The answer is quite simple. Most of them work: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter Google, Bing, and so on. BUT, it will vary depending on several factors such as your type of business, your main objectives, growth goals, and budget.

For instance, if your service or product’s ideal target is between around 18. You probably want to go for a platform such as Snapchat.

Now, if you are in the e-commerce space and you want to promote to an age range from 25 and older. You can probably reach that traffic via Facebook and Instagram ads with a lower cost per sale that you could get using a service such as Google shopping ads.

LinkedIn can certainly help you if you are promoting B2B services and need to reach a very specific person like a Chief technology officer.

That being said, the solution is to get the perfect mix for your business.

With so many variables to consider, we´ve developed a calculator based on our 10 years of experience that will give you, depending on your type of business, goals, and budget, the estimated ROI of your investment in digital publicity, and the perfect mix of digital channels.

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