Case Study


Peruvian restaurant with 3 locations in Miami




March 2018

Our Services

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Latest SEO techniques to position GRAN INKA

The Challenge

They were already spending significant sums to gain market share. They hired us to increase their conversion rate and to create content for their social networks.

The Aproach

We updated their website and created an online ordering system. Also, we designed weekly content for their social networks and managed their online community. We also implemented the latest SEO techniques to position the brand in the industry.
We performed rigorous testing within Facebook of different ad creatives, targeting the ideal persona through its role and location. We employed behavioral targeting to get in front of potential new customers (geographic targeting of ads and extensive use of Lookalike Audiences). This allowed us to identify combinations that delivered the most visibility for our client.
We also performed campaigns in different languages, Spanish, English, and Russian, to target the ideal audience for the restaurant.


Solved Puzzle created a beautiful website and online delivery system. We drove 50,000 people on average per month to their website, positioning more than 80 relevant keywords on the first page of Google. We increased reservations with the new online system by 300%.