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Our Miami branding agency will include all the aspects, methods, and techniques that your brand needs to be unique when creating your company’s brand. 

Solved Puzzle digital marketing services include various strategies to convert your brand into a meaningful and memorable brand.

It is not just about having a pretty logo with nice colors. This is not enough for modern companies.

To own a recognizable and loved brand is a valuable asset for any business.

A successfully designed and implemented brand strategy will help you create the desired brand for your business and also build a bond with your target audience and the people who care about what your company does.

Studies show that about 59% of customers will always prefer to buy products they feel familiar with or already know.

Yes, people like to feel identified by the products they get. For example, when someone buys a book, it is because that person feels related to the message that someone is sharing through the book.

Price and quality are essential, but now people decide what product to purchase based on what the brand stands for.

But what is branding?

Branding is not something that you can quantify in how people feel about your company. It’s about an emotional reaction from your customers.

Our Miami branding agency’s job is to deliver your values to your audience through communication tactics to achieve Brand Marketing goals.

It involves more than just a nice image. A good branding strategy will help you to connect emotionally with your target audience’s psyche.

Branding is all about how your company identity impacts your bottom line.

If your company has a strong and solid identity, it will allow you to enhance, create, and project an image that will help you sell your product or service to your target audience.

Having a positive company and product identity will increase your sales and your entire marketing campaign.

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Why is Branding important?

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All types of businesses should bet on brand marketing. It doesn’t matter if it is an entrepreneur company, a small or large company. A brand strategy will help you inspire, connect, and build a relationship between your customer and your company.

This relationship appears when your brand evokes emotions of quality, engaging communication, and positive experiences.

Brands matter to consumers because they feel related to the message they deliver, so as a company, you have to ask yourself:

  • Am I a brand?
  • Do I have an ideal brand voice?
  • Do I automatically inspire prospects to turn into customers?

Work with a top Miami branding Agency and create a unique brand!

To have good

branding you need:

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A company’s corporate identity must reflect its personality and reason for being and what emotion they want to transmit. 

The image created to reflect the “company’s personality” has to be related to your values, has to be identifiable and unique to highlight from the rest. 

Our team will carefully create a  crafted Logo Design & Branding strategy that will make your organization stand out in the industry and leave a lasting impression.

Strong Brand.

At Solved Puzzle, our team knows that a strong company identity strengthens your brand and allows it to be recognizable to your target audience.

Therefore, when creating your company’s identity design, we strive to create exactly what you need to take your company to the next level.

An effective brand strategy, brand identity design, and brand marketing will enable your business to:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Attract the right people from your niche
  • Communicate your story consistently
  • Convert and retain for growth

We will create the most awareness, trust, loyalty, and advocacy representation for your brand.

Brand-building never stops.

It has to be continuous to keep the customers’ relationship with it.


We conduct discovery sessions and interviews with our clients to gather requirements, brainstorm, and get to understand with clarity about your business model, process, and reason for being. 

We will define all the aspects of your company, such as the what, how, and why behind the brand. This allows your strategic direction and identity to align with your business goals set and your customer’s needs.


Creating customer engagement is the first goal; the better you understand your customers and what they need, the more you can tailor their experience with your brand message and marketing strategy. 

Our Miami branding agency will study and deep dive into many influencing factors to analyze, like demographics and psychographic, that will help us to define the exact people you want to reach and be speaking about your brand. 


To stand out from your competition, you have to know what you are up against. 

We will create the right strategy by conducting a top-level analysis of competitors to identify areas of opportunity, gaps, and key differentiators that can be used as an advantage for positioning your business effectively in the market.


People seek authentic brands with a clear story supported by an appropriate voice and tone that speaks to them consistently. This is very important to be differentiated from generic companies by being a powerful brand.

Work with us, and our team of professionals will find the right strategy to help you define a brand voice for your company!

Point of View.

All companies need a concise and impactful message that inspires and influences customers. This message has to capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

We craft core messaging statements such as purpose, vision, mission, values, USP, tagline, and origin story. These brand statements allow you to work from the same playbook to define and execute strategies and tactics that will grow your business brand for years.

Our Brand Strategy process has 5 pillars:

working team discussing results
Work team creating a branding strategy

But how can you become a solid brand that stands out?

People prefer to buy strong brands first and generic ones second.

The challenge starts with finding the right message and the best way to communicate it to an audience. To get to this, the company needs to identify its purpose.

You are unique, with a unique vision and mission.

This way, your company will communicate its product to solve customers’ problems, why it is valuable, and create a bond with customers to keep buying from you because you are a quality, consistent, and trusted company.

Our  Miami Branding Agency Services can include:

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Brand Naming:

Maybe you have a solid business idea, product, or service, but you still don’t have named them yet. By working with our agency will help you develop the ideal names.

Our branding process produces a memorable brand name for all of our clients that becomes a unique signature for the company and allows for growth and expansion in the market.

Logo Design:

Your unique brand identity needs to be recognized and remembered by everyone.

We will create a beautiful logo for your company to produce an association between your customers and products.

Our team will develop an identity system to include colors, patterns, typography, and icons. Your brand strategy supports all these elements.

Packaging Design:

It doesn’t matter what kind of product you have (whether physical or digital). Your product or service needs to stand out from others.

Great package design has a huge impact and is very important for the success of a brand.

Our brand packaging design solutions are simple, by creating clear concepts that your audience will easily understand but will remember for its unique touch.

Brand Style Guide:

You’ve to ensure that your branding is used consistently throughout all communications.

Our Brand Style Guide nicely packages up everything you need and captures your brand into a functional style guide to be understood internally and helps you communicate its purpose.

Website Design:

Great web design is clean, fresh, and simple, but more importantly, it generates customers directly from it.

We create the best user experience for your audience with our website design service. Our team will create a platform that your customers will love but focus on your business values and goals.

Whether you are a start-up, small business, or an established one and need a website or eCommerce solution,  Solved Puzzle Miami branding agency will deliver you an amazing user-centered experience.

This is a challenge our team won’t take lightly. 

The best part? You don’t have to worry about the entire website content creation process!

We help our clients write all the necessary copy and fully optimize the website to quickly reach the search engine results!

So, you want to improve your brand identity or start to create one?

Start working with our top Miami branding agency for a truly quality experience! 

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We want to help you succeed, our main objective is to make you stand out from the competition.

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