Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Understand why customers are not buying more and fix it

At Solved Puzzle Agency, we offer Conversion Rate Optimization services to those who what to maximize the effectiveness of their websites and turn the visitors directly into customers.

Conversion Rate Marketing services from a trusted CRO company with a professional team will increase the percentage of your site visitors who reach the desired goal.

Goals can be different from completing a form or survey, purchasing one of your products, or downloading an eBook.

Business websites need a reputable conversion rate optimization company to provide them with data-driven CRO services and benefit from marketing experts.

A good marketing strategy has to include CRO expertly tailored to your unique business requirements. Conversion rate marketing will take your business to the next level.

If you’ve been lately struggling to turn your website traffic into leads, then you need CRO services.

Improve your sales funnel and your website’s visitors’ experience to eliminate anything that obstructs your conversion goals. 

Put your conversion marketing needs in the capable hands of our conversion optimization team.

Ask for a free consultation and see how CRO services help you and your company.

What is a conversion


You first need to understand why CRO  is important for your business and why it has to be one of the primary metrics to look at on a marketing campaign.

A conversion is what you need to reach is a goal, and it can be any action. 

A conversion must remain consistent throughout your marketing campaign so the data can be measurable and can be used to learn more about your performance.

A digital marketing campaign can fail due to inconsistent data.

If you can’t analyze data, you won’t study customer behavior to identify the strongest and weakest points.

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Examples of Conversion Rates

The following points are just a few of the many conversion targets that our team of experts may choose depending on the nature of your marketing campaign and the goals that you already have set to reach them with your marketing  team:

  • Requesting more information through a submission form
  • Booking a product demo
  • Subscribing to your mailing list
  • Purchasing a product for the first time
  • Signing up for a purchase or subscription
  • Pre-ordering a new product
  • Signing up for a free trial
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These are just a few of the many possible conversion goals that you may want to reach and that we will both target and track in your marketing campaigns with our team.

There are many ways of interpretation. There is no “right” conversion or a “wrong” conversion because this will depend on the website goal.

When the conversion action has been determined to be a valuable goal for the campaign and will generate an increase in your business engagement.

As we start to work with you to assemble your campaign, we will consider every detail, all of your goals for your digital marketing campaigns.

Every one of these aspects that you consider important will be used to build a funnel so you can get a better conversion rate.

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Your investment in

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Conversion Rate Optimization is possibly one of the most measurable disciplines of digital marketing.

This is because we take a scientific approach, and the tools we use allow us to track the impact of the changes that we make to improve your website.

For us, it’s not about an aesthetic thing, such as changing the color of your ‘buy now button and hoping that this change will attract more customers!.  

By performing our testing hypothesis in users’ research, we can create an even better hypothesis with high chances of causing a positive impact.

This method will find any issues that your users are having and stop blocking them from converting.

Our team is highly experienced in the best techniques that remove unnecessary elements and use the insight we glean from research to perform onsite tests.

You’ll be able to see the results, what each test undertook on your business website does for your conversion rate. 

Contact us today to find out how our conversion rate optimization services can help you improve your conversion funnels.

Get more visitors, using the latest techniques to increase the website traffic that turns into customers.

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How can CRO benefit

your business?

Our CRO methodology:

Founded in data analysis and research, our Conversion Rate Optimization services methodology ensures that all test hypotheses that we made for your website have chances to succeed.

We also will work in your traffic acquisition as an integrated way to discover your user’s intent and expectations. 

Grow your business with CRO:

A CRO strategy is usually a long game, and over time we can help your business succeed by using the latest CRO techniques to increase your conversion rates. 

We will work closely with you to achieve your goals and increase your business sales and online presence.

Our conversion CRO services:

The right CRO marketing strategy can increase your sales even if you still have the same website visitors.

These are some of the conversion optimization services offered by our conversion rate optimization agency:

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Extensive conversion marketing research, covering your sales funnel in every stage, such as:

• Examining search query intent.

• Landing page layout and content.

• Establishing a strong value proposition.

• An attracting call-to-action. 

• A user-friendly checkout/contact process.

Data-driven recommendations to level up your conversion rate

• A/B testing at numerous levels. These tests can be from simply testing a different call-to-action to switching out completely different landing pages. All this will be done to find what works for you.

• In-depth Google Analytics review, our team will analyze every detail of traffic flow through your site.

Solved Puzzle Conversion Rate Optimization services create strategies built on years of experience working with many different clients.

We know what works across many industries.

Why Choose Solved Puzzle Conversion Rate Optimization Services?

Have You been looking for a conversion rate optimization agency to get more direct customers on your website? 

Not only can we diagnose your conversion issues, but we can also provide you the best team to solve them.

We are a Conversion Rate Optimization agency that also offers web design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click PPC, content writing, social media, and many other marketing services!

Why not establish a working relationship with a trusted agency that offers conversion rate optimization services?

Find and solve your concerns and not just your conversion optimization questions but any other online issue you or your team could have?

Custom conversion optimization services for your business needs:

The efficacy of the implementation of conversion rate optimization solutions is proven.

However, we know that all businesses are different. So let us know what you need, and our conversion optimization agency will listen. 

As with any of our services, we value your determination to resolve your business’s challenges. 

At Solved Puzzle, we also audit your site and traffic data to look for conversion marketing problems that may never occur to you to find them and solve them.

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Real feedback from real experts:

There are many conversion optimizer tools available to run an automated audit and look at your data for conversion rate marketing red flags. 

But these automated audit tools can’t tell you when an element of your website like an image or heading is communicating the wrong message or many of the other details that can result in losing a customer.

These are invaluable insights only a trusted CRO company like Solved Puzzle can provide!

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A well-rounded approach:

Solved Puzzle is a leading CRO agency with much experience providing conversion optimization and many other digital marketing services. 

Our conversion rate optimization services deliver results to our clients.

Get to improve your conversion metrics by professionals, and see how your business numbers start rising.


If you know that something is wrong, don’t wait!

If your website has been struggling to convert, this is an indication that something may be wrong.

It can mean that your conversion rate marketing strategy needs an upgrade, and you are essentially losing potential customers with each passing day. 

Imagine that your CRO starts to get better and the impact of the increase in your conversion rate.

With conversion rate optimization services, you won’t have to imagine anymore.

You can start to get these results by working with our team.

For example, take a 1% conversion rate and increase it to 3%, and you’ve practically tripled your leads without having to earn any extra visitors to your website. 

That’s what a conversion rate marketing strategy can do for your business. From a results-driven CRO agency like Solved Puzzle, Conversion Rate Optimization will turn those visitors into customers.

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What are you waiting for?

Start to remove barriers, so let customers get your products or services.

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