies. Research the local market and learn what sort of content your competitors are producing. If they are not writing many blogposts, you can probably use short-form content. But if they are writing short-form content, you should write long-form content to stand out.

Of course, writing long-form content will mean you have to confront the attention span problem. People are overwhelmed by big blocks of text. You can overcome that by making your content digestible. Write short paragraphs, use subheadings and embed a few images.

 Miami SEO - Solvedpuzzle

Why You Need A Miami SEO Expert

Perhaps the most important reason to outsource, is that SEO guidelines are not static. Google frequently updates its algorithms based on current trends. There are two reasons for this. First, spammers abuse the algorithm through unethical SEO tactics. Google has to update every time another loophole in the system is exposed. If you are not an SEO expert, you might see an opportunity to drive traffic to your blog. While it might work temporarily, Google will ultimately figure it out and might even diminish your ranking as a result.

Second, Google updates its algorithms to accommodate current trends. When mobile browsing spiked, search engines started rewarding websites that were optimized for mobile use. A newer trend is the use of Google Voice. Users are vocally querying search engines. This could change how bloggers implement keywords. They might have to be less concise and more natural. These changes are not the first, and they will not be the last. You will need our team of experts to keep you updated on the relevant SEO research so we can apply it to your site.

What Are Our SEO Miami Services?

Our agency, Solved Puzzle, offers a wide range of services. Many of our clients think of us as a one-stop shop for digital marketing. Our services include search engine optimization, video production, social media strategy, web design, apps and software, graphic design and much more.

Why You Should Make Videos

People are far more likely to watch a short video than read a short article. Outlets such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook actually make this process pretty easy. You can go live and field questions directly from your audience. People like to hear their name and question live on air. This will also show consumers that you care about what they have to say and will adapt your product according to their needs.

Entrepreneurs typically begin by assessing their team and the various skills. Some people are naturally good public speakers. Find somebody who is very charismatic and put a camera in front of them. Our video production services will provide an excellent compliment to your content. If you do not have the time to edit videos, or you are not sure how to make them appealing to your audience, we can guide you through the process.

Web Design

Imagine a man who went on a date in his pajamas. The other party would likely perceive him as goofy, lazy, and he probably would not get a second date. It is all about first impressions. The same general principle is relevant to your website. If your site looks like a third-rate blog, consumers are going to form a negative first impression of you. They will not trust your opinion or want to do business with you.

Websites should basically possess two attributes. First, they should be attractive and professional. Second, they need to be highly functional across different devices. There are a lot of people browsing on their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). We can optimize your site for mobile browsing so as to not isolate the majority of your audience.

Another point to remember is that templates need to be updated to work out glitches. This is especially true if you want to add new features to your site. You could find an external file with a design template somewhere on the internet, but that file will not come with updates. We can ensure that your site has a high-speed load time.

Launching Social Media Campaigns

You have probably heard that you should be on every social media outlet indiscriminately. As with many things, the truth is nuanced. Distinct outlets often warrant different strategies. If you launch a campaign on Twitter, you can tweet a dozen times in one day. But if you did that on Facebook, people may get bothered. Resources such as Hootsuite are useful, but you need to be tentative when using them.

Furthermore, some outlets are more appropriate for targeting specific demographics. If you are searching for industry professionals, you will spend your time on LinkedIn. But those who are targeting millennials will spend a lot of time building their Instagram fanbase. So you should be on social media, but you need to do your research. Our agency is informed about the relevant data and can lead your campaigns.

Running Social Media Ads

The downfall of paid advertisements might be a little overblown. While many people scroll by them, they can still be used to target influencers. An influencer is a popular blogger or internet entity in your industry. If your ad reaches her, she might find your product compelling. It is no secret that a tactfully placed ad can go a long way. Our team knows how to increase the probability of influencers finding your ads.

Miami SEO - Solvedpuzzle

On-Site SEO

There are several SEO concepts that we can apply to your website. For example, you have probably heard of bounce rate. It relates to how engaged your users are with the posts you create. If 55% of your readers leave your page after reading one article, then you will have a 55% bounce rate. Google will reward sites with a low bounce rate. That is why bloggers typically have several internal links embedded within their articles. We can also install a plugin that displays related blogposts.

An important strategy is to produce content frequently. If you were to visit a blog that has not updated in three months, you probably would not return to it because there is nothing new to see. You should try to update at least once every week. This will keep Google updated with indexable, searchable pages. We can guide you through this process.

Think About Other Search Engines

Google is usually featured prominently in discussions about SEO. But a lot of people use Yahoo and Bing. These search engines do not use the same algorithms as Google. Our agency has the expertise and resources to stay updated with applicable research about all of the relevant search engines.

The Dead Link Problem

Imagine that you write a post, somebody saves it, and later, you decide to delete it. That same person who returns to the link will get a 404 error. 404 errors reflect poorly in search engines. Our agency can help by redirecting dead links to real pages on your site.

Solved Puzzle employs the latest research to provide ethical SEO strategies. We have propelled many entrepreneurs into success. If you want to stand out among the competition, contact us today.

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