If you are a business owner, I am sure you have searched or at least thought of an computer apps and software development. They have become stronger every day and today most of the companies have one. There are many doubts and questions that arise in this process. I will guide you to make sure you take the best decision on your journey. So let´s start explaining which are the main functions on an app development:

  • Increasing sales
  • Having a personalized channel to your customers
  • Making direct orders through your computer apps and software
  • Targeting specific areas near your business
  • Generating a stronger bond with your customers
  • Managing your orders in house without intermediaries

But the real question is, how do I know I should create an app for my business? Is it the right time? Well, there are several factors to take into account. The first aspect to think on, is if you have more than 1 location, how big is your company, because in order to maintain an app you should have the amount of customers that will keep it moving. It is highly recommended for medium and big companies that have 3 or more locations, but as you know there are always exceptions and all cases are different.

How do I know which is the best computer app and software development provider? How do I know which is the best match for my business? Well maybe those are the most common questions that pop up, and really there is no exact answer, but the best possible suggestion is that you make sure you make the appropriate quest. After having several options make appointments and choose the one that best fits for your business, having a comfortable feeling with the group of people you are going to work with. Additionally, I suggest that you should be mind open because they can show you what best fits for your business and advice you during the whole process. So the key of this point is to make sure you have a team of professionals providing the best solution according to your company´s needs.

The computer app and software development service has grown highly in this digital era. People are using their mobile devices for pretty much everything they do. Their phones, tablets, and of course laptops, are the tools for ordering books, food, make up, gifts and all types of goods and services. If a company does not offer an online ordering option, it’s very likely that they are losing a lot of business. So definitively I would suggest that if you are not in the right moment to invest on an app development, make sure your website, being the face or your brand, not only is optimized for mobile devices, but It will definitely need an online ordering feature integrated.

Furthermore, if you are a restaurant and you are using an online plataform such as eat24 or GrubHub, I am sure you are spending a lot of money in the percentage they take from your sales. Is that really necessary? Maybe a few years ago because you didn´t have more options but nowadays there are plenty of them so make sure you are doing what´s best for your business and choose professionals in the field.

So now, let´s say you made the decision and you are ready to start. You already made the computer apps and software development service query in several near locations to your business like Miami, downtown, Fort Lauderdale, Brickell and Wynwood. You have the app development provider and need to develop the idea. The first suggestion I would give you, is to know the specific goals you want to accomplish with your solution. Second, since app development varies depending on the features, make sure you have in your mind the main one you require to accomplish your goals, such as loyalty regard programs, online ordering, gallery etc… This will be essential at the moment of developing a strategy and design of your app. If by any chance you have a sketch of what you would like to do, share it with the team but always keeping your mind open as they might have another perception that could add value to your business.

There is no magic formula, just be clear and make it simple, people appreciate when you are honest and direct, who wouldn’t? Another tip, listen to your customers, there is no better way to make a business successful. Make sure you develop your app based on what they want to see and primarily giving them the best possible experience, fast and with high quality service. You will love to have positive reviews but it requires hard work from your team, not just a pretty design

Picking the right agency for your all application software

Here, at Solved Puzzle Agency, we listen to our clients throughout the entire creation process to ensure that all our client needs are fulfilled by really focusing on their businesses in order to effectively communicate the value of their brands through the computer apps and software. It is not just about a pretty template design, it’s about how your customers or clients will perceive your brand, either as authentic, reliable and efficient or the contrary. Keep in mind that you can exceed your expectations results or you can affect the reputation you already created to your customers, so be really careful when picking the company that you will work with.

Finally, at the moment you launch your computer apps and software, it is important that you take some time showing it to your customers and letting the word spread. I would suggest you give them discounts or have a special promotion that could call to action and make users download it. Project some goals and focus on your strategy to see real results and remember this new tool will take some time to really project results.

Do you have any questions regarding this topic? Have you looked for any special provider? Have you other tips that could help? Share everything with us, Solved Puzzle is here for you, to help you with your digital solutions


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