Case Study

Elixir By La Maga

Beauty Product Line


Elixir By la Maga


Jan-Feb 2017

Our Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management

The Challenge

They client wanted to boost brand awareness, engagement and sales by implementing a digital marketing strategy to position the brand as a leader provider for skin-care products in the industry while targeting new clients in Latin America.

The Aproach

We brainstormed and created a digital marketing strategy that integrated all digital channels to work in synergy. We optimized the website, improving user experience and traffic. We performed different ad creatives, tested them through Facebook and Instagram, targeted the ideal persona by behavior, purchase history, similar traits and location. We employed behavioral targeting to get in front of potential new customers (geographic targeting of ads and extensive use of Lookalike Audiences). This allowed us to identify combinations that delivered the most visibility for our client.


Solved Puzzle improved site speed, boosted SEO rankings and increased website traffic by 600%. We helped to increase their online sales by 300%.