Brand Identity

Branding must be a reflection of what your business represents. It is one of the most important aspects of a business no matter the size. Just like people, companies have evolved over the years establishing their own ideas and attitudes. Your brand strategy put simply is the who, what, where, when, why and how you plan to communicate your brand’s messages. A powerful strategy for branding can position a company leagues above its competition. On the same note, a weak brand strategy and image can severely cripple a business. When we preserve and expand the reach a companies core values, we protect a vital compass. A compass which guides your company with confidence through business waters.
We don’t just develop brands, we have learned to read the values and strengths of our clients. We turn those values into colors, shapes, typographies, and art, backed by a powerful message that will put their company into the minds of its consumers. There is no immediate effect on a strong brand strategy as it is about building a relationship with your audience. The result of such a relationship comes in forms such as perceived value or emotional attachment. These are equally important, potentially more so, to business as any other marketing strategy. If your brands' message is in line with the thoughts and beliefs of your target market then you have taken huge leaps towards success.

How it works.

Create your Brand story to connect with your audience.
Create your brand manual (name, slogan, colors, mood board, visual identity adjectives)
Design stationery and packaging.


We at Solved Puzzle are experts at fostering and directing our clients’ brand and message in order to become as successful as possible. We believe that every possible interaction with your costumers must reinforce your brand’s image and values.



Creation of logo & design of basic pieces of stationery.


Creation of logo, identity manual & design of pieces of stationery.


Creation of integral branding of
your business.

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