Gran Inka

Peruvian restaurant
The Challenge: Gran Inka was looking to increase their organic traffic and bring more customers to their locations in Aventura and Key Biscayne. They wanted to redesign the website and create fresh content for the brand.
Our Solution:
  • Develop a brand new website for the brand with an online reservation system
  • Create a Facebook and Instagram campaign to drive more people to the restaurants
  • Implement SEO to rank the site on the first page of Google

Increased in organic growth


80 keywords positioned on the first page

increased in reservations


Web design.

We design and developed a new website for the US company with fresh new content. We included an online booking system to increase the number of reservations.

Photo/video production.

We performed several shootings for the brand in order to get new content for the brand. The shootings were scheduled to update a new menu, gather social media content, lifestyle content of the restaurants environment, and shooting special events to promote the restaurants.

Facebook & Instagram marketing.

We launched a Facebook and Instagram campaign with unique promotions and call to actions to drive customers to the restaurants. We implemented several campaigns targeting their database and new customers around the area.

We performed rigorous testing within Facebook of different ad creatives, targeting the ideal persona through its role and location. We employed behavioral targeting to get in front of potential new customers (geographic targeting of ads and extensive use of Lookalike Audiences). This allowed us to identify combinations that delivered the most visibility for our client.

We also performed campaigns in different languages, Spanish, English and Russian, to target the ideal audience of the restaurant.


We implemented the latest SEO techniques to position the brand in the industry. We rank the brand with the most relevant and important keywords in the industry.