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Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization has become very important since the shopping experience changed. Now there is no need to go to a physical store to get products.

Peoples’ first choice to look for a product is the internet. Simply writing a few words on a search engine like google can find thousands of results about what they are looking for. 

Traditional and digital commerce work together, but a business with no online presence is nothing if customers can’t find you online.

Statistics show that 63% of shopping occasions begin online, which means that companies have to provide the best online experience to all the visitors to get new customers.

Whether customers finally make their purchase online or in a store, they need a quality online experience to positively impact them and increase audience engagement. 

Over the years, online shopping has increased and changed the global marketplace. As a result, lately, many physical stores have had to close their doors.

Coresight Research recorded over 7,000 store closures across U.S. retail chains.

If this behavior continues, there’s an inevitable fall of suburban malls as shopping destinations.

Traditional retail stores have been adapting to the consumer’s needs by moving online.

Big retail stores, such as Walmart and IKEA, have joined Amazon and eBay. Proving that eCommerce Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for business success.

Unfortunately, many businesses often don’t take advantage of the power of Search Engine Optimization.

Instead, they usually opt for paid advertising like PPC or social media marketing.

These strategies work well but with a high cost in the long run.

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What is

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

eCommerce SEO is a marketing practice that consists of increasing online store traffic using search engine optimization.

Without SEO, it would be complicated for an eCommerce business to get to the top result pages in searching engines to achieve its full potential.

The more targeted traffic you have, the more possibilities to sell you will have. Easy, right? 

Our team of eCommerce Search Engine Optimization experts will create the right eCommerce strategy for you to target potential customers interested in your products, generate more purchases and increase your online store visibility.


Attract New Customers
Through eCommerce SEO

With the introduction of the internet and all the new technologies that come with it, consumer needs have changed.

Customers now look for the quickest and easiest way to purchase what they need when using a device.

Research shows that approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase products and services through eCommerce stores.

One of its strong advantages is that Online shopping provides comforts that traditional stores can not offer. 

By shopping online can easily purchase how many things they like at any hour without leaving their home.

This means eCommerce Search Engine Optimization services are becoming necessary for those who want to be relevant in the online marketplace.

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Custom SEO for eCommerce

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SEO is the best choice to boost your brand visibility to find from the top search results.

The global market can be a competitive industry. To be the champion, you need to use all the business marketing strategies to stand out from your competition.

eCommerce marketing is an economical way for stores and organizations to reach their customers and generate a higher ROI. 

Start your eCommerce search engine optimization strategy with the best team to build and raise brand awareness.

Experts predict that by 2040, 95 % of all purchases will be online!

Stop losing potential customers and start to promote your products and services with the help of our team of professionals.

By hiring our eCommerce Search Engine Optimization services, you will improve customer experience and grow your business. 

Why Do eCommerce 
Websites Need SEO?

Most Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results.

Considering this fact, if you own an eCommerce website but is not fully optimized, this means that most people are not even looking at your store!

SEO has various purposes, but it’s more necessary for eCommerce websites than any other.

The reason is that e-commerce customers are usually ready to purchase a product or service when they are already searching for something specific.

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Without SEO, those customers may not even know your business exists. Solved Puzzle eCommerce strategies will sure your site is visible to maximize your business profits.

Without incorporating an eCommerce Search Engine Optimization strategy into your online store, your competitors will most likely beat you in search engine results.

Maybe you have an amazing site with incredible content and photos, but without proper search engine optimization, your site will fall short each time.

SEO experts are well diverse any many types of eCommerce businesses. You will get the expertise needed to propel your business into financial success.

Our eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Services

Keyword Research & Optimization

Our eCommerce Search Engine Optimization experts will create keyword strategies with the only goal of improve your online store visibility and attract more potential customers.

Our team performs customer and competition analyses to determine the most relevant keyword searches, using the latest tools and analytics to analyze relevant data such as keyword search volume and ranking difficulty.

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Local SEO

Position your products and services strategically in front of your target audience with our local eCommerce Search Engine Optimization services.

Our team can handle everything you need, from on-page and off-page optimization, online reputation management, Google My Business, to local citation building.

Don’t lose time and increase your online store traffic with the help of Solved Puzzle!

Technical SEO

Optimize all the aspects of your sites with SEO for eCommerce. Our team follows the best practices in building and optimizing your entire site structure.

Our SEO specialists improve every aspect of your site by implementing schema markup, fixing technical issues, Improving your site speed, and optimizing your product detail pages to deliver you the best results.

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 eCommerce PPC

Do you want to reach your target audience and generate qualified leads for your business?

Our eCommerce advertising services are designed to increase traffic to your business online store and convert visitors into actual sales.

Our team performs extensive keyword research and optimization, designs custom landing pages, and creates ads that attract your target audience to ensure you the best results.


Content Writing

With our creative team of content writing, your site will attract and convert more and more customers thanks to SEO web content.

At Solved Puzzle, our writers are great at what they do. They have been creating content for online stores for many industries.

Get the best product pages and descriptions, and guest posts for your business website y working with us.

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Email Marketing Automation

E-mail marketing has become one of the best effective ways of generating more sales.

Promote your products with our email marketing service and drive more sales by working with Solved Puzzle Agency

As a reputable eCommerce Search Engine Optimization company, we create personalized emails for our clients based on what the clients want to see and buy.

Our SEO specialists create responsive, well-designed emails to deliver the best result to you, implement marketing campaigns, and keep in touch with your customers.

Walmart Marketplace Integration

Get the opportunity to position your products and services in front of a massive audience at Walmart Marketplace.

Our Walmart Marketplace optimization services include:

  • Account setup and optimization.
  • Online review management.
  • Content optimization.
  • Analytics reporting.
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Amazon Marketing Services

Start to increase your income by driving more traffic and more sales to your eCommerce business with Amazon marketing.

At Solved Puzzle, we will fully optimize your Amazon product pages, launch pay-per-click campaigns and implement the best marketing strategies to help you establish a solid brand presence on Amazon.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase your conversion rate by working with us. By analyzing your campaign’s key performance indicators, we will track your marketing success to determine the best marketing strategy.

At Solved Puzzle, we will optimize your campaigns to increase online store visitors. Also, we will be conducting the test, examining results to get to reach your goals.

With our eCommerce Search Engine Optimization services, your store will get a solid status and build the trust of users and search engines.

So, let’s clarify that SEO is an investment, start working with us, and ensure you but only positive results.eCommerce SEO is for all types of business.


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